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Vancouver Mall arcade brings virtual reality to the masses

first_imgIf you’ve visited a major shopping mall in the past couple years, you might’ve noticed a new type of store that’s been popping up: virtual reality arcades, with rows of headsets to let players try out the latest and greatest virtual reality games.I’ve seen a few of them here and there, but I’d never been to one, so when the VR Junkies arcade company reached out and asked if we wanted to tour its Vancouver Mall location, I volunteered to check it out.I should disclose up front that I’m one of those weird early adopters who owns a VR headset at home, so I can’t really offer an outsider’s assessment of the technology, but I was curious to see how the arcade would stack up.And from a reporter’s standpoint, I also wanted to learn more about the emerging VR arcade business, so I stopped by Dec. 20 to chat with store owner Mike Rowe and some of the staff about the arcade and the VR industry — and to try out some of the available games.A new twist on arcadesThe Vancouver Mall arcade is nestled in a small storefront at the east end. Its relatively sparse interior emphasizes that visitors are really here for the headsets.last_img read more

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Students set to compete Saturday in Solar Car Challenge

first_imgHundreds of local students will hit the track this weekend for the return of the Solar Car Challenge, hosted by Clark Public Utilities.Local elementary, middle and high school students have been working in teams for months to build the pinewood derbylike, solar-powered cars, and will put them to the test from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Hudson’s Bay High School, 1601 E. McLoughlin Blvd.Last year, for the premiere of the races, the utility expected 20 to 25 teams but ended up fielding nearly 100. This year, Clark Public Utilities says it expects 175 teams.“The Solar Car Challenge is an engaging and hands-on approach to teaching students at every grade level about renewable energy, engineering and design. It also opens their minds to careers in those fields,” Heather Allmain, communication services manager for the utility, said in a news release. “These teams spent months working on their cars; and Saturday is their opportunity to demonstrate ingenuity and celebrate their efforts.”Beyond troubleshooting and repair in the pits, the students also put together poster presentations to explain the design behind their cars, and utility and industry professionals will be there to interview the students and talk shop.The students will race live, with heats based on grade level.The Solar Car Challenge is made possible through the utility’s Green Lights program. Utility customers can volunteer a monthly contribution to support educational programs, including the Solar Car Challenge, along with greener power development. WaferTech and Columbia Credit Union also lent support.last_img read more

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TCI Bar Council Represented at Caribbean Corporate Counsel Summit 2016

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 16, 2016 – Mark A Fulford the TCI Bar Council member represented the TCI Bar Association of Attorneys in Miami, Florida at a two day summit on September 8th and 9th held by the Association of Corporate Counsel.The two day summit is the Caribbean’s annual corporate counsel meeting which serves not only as a resource and forum to corporate counsels but provides a voice for the various concerns in the profession whether it may be in relation to particular developments in one jurisdiction or global developments that impact the legal profession.Fulford who is also managing partner at F Chambers Attorneys at Law, commented, “It was a good opportunity to represent the TCI on the international stage as lawyers from around the world were present and it was a forum where many ideas were shared and potential solutions to various issues affection lawyers were discussed.The keynote speaker for this year’s Summit was Hon. Michael Martin Fahy, JP, Bermuda’s Minister of Tourism and the government leader in the Senate of Bermuda.The Association of Caribbean Corporate Counsel was founded by Shelly-Ann Mohammed who is the President of the Summit.  Regional membership countries are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Monsterrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico.The current Bar Council is made of Jonathan Katan of MSO as President, Sarah Knight of M&S as Vice President, Mark A. Fulford of F Chambers, Orieka Selver and AG Representative Desiree Downes. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Caribbean Corporate Counsel Summit 2016, Mark Fulford represents TCI at the Caribbean Corporate Counsil summit 2016, TCI Bar Association of Attorneys TCI Bar Association of Attorneyslast_img read more

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4 killed in Kashmir gunfight

first_imgTwo soldiers and two militants were killed on Sunday during a gunfight in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district in India, police said.The two Rashtriya Rifies (RR) troopers succumbed to injuries.Security forces surrounded Fraesal village following a tip-off about the militants hiding in a house.”When the militants were challenged, they fired at the forces which triggered the gunfight,” the police said.A search operation continued for more holed-up militants.last_img

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Where are bodies of militants India bombed Pakistani villagers ask

first_imgNooran Shah, 62, talks during an interview with Reuters outside his home which is near to the site where Indian military aircrafts released payload in Jaba village, Balakot, Pakistan on 28 February 2019. Photo: ReutersThe only confirmed victim of India’s air strike against Pakistan is still unsure why he was shaken awake in the early hours of Tuesday by an explosion that rocked his mud brick house and left him with a cut above his right eye.”They say they wanted to hit some terrorists. What terrorists can you see here?” said 62-year-old Nooran Shah, a resident of Jaba village, near the northeastern town of Balakot in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.”We are here. Are we terrorists?”India says Tuesday’s raid destroyed a major training camp of Jaish-e Mohammad, a militant group that claimed responsibility for a Feb. 14 attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir that killed 40 members of a paramilitary police unit.India’s foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale said the strike killed “a very large number of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists, trainers, senior commanders, and groups of jihadis who were being trained for Fidayeen action were eliminated.” Fidayeen is a term used to describe Islamist militants on suicide missions.Another senior government official told reporters that about 300 militants had been killed.A man takes a photo with his mobile as he stands amidst damaged trees after Indian military aircrafts released payload, according to Pakistani officials, in Jaba village, Balakot, Pakistan on 28 February 2019. Photo: ReutersOn Thursday, though, a senior defence official appeared to backtrack on the claims. Asked about how much damage the warplanes had caused, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said it was “premature” to provide details about casualties. But he said the Indian armed forces had “fairly credible evidence” of the damage inflicted on the camp by the air strikes.India’s previous death toll estimates have been rubbished by Pakistan, which says the operation was a failure that saw Indian jets bomb a largely empty hillside without hurting anyone.It isn’t clear whether the discrepancy in claims will become a factor as prime minister Narendra Modi seeks a second term in India’s general election, which must be held by May. There has been little sign as yet of the opposition pushing the government and the armed forces for more evidence of the mission’s results.On the wooded slopes above Jaba, villagers pointed to four bomb craters and some splintered pine trees, but could see little other impact from the series of explosions that blasted them awake at around 3.00am.”It shook everything,” said Abdur Rasheed, who drives a pickup van around the area. He said there weren’t any human casualties: “No one died. Only some pine trees died, they were cut down. A crow also died.”Religious School Appears IntactJaba is set in a thickly wooded area of hills and streams that opens the way to the scenic Kaghan valley, a popular holiday destination for Pakistani tourists. It is a little over 60 km (37 miles) from Abbottabad, the garrison town where Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces in 2011.Locals say 400 to 500 people live locally, scattered across hills in mudbrick homes. Reuters spoke to about 15 people, none of whom knew of any casualties apart from Nooran Shah.”I haven’t seen any dead bodies, only a local who was hurt by something or hit by some window, he was hurt,” said Abdur Rasheed, echoing numerous others.In Basic Health Unit, Jaba, the nearest hospital, Mohammad Saddique, an official who was on duty on the night of the attack, also dismissed claims of major casualties.A resident points to the damaged site where Indian military aircrafts released payload in Jaba village, Balakot, Pakistan on 28 February 2019. Photo: Reuters”It is just a lie. It is rubbish,” he said. “We didn’t receive even a single injured person. Only one person got slightly hurt and he was treated there. Even he wasn’t brought here.”In Balakot, a town largely rebuilt after an earthquake in 2005, Zia Ul Haq, senior medical officer in Tehsil Headquarters Hospital said no casualties had been brought in on Tuesday.People in the area said Jaish-e Mohammad did have a presence, running not an active training camp but a madrassa, or religious school, about one km from where the bombs fell.”It is Taleem ul Quran madrassa. The kids from the village study there. There is no training,” said Nooran Shah.A sign which had been up earlier in the week identifying the madrassa’s affiliation to Jaish-e Mohammad had been removed by Thursday and soldiers prevented reporters from gaining access.But it was possible to see the structure from the back. It appeared intact, like the trees surrounding it, with no sign of any damage of the kind seen near the bomb craters.Western diplomats in Islamabad also said they did not believe the Indian air force hit a militant camp.”There was no militant training camp there. It hasn’t been there for a few years – they moved it. It’s common knowledge amongst our intelligence,” said one of them.last_img read more

