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Shanghai Longfeng Shenhuqiji optimization is not to avoid going astray

optimization, the primary station to senior webmaster topic. How to do search engine optimization, how to improve website ranking and weights through optimization. The massive articles emerge in an endless stream raises a lot of contrast, each one sticks to his own view optimization concept, thus inevitably lead to a topic: Shanghai dragon optimization really Shenhuqiji? This paper holds the following views are discussed:

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai has caused a wave of dragon optimization attention, because it is a value. Relative to the search engine promotion, is undoubtedly cheaper money for better and more long-term interests. The promotion made for only one keyword keyword, but by Shanghai dragon optimization will be several main keywords, and dozens of hundreds of long tail keywords. Therefore the value is stronger than the search engine promotion. However, search engine optimization is not produced, on the basis of more effort and effort to pay. It mainly includes two aspects: the station outside the station. Standing outside the industry analysis, competitor judgment, website promotion, text, website structure optimization, keyword optimization etc.. But this is to see more pay more, the effect will be better, being respected is only hard assurance. read more

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Shanghai dragon enterprise web site optimization need to pay attention to

Shanghai Longfeng for different site significance, such as relying on the survival of the site through the flow of Shanghai dragon to get traffic, to improve the website included quantity site to improve the site included the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization is usually for marketing, also is to optimize the site, to guarantee the success of the product marketing Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon.

keyword to precise positioning


enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to achieve sales objectives, then, when the selected keyword must be completely accurate, not the pursuit of high heat flow and to choose keywords, website of Shanghai dragon real purpose is the pursuit of high conversion rate, for example, we obtained 100 IP through the 100 keywords. IP 5 is the only effective customer, and we through the addition of low degree of keywords for 10 IP, the 10 IP has 8 effective customers, so the key position of Shanghai dragon to be precise and more. read more

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5 minutes of easy to fix web data analysis

1, to find traces of

geographical distribution is the same reason, if your site is the product class, so the geographical distribution is very important, such as Cantonese search your product most, so should not be in Guangdong area keywords distribution? Understand now?

usually UV is greater than IP, while PV is UV times, imagine if the bounce rate above 90%, the site is a waste, love Shanghai will think your site for users have no experience at all, direct the weight to others, the final result you know! read more

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2012 love Shanghai director of an annual drama in Shanghai Dragon

we all know, the medical website is a source of funds in Shanghai auction industry love is relatively large, but in the beginning of 2011, the Shanghai Dragon Technology (black hat Technology) development, many medical websites gradually please bid the fetter, Shanghai dragon, because when faced with a competitor who came to 2-4 the first is not important, why not choose the more cost-effective Shanghai dragon? And not just medical industries such as finance, industrial and commercial compared to a few years ago there are definitely a lot of customers choose the Shanghai dragon. Especially pay more attention to the network and have a certain economic capacity of enterprises set up their own networks to carry out business department, Shanghai dragon. Among them are emerging in the new network marketing way: the integration of network marketing network companies. This let love Shanghai aware of the network share is gradually reduced, in order to eliminate the unsafe factors in the bud, love to know Shanghai, Shanghai dragon based network advertisement without control is not given to suppress it, you will lose a lot. read more

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After the revision of the five large area site remedial measures

2. flat.

4. high weight Links

website architecture must be flat, according to the website search engine will determine the weights of the site spider climb up to the depth, when the weight of high site, spider crawling is very deep, but once the website right down, the spider will not take up the deep, will lead to sharp reduction. Included flat on the website can guarantee the spider to the bottom of the page on the website of the internal links included favorable. Also we should pay attention to the most relevant links within the page directory. Link between directory links. At the same time do not make bread the night path, to ensure that every page has access to a path to. read more

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Shanghai dragon combat skills also said a minute on the stage takes ten years

network, a variety of "Shanghai dragon skills" is an eternal topic in

"to make a little money on technology, earn more money by skill", therefore, people and the Shanghai dragon ER Wangzhuan is very concerned about the actual type of "learn a variety of efficient tips". Indeed, there are some tips for any industry multiplier, if mastered more of these tips, detours at work, or even a winner, this is one of the most normal.

therefore, even if we can not refuse the temptation of Shanghai dragon stunt, "but whenever I helpless self-improvement" should be our. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng interview analysis of wonderful interview questions about love Shanghai algorithm

on the first impression, but the interview interview details and so on, these are not what I want to say today, we want to talk about today is called a "God" of the wonderful interview experience, listen to me explain:

station program? ?

and so on and so on normal Shanghai Dragon technology interview

My friend

1, you will know the station?



analysis of

4, contact with the black hat Shanghai dragon? Do you have any

3, if it is found that the website ranking dropped

analysis there are two possibilities: read more

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Summarize several common BBS signature chain form

personality beautiful

three, type

in Shanghai dragon in the course of our forces, the chain has been one of the important part of. But in Shanghai Longfeng circle, site optimization is the most important goal is to increase the site outside of the chain, and enhance the site’s weight. In the construction of the chain, a chain of channels we use most often is non forum outside the chain, in the forum outside the chain mainly is composed of the forum signature. So how to set up to make own BBS signature chain more effective? This question I think a lot of optimization personnel all have their own way. The author today on the analysis of three kinds of our common to the forum outside the chain form. read more

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Shanghai dragon ER how to grasp the internal and external chain of the golden ratio

4, transfer the weight chain: the chain over weight is the highest, because the spider itself love to eat something new, naturally give higher weight of the original article; plus if someone reproduced, so weight transfer will be higher, like the release of soft paper in A5.

In addition some sites even in the

1 for friends of the chain, we are very clear, is the site exchange links, there is not much to say. We all know

?We all know

3, the spider chain: the chain is to let the search engines your post at the same time, also visit our website, the website also give us a snapshot. Such as blog, classification of information etc.. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er how to look at the chain this piece


this method may play a big advantage in the future of Shanghai Longfeng, now is the case, outside the chain of resources for the performance of their own self-sufficient blog, a website to provide the chain to your site, although this method is very laborious and requires a fixed input, such as a blog, need long time update and energy treatment, now a lot of self blog is not a blog called it "

chain is one of many people do Shanghai Longfeng sensitive topics, from the forum and reply to the number of hits, all related to the chain this are discussed more fierce, especially for the novice faster and more interested in, today to talk about how to treat the Shanghai dragon Er chain this piece. read more

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