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Amazon Alexa for the hospitality industry – the future of the sector

first_imgOne of the world-famous online stores, Amazon, announced a new program called “Alexa for Hospitality” this month. Alexa is designed as a virtual assistant that the user activates with voice commands, and is intended for implementation in catering facilities. The new system would contain key information about the guest, such as check-in and check-out dates. Also, Alexa in the role of a virtual reception opens the possibility for the guest to receive requests in real time, and among many “smart” functions, caterers can perform basic tasks from their workplace in accommodation units, such as timing the thermostat or raising the curtain, reports techcrunch.com.Amazon’s partner in testing this remarkable platform was the renowned hotel chain Marriott which will in its select units in Marriott, Westin, St. Regis, Aloft and Autograph Collection hotels this summer present guests with a unique Alexa experience. In the middle of the month, Alexa became available to other hoteliers and caterers, albeit by invitation.«At Marriott, we nurture continuous monitoring of modern practices and innovations in the field of catering, which only makes us more excited because we will be among the first to offer guests the Alex program. Many of our guests use speech technologies at home, so we want to expand our stay experience to keep up with guests ’preferences. Our intention is, also through the feedback provided by our guests, to implement the obtained data into the existing system and make it even better. Our guests can expect that we will regularly inform them about the new opportunities we have in the plan for Alex», Said Jennifer Hsieh, Vice President of Innovation for Customer Experience at Marriott International.Video Playerhttps://m.media-amazon.com/images/G/01/asp-marketing/Alexa_for_Hospitality_H264_720p._CB1529340223_.mp400:0000:0001:38Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.For the purposes of the program, the accommodation unit must have an Echo device installed, since through the Echo system, the guest communicates with Alex and she can provide information about the hotel on request, switch to the reception or call maintenance or simply talk. Alexa currently supports the following devices: Amazon Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus. Amazon reports that Alexa is compatible with existing hotel technologies such as DigiValet, Intelity, Nuvola and Volar.As previously mentioned, Alexa contains a phone function, but also a number of “smart” services that can be adapted to the needs of the hotel, and in addition to light, curtains and thermostat, there are also functions “TV” and “radio”. In other words, the guest, as a digital entity, connects with the accommodation unit in the context of the entire hotel through Alexe, which provides him with a completely new and revolutionary catering experience. Modesty aside, this is a remarkable shift in the hospitality industry and offers an excellent and stable platform for communicating with guests in 2.0. the world.Amazon promises an almost flawless system that keeps escalations under control through “analytics” and “reports”, while crisis management is alarmed if the system goes “offline”. For perfect functionality, Amazon reports, Alexa will be subject to many upgrades to keep the system up to date with the latest trends in the world of digital services and applications.Alexa will represent the future for catering, still in its infancy, but certainly a pleasant refreshment. It can be assumed that it will also contribute to the recognition of hotels and other accommodation that have Alex implemented. The new experience of staying and overnight stays, to the great satisfaction of users, will soon become available to well-known apartment renters such as RedAwning and Two Roads Hospitality.What is left for us is to wait impatiently and check the system once it finds its entrance into the offer of the Croatian hospitality sector. PHOTO: techcrunch.comlast_img

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