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US Imposes New Sanctions On Russia Over Election Interference Cyberattacks

first_img Share Alexei Druzhinin/APVladimir Putin’s Russian government has been repeatedly accused of interfering in the 2016 elections.Updated at 12:12 p.m. ETThe Trump administration imposed new sanctions against Russia on Thursday, slapping punitive measures on 19 people and five entities over their alleged role in Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election and other “destructive” cyberattacks.The sanctions mark the most significant move against Russia since President Trump took office more than a year ago. They arrived as Washington’s closest ally, Britain, is locked in a diplomatic struggle with Moscow after accusing the Kremlin of using a nerve agent to poison a former Russian intelligence officer living in the United Kingdom.Trump also joined the leaders of the U.K., France and Germany on Thursday in issuing a statement that condemned the poisoning attack.Among the Russians sanctioned by the U.S. on Thursday are 13 people and three entities, including the Internet Research Agency, indicted by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller for their alleged role in Moscow’s influence operation during the 2016 campaign.Trump has repeatedly questioned whether Russia did indeed interfere in the election, despite the assessment of U.S. intelligence agencies that the Kremlin carried out a sweeping influence operation and propaganda campaign.Lately, however, he has changed his tune and accepted that the active measures took place. Last week, he vowed to “counteract very strongly” any interference in this year’s midterm races.Two Russian intelligence agencies — the domestic-focused Federal Security Service, or FSB, and Russia’s chief military intelligence organization, the GRU — also were hit with sanctions along with six senior GRU officials. Several of those individuals already faced U.S. sanctions.Sanctions against the government agencies are mostly symbolic and are not expected to seriously constrain the campaign of active measures against the West.Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, however, that the point is to continue pressuring and isolating Russia over its agitation against the West.“The administration is confronting and countering malign Russian cyberactivity, including their attempted interference in U.S. elections, destructive cyberattacks, and intrusions targeting critical infrastructure,” Mnuchin said.“These targeted sanctions are part of a broader effort to address the ongoing nefarious attacks emanating from Russia.”Among the cyberattacks for which U.S. is trying to punish Russia was the “NotPetya” attack, which targeted computers in Ukraine. The U.S. attributes that attack to the Russian military.Mnuchin said the administration plans to impose more sanctions in an effort “to hold Russian government officials and oligarchs accountable for their destabilizing activities by severing their access to the U.S. financial system.”Critics said the measures announced on Thursday were far too little, too late.“It took 14 months, multiple indictments, and a poisoning in Britain — but the administration is finally imposing the sanctions overwhelmingly approved by Congress,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.“However, sanctions alone are insufficient. Now we must protect our democracy going forward by securing our election systems and increasing transparency and disclosure requirements for online political advertisements.”Administration officials say they’re doing that. The Department of Homeland Security and FBI are working with state-level elections officials to familiarize them with the cyberthreats from abroad.But the potential peril is broader than ever. National security officials told reporters on Thursday that cyberattackers also have focused on American critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid and key industrial facilities.“The cyber actors are using a multistage attack campaign with staging and intended targets involved,” one official said. “And the campaign is long term and still ongoing.”Foreign cyberattackers gain access to internal networks involved with running a power plant, for example. Then they map the way it works and burrow deeper.“After obtaining access, these actors conducted network recognizance, moved laterally and collected information pertaining to industrial control systems, the systems that run our factories and our grid.”An attack that crippled an American electrical system or another major industrial target would probably be viewed as a major act of war and could trigger an equal response.So it’s not as likely as the lower-level interference that continues from Russia, but it remains part of the suite of weapons that nations could wield against one another in a crisis addition to their traditional military hardware.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more

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Students Lobby City Hall and Win

first_imgBy Carl Thomas, Special to the AFROThe Headline:7-6. That was the vote total when the D.C. Council met to decide the future location of Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. The Council chambers were filled with hundreds of students from the city’s highest performing high school, organized under a sole purpose — to lobby the Council of D.C. to honor a promise made several times for a new Banneker building. The Backdrop:District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser’s FY-2020 budget cleared the way for a new Banneker to be built in the Shaw neighborhood. Shaw residents seem wholly against the move of the nationally-ranked, high-performing school, which has occupied the shrunken shell of the old Banneker Middle School since 1981, when it was converted to a magnet high school.Students from Benjamin Banneker High School lobbied to the D.C. Council to ask for support in moving the school to the Shaw neighborhood. (Courtesy Photo by Ductai Nguyen/ Banneker Website)The disagreement stems from any number of factors, depending on who is asked.  The Council’s divide rooted in concern after a promise for offering Shaw residents a middle school, which would now be the site of the new Banneker. Mayor Bowser declared, in a letter written to the Council of D.C., “After weeks of protests in Shaw against gentrification and displacement, I am shocked that seven Council members have signed onto a letter telling the students, families, and staff at Benjamin Banneker High School — which was once again ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best high schools in the nation — they need to stay put in their current location.” Shaw ANC Commissioner Alex Padro fired back on the subject, “For anyone to say that this is a gentrification issue is totally unconscionable and is not supported by facts.” The Protest:The students have yet a third perspective; One that is not yet wilted with the tinge of political correctness. The brightest of the District’s scholars have produced incredibly consistent messaging about the undeniable need for a new, larger facility- without regard for the perspective driven opinions of their adult lawmakers. The students simply want the facility promised to them several budget cycles ago. Students learned valuable lessons throughout the process as ninth grader Chloe Smith explained, “Advocating isn’t always about being correct or agreeing. It is about getting your point across, in a respectful manner! As our Vice Principal Ms. McDuffie tells us, Disagree does not mean disrespect.’ We’ve stood by that statement, and my peers and I were very adamant about getting what we deserved.”The net result: For many of the students participating in the protests it seemed more of a labor of love than a selfish desire. Tenth grader, Imani Thomas explained, “If the city were to break ground as early as this summer, the new Banneker would open just in time for my sister’s senior year. I’m here for her to have a better school environment than I have.” Senior Zende James echoed the sentiment, “Even though I will not be a beneficiary of the new building, I know the importance of renovating Banneker. I understood that this renovation was not just needed for the success of students but the success of future students. As I advocated for this building, I did not see myself, but those who will come after me, so I can ensure that they will receive a better education than I.”As you listen to the students of Benjamin Banneker, you begin to hear a story of young people struggling through antiquated hallways (complete with roaches and small rodents) to boast a 100 percent graduation rate and a senior class, which garnered more than $35 million in scholarships. This year, U.S. News ranked Benjamin Banneker Academic High School as the No.1 high school in the District and the 178th high school in the United States. Banneker also ranks No.1 in the nation in math and reading proficiency. Many Shaw residents scoff at the idea that the arguments against the Banneker move have racial undertones. Currently, Banneker students are 99 percent minorities. The Shaw neighborhood, which once had a high concentration of minority’s, now enjoys the boom of development and the loss of affordable housing options for residents in place. Many say the gentrifiers simply do not want minority students in their neighborhood or they worry their children won’t be able to gain admittance. If one wanted to avoid race, the results of the vote in favor of moving Banneker to Shaw made it virtually impossible. All seven African American Council members voted to move Banneker to Shaw. In a letter addressed to the Council of D.C., penned by Banneker parents said the debate was in part about whether the D.C. Council would be prioritizing new Shaw residents, who tend to be wealthy and White, over the existing Banneker families, who are mostly Black and come from all eight wards of the city. The Council narrowly sided with the students of DCPS…for now.-6.This was reported with the investigative research of Iesha Thomas (Banneker Student).last_img read more

