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Shanghai dragon race the front is a dead end hope in the corner

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers think Shanghai Longfeng industry has to end. Before discussing this problem, I give you see two pictures.

then left Shanghai dragon ER are how much space? It seems that Shanghai dragon really come to an end. But this is clearly not my message today is, I think, Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future in the future, this is not a pointer to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

do not know if you see the two picture is what feeling, at least I obviously feel Shanghai Longfeng worker’s life increasingly difficult. read more

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The accurate identification of page search engine is not compulsory gift

people love Shanghai dynamic can be easily found, love Shanghai Lee "we are designing a more perfect original recognition algorithm" said is on the July 2nd love Shanghai "anti cheat team" search for low quality site measures already in force "against" low quality website (pseudo original and no original site) "comprehensive measures have been effective negative – you remember, at that time," the low quality site measures have been effective in imposing "Yu said:" to provide high-quality, original webmaster resources, because we have reduced or even eliminated the low quality of the site’s ranking, you will get more traffic from Shanghai love". read more

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Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming summarizes seven way of chain

Wuhan Shanghai dragon know that the chain is the most important method to improve website rankings and flow, effectively increase the chain is very important, "noble baby bomb" phenomenon can best illustrate the effect of external links. Due to the impact of external links on the correlation, included, and weight, will lead directly to the keywords ranking and search traffic changes, now many webmaster think external link building is the most important step in the work of Shanghai Longfeng, far more than the optimization of internal structure and web page optimization. read more

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The role of the chain on the search engine optimization

The ?

mentioned this, must when it comes to the garbage station. Because the station of low threshold, currently the site of the company more to go, each in a business site. Each every standard, but only forget is the present each search engine must follow the international standard (W3C). Some people often ask: how to determine the search engine is rubbish station I have to stop? Although the love of Shanghai search engine is the machine, but after strict standards, what is rubbish station can recognize it at a glance, there is no reason to love Shanghai a complex code structure to the front row to the waste station. So, is the establishment of learning, can make some efforts to do something, the website Standardization (W3C) near. Not what harm. read more

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The latest web site about the way out of the high rate of

two, inside and outside the link, the first widely said, links must be realistic, not your text is the latest product click into into contact, so you are deceiving the user. Don’t do some fraudulent links to seek the point of the flow, the establishment of a breadcrumb, there must be a reasonable inside chain and so on between the article and the article.

6. overall design: just select template station, not according to the product and company culture to design template


2. server is slow: the most intuitive your site is often not open read more

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To improve navigation optimization keyword ranking score


website to improve keyword rankings will make the details of the optimization in different aspects, such as I do a good job in the three major elements of Title Optimization of a paper on some details about the title keyword optimized. In addition to the optimization of the title of the article, the optimization of site navigation is also important, in fact do navigation optimization can win keyword ranking score, increase the weight value of the keyword in the search engine. How can we do the optimization of navigation read more

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The site is a common manifestation of K

4, the website included only home page: this phenomenon is relatively common, some new sites in Shanghai included love after a long time still only home page was collected, and the old station this is usually caused by cheating web site as waste treatment station; this phenomenon is also a kind of special for example, is usually said site is in harmony, be in harmony is certainly contained in illegal or banned text search engine.

solution: if it is met the search engine update algorithm is no need to worry, the appropriate site to increase the original articles and increase the chain, the home page will slowly put out, and if it is a search engine that is cheating cause, is to check the site traffic and web link changes so as to make timely adjustment. read more

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