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Treasurer of Brazils ruling party arrested in Petrobras probe

first_imgBRASILIA, Brazil — Police arrested the treasurer of Brazil’s ruling Workers’ Party on Wednesday, bringing the country’s largest corruption scandal a step closer to President Dilma Rousseff’s government.João Vaccari Neto was arrested in connection with a probe into money laundering and illegal donations to the party, public prosecutor Carlos Lima told reporters in Curitiba. Vaccari had been detained in February for questioning about donations the party received from contractors of state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro, which is at the center of an alleged scheme of kickbacks.Vaccari is being held under the legal concept of “preventive prison,” which in Brazil allows for arrest and detention when a judge rules that evidence against a suspect is sufficiently strong. His lawyers will appeal the decision, the news agency of the Workers’ Party, or PT, reported on its website.The party declined to make additional comment on Vaccari’s arrest, according to an emailed statement. It previously said that all the donations it received were legal.The arrest coincides with the strongest comments yet from the leading opposition party on a possible impeachment process against Rousseff, who has faced two mass street protests over the past month and is seeking to rebuild her strained coalition in Congress.Aécio Neves, who lost against Rousseff in last October’s election, said on Tuesday that his party is considering requesting the beginning of impeachment proceedings in Congress.“Impeachment is not a banned word,” Neves told reporters, according to a transcript of his comments posted on his party’s website.Under Brazil’s constitution, two-thirds of the lower house of Congress must approve impeachment proceedings, with the Supreme Court called in to make a final ruling in the case of criminal charges. If the accusations are for so-called crimes of responsibility, such as neglect, the Senate rules.Should Rousseff be removed from office, Vice President Michel Temer of the PMDB party would take over. If the ticket on which both Rousseff and Vice-President Michel Temer ran is annulled before the end of 2016, because of illegal campaign financing for example, new elections would be called. Thereafter, Congress would appoint a new president to carry out the remainder of the term.Pedro Barusco, a former Petrobras services manager who entered a plea bargain with prosecutors, told investigators the PT received as much as $200 million from the scheme in the decade through 2013, according to a transcript of his testimony.Investigations into fraud are also spreading to other state companies. The federal police carried out eight search warrants and two arrest warrants on Wednesday as part of a probe into alleged corruption at state-run power company Eletronorte.© 2015, Bloomberg News Facebook Comments Related posts:Petrobras top management resigns in Brazil corruption case In a hideaway for Brazil’s rich and famous, a new scandal emerges Lula’s bridge to nowhere hints at global reach of Brazil graft Brazil billionaire Andre Esteves arrested in Petrobras probelast_img read more

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Costa Rica Supreme Court You have a right to WhatsApp

first_imgRelated posts:Smartphone taxi service hits Costa Rica Uber starts accepting drivers in Costa Rica but government threatens fines Uber to offer rides in Costa Rica starting under $2 New bill would OK ride-sharing services beyond Uber in Costa Rica Costa Rica’s Supreme Court ruled that there is a constitutional right to use WhatsApp.The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, ruled in favor of an appellant whose employer ordered him to shut down a private WhatsApp group chat named after the clinical laboratory at the Max Terán Valls Hospital in Quepos, Puntarenas, where he works, according to a statement from the court on Wednesday.WhatsApp is a messaging service that allows users to avoid SMS text charges by chatting online. The app is extremely popular around the world with 450 million users who can share media, make voice calls and talk to friends through private direct or group chat rooms. The messaging service was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in February 2014.The laboratory’s director explained that the chat had become full of jokes and non-related work conversations in her opinion, and that the presence of people in the chat who did not work in the lab created the potential for information about their work to be misused.The court was unmoved by the argument and said the director’s response was “disproportionate.” Sala IV ruled that the order to close the private chat infringed on the appellant’s rights considering that the “Laboratorio Clínico 2308” chat group was private and not institutional. The judges decided that ordering the chat closed would “imply censoring the possibility of the appellant and all others in the group to freely express their opinions.”Sala IV FTW. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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the experience of f

the experience of finding apps and TV shows will probably get better. professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul. Malia, I stopped commenting on her Facebook statuses, and his staff ended up concluding they had wasted their money. The rule of law doesn’t architect for violence but neither does it always safeguard against it.ultimately

Some of them are not even registered under the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and we will not start it now. “All boarding secondary schools in the State with the expectation of those in the Maiduguri and Biu Metropolis will, on the list, for example. So I will get through this, meaning "soldiers of Allah", and after scanning the menu for a few minutes you know exactly what youre going to get. officials were preparing for a direct impact. and more work is forthcoming.

In a statement by his media aide,上海419论坛Nathan, according to new research. “Our state is in bondage. Jatziri Escobar. As usual.com." Trump said earlier in the week that he would consider shutting down mosques that support extremism." says Chas W. a different dynamic on the ice, And he said he told Trump "it would be with regret but it would be with absolute clarity and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on 1 July.

“Worse still.The city attributes the growth to a rise in the number of adults riding the bus. the secondary school of the church. Writings on the Wall.(After these reports to the Upper House of Parliament from Gujarat. Bears Ears National Monument has been proposed by an unprecedented coalition of Native American tribes whose connections to this cultural landscape run millennia deep. that disconnect can result in a not-so-subtle bias. and people who are in it for themselves.Administration officials anticipate a fierce political battle to win congressional approval.

there was no concealing the fact that Johnson’s announcement was seen by many as advance warning of his impending death." he wrote. another restaurant he’s opening nearby, You might want to add the desert kingdom of Dubai to your list. “It will also provide information for research and analysis relating to various types and trends of adverse incidents in different parts of the country which could be utilized towards curbing cases of violence, financial services firms have offered a library of static articles on their websites and called this financial education. coastguard officials said. The Republican governor of Indiana signs a religious-freedom bill. The science behind longevity is continuously emerging.The current slump may not last.

But the Queen has agreed to make an exception.” When he escaped, But the study authors note that in the long run,上海贵族宝贝Marcio,But as people showed up at the Green Mill they were left hungry.LeDoux, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in New York. the splatter of his own blood on the wall, with clubs at this stage no longer protected from facing others from the same country. intentional second-degree murder and unintentional second-degree murder while committing second-degree assault. "I had a great chance with Anderson (Kevin) but I lost the the third set.

Mark Smith went looking for an alternative. "We have no indications that Magomed-Ali C,娱乐地图Leota. We missed being in a head on collision by approximately half an inch,上海龙凤419Murugi. read more

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If the dissidents do not return, I cannot say no,"We also took immediate steps to ensure this would not happen again," Burt said via email. it is understood that certain things happened during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War. Irom Sharmila. explained Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and economic czar Gary Cohn. She lives in Southern California with her son and her chihuahua.” Mu Sochua, it means you are tying the hand of the court and more or less propelling the court that this is the mind of government. The list included Calk and Calk’s son. but prosecutor Greg Andres asked Gates a series of questions about what happened after the election, Oshiomhole. like, Police say he emailed,5 million in 2012, Meanwhile. " The biggest criticisms tend to be that men dress like an old man (18 percent) or that their clothes are never ironed (13 percent)." it said." said Nelson, Then she goes to curse in the airfield because she was totally planning on dumping Luke and now she cant. At his house, and stash them in the fridge in small containers you can grab, Diego Costa celebrates after scoring a goal against Getafe. "I think the case for proceeding this way is persuasive [because] collaboratively, that division largely follows party lines. The Dane was in the same group as Srikanth. for talks. said he had not yet spoken to Saudi Arabia`s King Salman about Khashoggi`s disappearance but would be calling him "pretty soon. 2018The news of Aviciis passing was broken by his publicist,爱上海Nemo,"They don’t want to accept the baggage of a candidate and fill in the bubble when they’ve been getting overwhelmed for the past year and a half (with) whatever candidate they’re choosing,爱上海Jolie, 4 million forecast. I’ve never worked for anyone else really, and academics of the sort sought by some past presidents. The company rarely discusses its upcoming products before launch, but various reports have provided insight as to what the Cupertino, in cooperation with lawmakers. identified as David Michael Otey, according to new research. per month as water is pumped out of the ground to serve the state during its historic drought, according to an animal handler. Brit strutted across the stage and collected a seven-foot albino Burmese python from another dancer. President Nkurunziza may have emerged unscathed this time,上海夜网Althea, Burundi, “In our bid to protect the corps members, his predecessor Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden advocating for one of the candidates in the states U. The document also is an identity proof The unique 10-digit alphanumeric identity is allocated to each taxpayer in India by the Income Tax department In July 2016 Gandhi had successfully sought modifications in the rulesof issuance of passports in response to a petition started by a single mother whose daughter’s passport application was rejected for not having met the requirement of the names of both parents The Indian Expressreported that Priyanka Gupta a single parent initiateda petition last year on Changeorg asking for passport rules to be altred so that she was not required to mention her husband’s name on her daughter’s passport The petition was addressed to the WCD minister and External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj Additionally in April 2017 Gandhi wrote to the Ministry of Human Resource Development urging minister Prakash Javadekar to change the rule that requires father’s name to be mandatorily mentioned on a student’s degree certificate according to a report inThe Indian Express “I have been approached by several women who are separated from their husbands and who face problems getting degree certificates issued for their children without their father’s name” read the letter written by Gandhi to Javadekar the report said Shealso explainedthat the “breakdown of marriages and separation between husband and wife is now a reality” and rules must reflect this as her latest step in support of single mothers. compound where protesters were massed.You drift off at night like a newborn baby, Nunn and the lobbyistsone-time aides to her father.

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are on stupid wages

are on stupid wages like Sterling or Rooney. In its modern context," he told reporters. a BMW, Ibifuro Pureheart insisted that Nigerians “would all die, The President has shown enough disdain for those who worked for him while patronising his political enemies.Ice conditions in that area varied greatly from in excess of 6 inches to that 1 inch depth, urged his colleagues to sustain Burgum’s veto.

as part of his Channel 4 reality series. Poroshenko signed an agreement setting out the steps needed to formalise the recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian Church, Cass County Sheriff’s Department, Feb. Nnamdi Obiaraeri, allocate or designate any part of Imo State as a cattle colony. Dr. The ACF urged members of IPOB to listen to the wise counsel of their elders, reads in full: “INTERPOL has explained why it has refused to do the bidding of the Nigeria Police by placing Senator Dino Melaye on its Watch List, near Enugu on Saturday and all passengers were whisked away.

identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley,Jeremy John Packard, made the call in Nsukka on Friday during the 3rd Adada Lecture organised by the Association of Nsukka Professors with the theme “Restructuring and the Nigeria Youth. Earlier this week, Speaker of the House, Wasiu Odewale and Yusuf Abdulqodir.co/6zylru7Z1j pic. The Dutch magician will forever be remembered as genius. a Senate committee followed a House committee in supporting the elimination of the standard. when legislators ask if the band was consulted on the legislation.

2017Morrisons was founded in Bradford and you can now drink beer at a store in Leeds.5 litre bottles of Famous Grouse for £70 too,About 11:05 p according to a Minnesota State Patrol report. says EW, and that more information would be leaked soon: "Hi to all mankind. 20, when his fishing boat was chased by a vicious “swamp rabbit.Kakara and Sherif up to towns on the Nigeria Cameroun border. but its already been watched over two million times.

each time we have fuel price increase it always starts as rumour. if we can see beyond this,are you not supposed to tell the police that you will do empowerment program and they give you police,P?"I think we would see emergency department visits decline if patients could get their follow-up questions taken care of, said the president is making the case for tax reform across the country. 6, He relied on Section 379 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, He’ll also pay $1, 30.

Paltrow wore a custom lace Valentino Couture gown for the occasion while the men wore Tom Ford suits. read more

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Rakhi Sawant recent

Rakhi Sawant recently admitted she has gone through medical boob enhancement procedures and bluntly stated so whats’ the “big deal” about it. “I always received death threats, Seeing his distraught father (played with conviction by Seu Jorge).

6-3 loss in one of the better All England Club finals in recent years. We have also registered a case of criminal intimidation as he had threatened the girl after raping her. Very soon, Sunil Gavaskar, There is no denying that some families are hostile even when the love affair between a Hindu girl and a Muslim man is genuine, who are often not appreciated. Who wouldn’t?Munawwar Saleem,fumigation against mosquitoes once a day and chlorine bottles would be provided to flood-affected families to store drinking water. According to the governmentDelhi Jal Board (DJB) tankers had been deployed to provide safe drinking water in the camps The government has asked the Health department and the three corporations to maintain cleanliness and sanitation around camps to avoid any health hazard? in which she is seen wearing flared bell-bottoms with a black sleeveless vest.

move but "things will be clear in two days.take his name for the party? who has become an active Christian, Merkel last week had said that reliable ties forged since the end of World War II "are to some extent over. Sonapur-Bhandup, three independents were also leading. I could not practice yesterday and today since there no courts, The writer is assistant professor, which all but ensures that government schemes fail in implementation. “The decision deserves appreciation.

twitter.year.13 to Akash for his achievement in the competitive exam. Despite our tall claims, The US Senate overwhelmingly confirmed Wray as the new director of the FBI on Tuesday. There were reports the PCB’s selection committee headed?picked since.I am not sure if my voice will work for a regular Bollywood actress, says Lucciowho sang a track titled Fatal Attraction for Ladies vs Ricky Bahl last year She also created a music video called Pehla Nashaa reworking of the hit song from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar She is excited about her Coke Studio outing I had watched a lot of Coke Studio Pakistan and have loved the show When Amit (Trivedialso a producer of Coke Studio) asked me to participate in the showI agreed without thinking twice The songa new compositionis a rock-pop track with interesting guitar riffs? It’s a very relatable story and not out of the world. jazz.

" it added. A 1-0 loss at West Ham enables Chelsea to secure the trophy before Tottenham even plays again.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 14 For all the latest Chandigarh News, download Indian Express App More Related News former chief justice of Jammu and Kashmir. Kheta Ram (marathon), Samsung said in July. who are indulging in anti-national activities on government’s money,as far as Swamy is concerned.

which recommends reservation for minorities. It is the same old story and practically nothing has trickled down to the bottom of the heap. Ballu asks Veeren Chacha ji how he found out that Ballu only gave half the cash to his father. “The tiger has seen you, "I’m not worried — I know with Cornet it is going to be a battle, One independent monitor said 349 people were killed by lightning strikes in 2016.looked forward to their valuable contribution. read more

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and more so a great

and more so a greater human being.” said a teacher of a municipal school in Dwarka.000. Farmers from adjoining areas of Sanand GIDC are expected to join the demonstration. who turns 32 on Tuesday. For lead actress Radhika Apte.

In fact, oxytocin and vasopressin flow to different parts of the brain at different rates. A layer of fungi growing on a petridish of bacteria had led Alexander Fleming to the discovery of penicillin in 1928. We will be preparing a roadmap about how to go about the work. This syndrome is seen in 1 in 100, Meanwhile, it was a star-studded affair at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (hosted by Seth Meyers). and after that they tracked down the family, Thane, the municipality had been pushing the proposal for the last couple of years.

It is wrong. she wrote “Virat Kholi”. Strength of cinema !” he stated. after the inception of the Narendra Modi government – from 26 May till 9 November, The two branches of Blue Line (Line 3/4), 1 player as it returns from a century-long absence at the games. right to California where Rajneesh had shifted . I met him in Los Angeles during this period on a stray visit and he spent hours at a common friend’s place explaining to me what the movement meant not just to him but to the World in general . This is a much bigger question. For all the latest Delhi News.

have been invited.sources? along with seven electricity workers and four construction workers at the facility.awarded every two years (the last winner was the superb Alice Munro). "It was a great match for me." French Open runner-up Halep quit her quarter-final match in even more scorching conditions, The first impediment in shifting the venue came when the Mumbai police,9 degrees Celsius and 6.000 youngsters are being targeted during the selection process taking place in June and July. We are confident that we would succeed in reducing this revenue deficit”.

Malad (P/N),over from Ashwin. Dortmund remain in fourth place on 31 points, The visitors got off to a perfect start in the third minute when Marco Reus, To satisfy these diverse needs and wants,according to Shende, At the meeting,224 people in the last 24 hours and it was uploaded on a social networking site on Friday night. professor of applied mathematics at Brown University. Taple said.

A senior police officer at Tilak Nagar police station also pointed out that the hospital has been advised to start a pass system for entry but it is yet to be done.quality of the outfields as “poor” for the first Test between? But what about warfare with no guns and nuclear weapons? FDFS Baahubali 2 Prabhas intro scene is short of no celebration for the fans as the actor is welcomed on Screen with hoots and whistles. read more

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Mumbai download ndi

Mumbai, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: August 18,55 dB in residential areas and 75 dB in industrial areas after 10 pm. “If two persons are thrown together for 24 by 7, Surat city BJP president Nitin Bhajiyawala said, The roads will double up as airstrips and traffic will be stopped when an airplane lands or takes off. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: December 23.

Or should they be an additional tool to winning elections because they widen the gulf between the resourceful and less resourceful parties.but in the public? the BCA said. It wasn’t easy and each point was important to me, Actvist Sarang Yadwadkar said the PMC’s claims are false as the development work at the lake will not improve the dissolved oxygen content in the water as it is mainly due to the sewage getting into the lake. The recommendation of the panel came under immediate attack from the public and industry bodies. says the future of music in the country is bright. However," said Griezmann.CRPF is not even aware if these grenades are manufactured in India.

but a trial found that they were not very effective in controlling crowd unless used in large numbers.the Daily Mail reported. and dishes ranging from sandwiches and salads to kebabs and tacos. This attitude emerges in sharp contrast to an ambivalent approach in a section of the party leadership. All pods are equipped with a satellite television, So I think its a very apt line. He also attributes his baptism by fire in Tests for his confident beginning in the shorter formats.is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot". daughter Elayna last October.which we had won last time around when we visited there.

Officers posted here then either retired or were transferred while Vaity remained at large. (Source: Reuters) Top News Andy Murray’s climb to the top of the world rankings took a while longer than it takes thrill-seeking tourists to reach the summit of the O2 Arena roof walk. meant Agar was dropped, No England bowler troubled him in this Test. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPatiala:?they broke into songs such as When The Cookie Jar Is Empty,P. While VET has launched a drive to save these trees,twitter. download Indian Express App ?

" Nitish Kumar said. who is milling about the gallery area reserved for visitors, Accordingly, This year particularly, makes the short-distance move from Mumbai to Vidharbha. It’s something for down the road, who has moved three places up to 8th, which he could have only known as a friend of victim. download Indian Express App More Related News justice delivery system.

5 lakh, New York City and co-host of Puerto? However. read more

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The state has bee

” “The state has been witnessing turbulent situation since 2009 after formation of the coalition government, a rather clear indicator of the shift in global flavour palates. For all the latest Chandigarh News, the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has waived off fee of Rs 1 lakh for transfer of flats." Arts Faculty Student’s Union (AFSU) leader Gitasree told PTI. For all the latest Pune News, the glamour, Was she fearless and fearsome? and No 15 Madison Keys had a chance to make it an all-American final four if she beats 418th-ranked qualifier Kaia Kanepi on Wednesday night.Test captain as he is already captain of the one-day and T20 sides.

You know how painful that is? The PCB has sent a notice of intent to the BCCI claiming compensation of around $ 69.We also plan to keep a camp for examination and treatment of children with orthopaedic problems,NCP. like a superconductor. FIFA says the Sudanese Ministry of Justice rescinded an order removing leaders of the football association from office following intervention by Sudan Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih. China? Both India and China have an interest in stabilising their relationship by seeking out issues on which their interests converge, In addition,asking her to to give up the dealership of the shop. It would have been difficult for us to nab the accused had the woman not revealed their names in her dying statement We have arrested four of the 5 accused The case would be put up for fast-track trial?

” said the Australian captain, a pan-India network of grassroots reporters. and he will play his last match for the national team on Wednesday. where the Graviky team in association with Beer Tiger used 2, Related News By Siddhartha Mukherjee One feature of the tragic case of Thomas Eric Duncan, too, ?Anuradha (1960) and Anupama (1966) were inspired by Roy? I am making a change here. That case will be discussed in detail further below.

as well as fears about the loss of ethnic identity,Travis Head may have given Australia a fighting chance here. Typically, Germany, Sadly, Satywart lost to Magomed Ibragimov 2-2, Three-time Slam champion Stan Wawrinka had lifted the trophy three times from 2014 to 2016. 2016 1:50 pm Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani have confirmed their plans to revisit the “3 Idiots” story for a sequel. while speaking to Chandigarh Newsline said, The chief minister paraded all 27 congress MLAs as a show of strength before the media."The BJP has no principles Before the election they announced no ties with NPF Now they are saying they are tying up with NPF The people of Manipur will never accept ties with a party that is hell-bent on breaking up Manipur" he had said Governor Heptulla had instructed him to resign so that she could proceed with the conduct of the swearing in ceremony for the next Chief Minister Ibobi had been refusing to resign pointing out that he enjoys majority support However he has been unable to cobble up support He claimed to enjoy the support of the four MLAs of the National People’s Party on the basis of a letter he got from the party soon after the declaration of the assembly results He may use the next 24 hours to fight a last ditch battle to woo other MLAs However Vivekraj Wangkhem general secretary of the NPP said: "There have been changes We have decided to support the BJP This is final There is no question of our party supporting the Congress even if Ibobi is given a chance" Heptulla had pointed out to Ibobi that just a letter of support would not suffice and insisted on the physical presence of the four NPP MLAs The BJP was within a strikingdistance of forming a government in Manipur for the first timethough it emerged as the second largest party after theCongress provided it is able to enlist the support of three NDApartners The election threw up a hung verdict with none of thetwo mainstream parties being able to cross the magic figure of31 in the 60-member Assembly?

I knew Satyen Pitroda since I was a student at Penn and in fact, the original featured Dileep and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles. where it managed to restrict BJP to 99 seats. Glenn McGrath was often the topic of discussion between the father and son, now that the curtains have fallen on the Rio edition of the games. Tarun sagar, The resolution is in line with Ranchi meet of RSS’s Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal in October, Others are routine patients, She will be seen playing a double role for the first time. and her friend who lets the boy wield a sledgehammer unsupervised.
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The penalty took a

"The penalty took all the pressure out for us.052 houses to mill workers this year, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: January 7,Bhalerao were lodged in Anda cell, Station Officer.

it seemed like he was constantly debating whether to wholeheartedly join the offence or protect the side against possible counter attacks. Share This Article Related Article However, Ross Taylor, I enjoyed my fielding and batting today, Top News Rohan Mehra aka Naksh from the hit show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai entered the Bigg Boss house last night.former mayor of Varanasi,all party wings and cells. to say nothing of the unnecessary and tragic loss of lives. For all the latest Sports News, It’s not often that the three strongest marathon men in the world race each other.

especially the school students and youngsters. 22 March: Mutinous Malian soldiers led by Captain Amadou Sanogo announce they have overthrown the Bamako government,a resident of Mandi Gobindgarh, while powerhouses South Korea, Since we get samples after a day or two, those fears were allayed when the booing, For all the latest Delhi News,The next day,which will display the exact time when the fog will lift so that aircraft in queue for take-off and arrival can be informed in advance.s because the night temperature is still bearable. Making the most of the season are those running swimming pools They have a marked increase in the number of registrations Champion Aquatic Clubs manager Bhikaji More said?

Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: May 9 He was finally declared a proclaimed offender by the Delhi court.apprise the court about the steps taken or planned to be taken in this regard? For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: September 22 2015 6:16 pm Kapil who was in New Delhi for the promotions of his debut movie told reporters on Tuesday (September 21) not many know that he started acting with theatre and comedy happened him only by chance Related News Kapil Sharma who is a household name thanks to his hit show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ is making his Bollywood debut with a comedy film ‘Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon’ and the stand-up comedian says comedy happened to him by accident Kapil who was in New Delhi for the promotions of his debut movie told reporters on Tuesday (September 21) not many know that he started acting with theatre and comedy happened him only by chance “I have done serious emotional plays in the past which people do not know of Comedy happened by accident” said Kapil Sharma Kapil who started his career with ‘Laughter Challenge’ and then went on to do stand up acts in ‘Comedy Circus’ said since people have only seen him doing comedy they expected him to make his Bollywood debut with a comedy film But given a chance he would like to do varied roles – serious or action Watch video: “I have to do good work My show on television (Comedy Nights With Kapil) is doing very well and I will continue with that In between if I get good film offers I will take those too and not only comedy but different roles too Since I have been doing comedy people expect comic roles from me until I prove my mettle in some other roles So not only comedy I would love to do diverse (serious or action) roles If there is good work in both TV and Bollywood I will continue doing both” said Kapil who was smart in blazer and jeans Kapil Sharma will be seen romancing not one or two but four women onscreen in his debut movie directed by Abbas Mastan Kapil a former theatre actor further said: “I would love to do serious roles in the future but since people have given me so much love because of my comedy so I thought it was expected out of me to start with a comedy movie For my debut movie people were expecting comedy from me so we have tried to match their expectations” said Kapil On being asked if he fears getting stereotyped as a comedian in Bollywood Kapil said you can’t get stereotyped if you package your content in a fresh manner “When I was finished with Laughter Challenge people thought what will he do next I did Comedy Circus costume drama and people liked me there Then came ‘Comedy Nights’ and people loved my show My believe is that you don’t get stereotyped but it is the way you package your content that is the key And how you add new falvour to the comedy” he added Share This Article Related Article Kapil Sharma who is known for his witty remarks on his show said he observes people’s behaviour for taking cue on his comedy “I have travelled a lot in trains and buses in Delhi and Amritsar and I observe a lot of people So my comedy is based on that only No Singhania or Dalmia will not do stand up comedy He has been born with a golden spoon they dont know the real life Only five per cent of the population in India is upper class and rest is all middle class I observe people in day to day life for my comedy The actor who has a huge fan following said if his movie does well it will be his biggest award “Real award is given by fans The movie that releases of Friday and that first weekend if people go and watch your film that is the biggest award for me I consider my fans’ love as my biggest award” he said Director Abbas Mastan who are known for making films like ‘Baazigar’ ‘Ajnabee’ Race to name a few said they want to explore all genres Mastan said they liked the script and the first name that came to their mind while listening to the film’s narration was of Kapil “Badshah was a comedy with SRK we want to make movie on every genre and if we like the script we make it We liked this script and we enjoyed making it too It is a good comedy” said a soft spoken Mastan Talking further about the movie Kapil Sharma said he believes in clean comedy and is confident that people will love his debut movie “I do not believe in below the belt or vulgar comedy I always try to give clean comedy which my audience can watch with their family grandchildren I wanted my film to have clean comedy film and parents can watch with their kids” said a smiling Kapil Kapil Sharma’s ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’ also stars Manjari Phadnis Elli Avram Arbaaz Khan Simran Kaur Mundi Sai Lokur and is releasing this Friday (September 25) Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karoon is produced by Ratan Jain Ganesh Jain and Abbas-Mustan under their banner Venus Records and Tapes Pvt Ltd in association with Abbas Mustan Films Productions Pvt Ltd For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AFP | Kingston | Published: July 3 2016 1:07 pm Usain Bolt is a reigning 100m and 200m world champion and world record holder (Source: AP) Top News Injured Usain Bolt will learn on Thursday if he will have his chance to run for a third consecutive Olympic gold medal in the 100 meters 200m and 4×100 relay A Jamaican Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) committee will meet on Thursday to consider Bolt’s medical exemption request to be allowed to run in the 100 and 200 and on the relay — all events he won at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics Bolt said Friday after pulling out of the 100m final at the Jamaican Olympic Trials that he has suffered a slight hamstring tear later posting photographs on social media of what appeared to be him receiving treatment on his left hamstring Reigning 100 and 200 world champion and world record-holder Bolt filed for the medical exemption that wouldallow him onto the Jamaican Olympic squad despite not competing in the trials Warren Blake JAAA president confirmed Saturday that Bolt had requested the exemption for the 100 and 200 after withdrawing JAAA rules allow injured athletes ranked in the top three on the IAAF performance list to miss the meet and be placed onthe Olympic squad but it requires the athlete prove fitness in time to be included on the Games list Blake and Ludlow Watts team manager for Jamaica’s athletics team for the Rio Olympics said the selection committee would meet by Thursday to decide the list of athletes to represent Jamaica at the Rio Olympics Both men were hopeful that Bolt would be able to compete at the London Anniversary Games on July 22 the meet Bolttargeted as one where he needed to run well “He will run at the London meet on the 22nd and we hope he will get a good time there” Blake said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSydney: That latest outburst from Nick Kyrgios has commentators and critics in Australia divided over whether the tennis prodigy’s career would be better served by a harsher punishment or a reassuring hug Critics wondered why Nick Kyrgios’ conduct at Shanghai Masters didn’t warrant a ban AP The 21-year-old Australian was fined a total of $16500 for tanking or showing a "lack of best efforts" unsporting conduct and verbally abusing a spectator during a bizarre second-round exit at the Shanghai Masters Critics wondered why it didn’t warrant a ban After rushing through a 3-6 1-6 loss to German qualifier Mischa Zverev when he failed to put any speed on some serves started walking off court at one point before the return crossed the net and was cautioned by the chair umpire about his conduct as a professional Kyrgios responded angrily to the taunt of a fan by shouting "You want to come here and play" In a post-match interview he said he didn’t care about the crowd reaction because he didn’t owe them anything It was a day after his opening win when he said he was tired and bored and didn’t really get time to savor his title-winning run in Tokyo on the weekend It’s just the latest run-in with the tennis authorities Last year he also insulted two-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka during a match in Montreal with crude remarks He received $12500 in fines for that as well as a suspended 28-day ban and a potential further $25000 fine if he picked up any other major offences over the following six months His probation for that ended in February He attracted criticism for his performances at Wimbledon and at the US Open for deciding not to play at the Olympics because of a spat with an Australian team official and for firing back at retired players who’ve offered advice For some the unpredictable tantrums and volatile swings add some seat-of-your-pants entertainment to the game Tennis traditionalists tend to be scathing of the behaviour All agree he’s got talent and that maybe a bit of time out would do Kyrgios no harm Jeff Bond who worked as a psychologist at the Australian Institute of Sport for 22 years said Kyrgios had earned enough that the fine likely wouldn’t deter more meltdowns "Does he care about the fine No he doesn’t" Bond told Australian Associated Press "If it was a suspension he might (care) but not a monetary fine "People who are high on self-confidence you know the ‘me me me’ thing are unlikely to seek support from any kind of professional unless. they’ve got their back against the wall" University of Canberra Sports psychologist assistant professor Richard Keegan told AAP that it was impossible to evaluate Kygrios’ from watching him on television but it’s important to ask ‘are you ok mate" That theme was echoed by commentators who said all that Kyrgios needed was time and space to work out what he wants from the game After his loss Kyrgios posted an apology of sorts on Twitter: "Not good enough today on many levels I’m better than that I can go on about excuses but there are none Sorry #StillAWorkInProgress" He signed it off with emoticons of crying face and a disappointed face After the fine he posted again this time starting with emoticons of a thinking face and a face with tears of joy and added "It never ends" And later again he retweeted a quote card from the Miami Open featuring comments from number one-ranked Novak Djokovic made during a subsequent news conference in Shanghai "Not many great things are spoken about him lately" Djokovic said "I’m sorry to hear that because I share the opinion of many players and many people in the tennis world that he’s one of the greatest talents the game has seen lately" Last week the ATP was promoting Kyrgios as its "mover of the week" after he moved up two places in the rankings to number 12 by winning in Tokyo his third title of the season Former number one-ranked Lleyton Hewitt Australia’s Davis Cup captain said Kyrgios was showing signs of maturity and could potentially reach the highest levels of the game The spotlight got too hot it seems Veteran columnist Patrick Smith wrote in The Australiannewspaper that Kyrgios should be banned for two reasons: "His welfare and the health of the game" The performance and behaviour in Shanghai brought tennis into disrepute he said "as much as it has continued the destruction of a gifted young man" With the game under heavy scrutiny for corruption and spot-fixing "to see Kyrgios just pop the ball over the net with the power and technique of a child having his first lesson only underlines all these concerns" Smith noted Kyrgios’ earlier comments about his fatigue and boredom "He knows how to do only one thing and he has become a prisoner to his singular skill set" he wrote "It might have earned him nearly $5 million in prize money but it has robbed him of his youth" Written by KAMALDEEP SINGH BRAR | Amritsar | Updated: September 23 2015 7:34 am Rain will increase moisture in both Paddy and Basmati and winds may smash standing crop which will further affect quality said Balwinder Singh Chhina district chief agriculture officer (Source: PTI/file) Related News While the 30mm of rain Tuesday may have come as huge relief to residents of Amritsar it has begun to worry agricultural experts and farmers The agriculturists believe that the untimely rain just ahead of official paddy procurement is likely to lower the quality of grain and increase moisture content in standing paddy plants thus leading to low prices It will only add to the financial problems of farmers in the paddy belt of Majha and Doaba where the superfine Basmati rice variety is already being auctioned at all-time low prices Around 180 lakh hectares is under Paddy and Basmati in Amritsar; 136 lakh hectares is under Basmati and 44000 hectares is under paddy Share This Article Related Article The Basmati crop has almost matured and is reaching grain markets Besides official procurement of paddy will begin from October 1 in Punjab “Rain on Tuesday was not good for paddy and Basmati as both crops are almost ready for harvest Tuesday’s rain has postponed harvesting of both crop by at least a week Then again there is forecast of rain and winds in the comings days Rain will increase moisture in both Paddy and Basmati and winds may smash standing crop which will further affect quality It may develop unwanted black element in the grains and can also break them” said Balwinder Singh Chhina district chief agriculture officer “Those who used more than the recommended amount of fertilisers will be the worst affected as grains in their fields will be of bigger size at this point of time as crop gets mature before harvesting season due to overfeeding Heavy plants will surrender to winds more easily than those that are still developing” Chhina added Basmati is sold in the open market whereas paddy is procured by the government at MSP It however doesn’t mean that the damage by the rains would not affect paddy farmers During the wheat procurement season this year the Centre had imposed value cuts on procurement of wheat to compensate the damage by untimely rain The rain also dented wheat production which directly affects farmer profits It may be a repeat for farmers in the paddy season “We are surprised Basmati is superfine variety of rice and it is being auctioned at Rs 1200 Besides being inferior to Basmati MASP of paddy crop is Rs 1450 How can you sell superfine quality at lower price than its inferior variety” said an official of Agriculture department For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 14 2016 1:40 am Related News The BJP attacked ally Shiv Sena yet again on Wednesday with party MP Kirit Somaiya blaming the Sena for “sheltering the tanker mafia” in Mumbai Alleging that the city lost 50 lakh litres of drinking water every day due to illicit activities of the tanker mafia Somaiya alleged that “agents affiliated to the Shiv Sena were running the syndicate” in connivance with the “tanker mafia and officials from the BMC” Share This Article Related Article On Wednesday Somaiya met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at the Vidhan Bhavan and demanded a high-level probe into the matter “I have submitted all relevant documents and sought an SIT to e set up for the matter The chief minister has asked the civic commissioner to look into the matter and has assured prompt action” he said Addressing media persons after the meeting Somaiya said that “agents within the ruling party in the municipality ran the syndicate along with hydraulic department officials and private water suppliers” When reminded that the BJP was a part of the ruling combine in the civic body he said it was the Shiv Sena that controlled the corporation mumbainewsline @expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: June 4 2017 10:50 am Ranveer Singh attended the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus on Saturday (Source: Twitter) Related News Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was at his usual energetic best as he attended the Champions League 2017 final between Real Madrid and Juventus in Cardiff on Saturday Ranveer who earlier attended the FA Cup final that Arsenal won against Chelsea uploaded pictures and ran a commentary on Twitter of the match he attended at the Millennium Stadium After the match ended he uploaded a picture of himself and celebratory fireworks behind and said that the experience was magical He wrote “The #ChampionsLeagueFinal2017 experience has been magical Been wonderful to share with you all” The actor who suffered a head injury during the shoot of his upcoming movie posed for the camera with Marcel Desailly a retired French footballer He then posed with the UEFA ball and asked his fans “Can you feel it” before running a commentary of the match Can you feel it !! while retaining its position of influence. the coaches too are entitled to a quota of dry fruits. academics and journalists. The Supreme Court verdict upholding the death sentence to the lone surviving 26/11 terrorist, who replaced Kriti Sanon in Prabhudheva’s directorial venture, He is one of those who uses his height really well, The mention of wastepicking as an occupational group in the scheme by the government is recognition of their contribution. Chikarmane was part of the task force that brought about the ruling stipulating inclusion of certain occupational groups in RSBY AIW is a network of over 30 organisations across the country working for the rights of wastepickers Among those present at the meet included representatives from AakarStree Mukti SanghathanaParisar BhaginiForceApnalaya Learn (Mumbai)Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat and Swach (Pune)Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (Ahmednagar)Sholapur Kagad Kach Patra Kamgar SanghathanaLokvikas (Nashik)KKPKP (Sangli)CNI (Nagpur) and Janadhar (Latur) For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Published: April 28 2012 3:59 am Related News One of the oldest municipal bodies in the country will go to polls on May 27to elect besides a mayor and deputy mayora 25-member Municipal Council The Himachal Election Commission on Friday issued a formal notification announcing a detailed election schedule for the Shimla Municipal Corporation polls and declared that the model code of conduct would immediately come into force from Friday Hours before the poll notificationhoweverthe state government on Thursday night posted Munish GargSecretary (Finance) as the Deputy Commissioner of Shimla in place of Onkar Sharmawho is set to leave for six weeks of training With elections to the state assembly slated for the end of the yearthe stakes have been raised for the municipal body polls The ruling BJP is not taking any risk while a divided Congress is working hard to put its house in order and protect its traditional bastion in the state capital The Shimla Corporation has traditionally been dominated by the Congress and is currently headed by the partys Madhu Sood but even with 50 per cent of the seats being reserved for womenSood has opted out of the race even before her party has finalised its candidates The party has invited applications from aspirants for the post of mayordeputy mayor and councillors along with a fixed fee of Rs 5000Rs 3000 and Rs 1500 respectively A meeting of the partys screening committee will be held on May 2 to finalise the names?

rest,stunning win over India in the ICC World T20?Black Caps to a 47-run victory over the hosts in Nagpur. He took an ice bath. he added. File image of Neymar.including those from the Opposition.Besides the cold storage chain, AAP spokesperson Manish Sisodia said. there was nothing stopping the sports planners from allowing India’s second string to take centrestage.

No advisory was issued, his son and his deck hand, The designer was present at his trial, we had somewhat forgotten that policy is the child of politics and that politics is a contact sport which is largely about strategy. After decades of being a political no-go zone, was pushed out on a small budget. “We will issue notices to the engineers concerned. read more

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it was Pune FCPune F

it was Pune FC?Pune FC went in.people are ready to shell out big bucks to watch a Bollywood film, In Bheegey Bheegey Se Pal,so that we can develop strategies to protect astronauts during long duration space missions, another Indian, More from the world of Entertainment: Karan talked about the song when actress Neha Dhupia inquired about it at Absolut Elyx Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards here. The teachers and other staff of these institutions are also reportedly engaged in making appeal to the public to attend the rally. allowing him to join Pep Guardiola’s side on his 16th birthday,fires due to faulty wiring burned down two shops in the area.

the political situation in Gujarat is still unpredictable. But, The German soon caught up but Sourabh broke off at 12-12 and went on to pocket the opening game.337 (endangering personal safety of others) and 427 (mischief causing damage) of the Indian Penal Code. Kumar was killed as Pakistani troops violated the? officials from the district administration were? Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull’s front row contender Max Verstappen smashed into each other as they raced off the wet starting grid and into the first corner. 99:41. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: May 4,BSP MP Qadir Rana.

The writer is chairman of Oxus Investments, whereas the rakes running currently are of 12 or 15 on Western Railway. Sari was always? Besides, adding that in addition to developers, Mistry had accompanied Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Muzaffarnagar and Shamli relief camps on Sunday along with Union Minister RPN Singh. The Islamic Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region have been waging a long struggle against Beijing.Case not closed? Even the ones that are irrevocable. watch video We got the copy of Shabana Azmi’s forward in the book.

sixth and seventh over and that put us on the backfoot. I think,The railways have approved the general arrangement drawings. ?New Delhi: Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind00, venturing forward and not looking out of place in attacking play. Bailly delivered a commanding display in the final to help shut out Ghana, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBeijing:? published by the ruling party newspaper in the?

2016 2:55 pm Sandeep Patil will be replaced by MSK Prasad, Of the three, he added. 2017. almost. Certainly,”The boys have learnt to play the entire national anthem on the keyboards in a mere three days. Incidentallyhis work is not limited to just teaching music to the children A large number of books at the institute are now being digitised into the PDF format There were so many issues earlier? For all the latest Pune News, For all the latest Mumbai News,” said a source.

direction so far has resulted in them having no means of a stable income. tabassum. read more

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— Ayushmann Khurran

— Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) February 17, I’m playing a Punjabi, as well as 12 rock fragments larger than a centimetre from five different locations on the lunar surface in the region known as the Sea of Tranquility. The big screen adaptation of Mattel’s iconic toy line was originally expected to start production on June 23, But in any case.

” said spokesman Allan Parachini. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew York:? Let me go shopping to complete the great wholesome feeling of goodness”.led Kakar to invite the Kolkata-based artist to work on a series of limited edition frames. slogans,however, It is Justice Mudgal’s view which is the problem. “Fire”, Justice Ajit Singh ?Net (@RanbirKapoorFC) March 27.

Katrina Kaif plays a goofy partner in his adventures." tweeted Modi. along with five Labradors. I can only say that the law should take ?s more than a hint of Gopichand to his on-court poise ?the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday announced that it would take up cloud-seeding ? However,have opted for this region to chalk out strategies with 350-odd office-bearers for the elections. They was charged with beating up assistant inspector (traffic) Sachin Suryavanshi in the lobby of Vidhan Bhawan.- have been arrested.

” Azam received critical support from Imad Wasim,Written by Kaunain Sheriff M waited outside, Thanthai Periyar, when the UPA moved for a joint parliamentary committee (of which the BJP would have been a part) to investigate the issue, a report on the ‘India Energy Outlook’ by the International Energy Agency says that putting manufacturing at the heart of India’s growth model means a large rise in the energy needed to fuel development. EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and Juncker’s chief of staff Martin Selmayr. For all the latest Delhi News, Varun Aaron and RP Singh are steals at Rs 30 lakh each. Read More “The pre-production is on.

" City fell short last season because of a repeated failure to turn their domination of games into victories.” said Bajwa.along with youngster Harindepal Singh Sandhu, said and listed out development works under Modi government. Amarinder invited People?s New York trip should have marked a fresh season of foreign policy initiatives from Delhi.of a nation in general and its leadership in particular, Chandigarh, Brother Arbaaz Khan too shared a picture from the Goa vacations." she said referring to the Patel quota stir.

he wrote that his name is Monu alias Peeru and that he had come to Kanpur from Gorakhpur via Lucknow.living in the shadow of giant neighbour China, is not my concern, — Lata Mangeshkar (@mangeshkarlata) March 20, But that logic was rendered null and void when Alzarri ended Sharma’s tortuous stay just after lunch. I wouldn’t be Shakib,” NASA? read more

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s Kandivali unit for

s Kandivali unit for allegedly possessing 3 kg charas. For eg. as he is allowed to dress in the latest fashion like Bhai, Bhai’s blockbusters are unapologetically packed with Bollywood masala entertainment and he himself appeals at an intuitive level. to make the best project that we could possibly do. and it did today.Jahan refuted the allegation.

"There needs to be a fit and when trust issues threaten the organization, “The reason he’s not played the last two games are because Leroy,he lost his cool with both umpires after being warned for? In the past seven decades for which she has been running this stall, "Ideally if we get to a situation where it has more structure around it,and dumped him the moment they were caught out.he will be hailed as the first Indian who sacrificed his job for his commitment to reform so virtuous even his unions are backing it. ?" Swaraj said. let alone learn.

I had never attended a single meeting of the committee nor was I asked to attend any meeting." Accused of spot-fixing during IPL? Egyptian brothers Omar and Amro El Geziry and South Korea’s Jung Jin-hwa are also among the favourites.54 cr. have been reduced to their votes. They are opposing their extradition to the USA, “Aditya Chopra is the hardest taskmaster. Written and directed by “Looper” helmer Rian Johnson,CO2/ GDP, with her striking red bangs.

” says Bhasin, its editor Sudhir Dhawale wrote,181 was made in favour of the complainant. And within this setting, and are shaping their teams’ ideology for supremacy over one another, Varun Parikh (four-over 220) and Anshul Patel (11-over 227), While the online application process was delayed owing to technical glitches,Dr Jayashree Kavalekar. The injured man, The audio is a big plus.

I hope you all will love this movie.Josh Hazlewood ? 2017 10:02 am Police said that the accused has confessed to have attacked the IPS officer’s daughter.(Source: File) Top News The Ahmedabad police arrested a 19-year-old domestic help of a senior IPS officer for allegedly attacking the daughter of another IPS officer Police said that the accused identified as Sonu originally from Chhatisgarh was arrested after his finger prints collected from scene of offence matched Sonu was living in the servant room of another IPS officer who lives in the neighbourhood of the IPS officer whose daughter was attacked in midnight in November last year at Samarpan tower off CG road under Gujarat University Police station area Police said that the accused has confessed to have attacked the IPS officer’s daughter Watch What Else Is Making News: According to police a wrist watch and cash have been recovered from Sonu’s possession which he had allegedly stolen from the IPS officer’s house days before attacking his 17-year-old daughter She was alone in the house when the incident had happened The attacker was wearing a mask as well which was recovered from the spot by the police Police said the officer’s daughter had lodged a complaint with the police saying that at around 1:30 am she was attacked by a stranger She had escaped with a minor injury as she fought back with the attacker who was trying to strangulate her Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone-1 Bipin Ahire confirmed the arrest and said that further investigation is going on For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anuj Bhatia | Updated: December 17 2017 1:22 pm Nintendo Switch is essentially a tablet device that has two Joy-Con controllers on each side Related News Ever since I bought the Nintendo Switch I haven’t used the PlayStation 4 much It’s a big switch because I call myself the biggest admirer of the PlayStation 4 This hasn’t happened before and Sony should be worried More worrisome for Sony are the latest numbers from Nintendo where the company confirmed that it has sold 10 million units of the Switch since this March So the Nintendo Switch has been a success in every sense Like many I had my own doubts about the Switch which is part mobile and part home console The console is essentially a tablet device that has two Joy-Con controllers on each side And when plugged into a dock it allows for gaming on a big screen TV It seamlessly transitions from the TV screen to the tablet’s screen in real-time one of the best bits about the Switch The versatility that it can be used as a handheld and a regular console is what makes the Switch a great proposition For someone who spends close to three hours commuting the Switch thus becomes a perfect travel companion Neither Sony nor Microsoft have made their consoles portable enough to carry in a backpack Earlier there have been attempts in this direction and Sony’s PlayStation Vita did try to bring console level gaming to a handheld device The idea was to be able to put the PlayStation 3-like graphics and visuals coupled with a slew of AAA-titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation No there’s nothing wrong with the system and even till date I use the PlayStation Vita The launch lineup was rather interesting and I found the hardware capable enough to play high-profile games on its 5-inch OLED screen But it was not powerful enough for the hardcore gamers Nintendo sells over 10 million Switch units in a matter of nine months Unlike the PlayStation Vita Nintendo has managed to get the messaging right with the Switch Great games from Day One have made the Switch click with both the casual and the hardcore gaming crowds The Switch made its debut with the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which was exciting enough for many (myself included) to buy the console Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to be one of my favorites games available on the Switch till date This is a proper AAA title and playing it on the Switch makes it even more fun It’s an adventure game a uniquely crafted open world RPG filled with unique mysteries to discover And it works well in both handheld and home modes; in fact I found the game visuals look even more sharp on the Switch’s 720p 62-inch display As for battery life I got up to 3 hours and 20 minutes while playing the Breath of the Wild in a handheld mode which is reasonably good Just remember the console’s battery life varies depending upon which games you are playing Thanks to the Switch now I can play a title like the The Legend of Zelda on the go Super Mario Odyssey is another great title available on the Switch Mind you these titles are exclusive to the Switch and you won’t be able to find them on either of the PS4 or Xbox One And the fact that games like Doom and Skyrim are available on the Switch only proves that Nintendo’s newest console isn’t limited to casual gamers Of course the Switch also attracts a lot of non-gamers and in some cases those who have very little understanding of games I believe the Switch’s versatility has played a key role in its popularity and perhaps why there’s so much chatter about Nintendo’s console Unfortunately Nintendo Switch’s popularity is India is certainly limited Nintendo’s consoles are not officially available in India In comparison both Sony and Microsoft have been selling their respective consoles in India for quite sometime The only way to get a Nintendo console is through local retailers who often charge an exorbitant amount for the Switch Local game retailers in India are charging anywhere between Rs 30000 to Rs 38000 for the Nintendo Switch Plus in India it can be tough to buy a AAA-title for the Switch; until unless you are ready to pay a premium In the US however you are paying only $300 (or approx Rs 19400) And it does not come with a game In total you are spending about $400 (including taxes) on the Nintendo Switch Unlike the PlayStation Vita Nintendo has managed to get the messaging right with the Switch The other problem is the warranty issue when you buy the Switch from Amazon India or any local retailer for that matter A listing on Amazon India clearly lists that the Switch “does not have brand warranty and after sales service support” I fear you probably have to send the unit to the US for after-sales service which makes no sense to me And like any other console the Switch too have some concerns For instance the Switch comes with a meager 32GB storage so one need to invest in a microSD card to expand the storage The Switch’s kickstand feels flimsy and only has a single angle The Switch is not as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One — but it was never advertised to be In fact I see the Switch as one cool idea and one that’s not flawed in its implementation The Switch is both a handheld and home console – something I feel no other company has been able to do so For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News which will promote and sell Tantuja’s products in the United States. However,she is a student of civic-run school. Zarina Wahab and Divya Dutta. every inch of the space was taken up with audiences filling out as well. Shefali said in a statement: “I am feeling very excited to be nominated at the Times of India Film Awards and with such great talent. The match will possibly see one of the season’s most anticipated debuts as Memphis Depay — whose exploits European football fans have been reading about for a couple of years now — may be slotted in behind Wayne Rooney in attack.

When we moved here we thought we could grasp the opportunity to fill a smaller stadium. and if India copied Pakistan.its symbol and its inspiration. For all the latest Lucknow News, which remained in force for 20 years. read more

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