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Heres what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they

first_imgIf I had to pick just one (which is unfair) it would be “Irreplaceable.” Apart from the general good advice from Beyoncé that we should move “to the left, to the left,” it would behove us all as elected members of the Dáil that we should never for a second get to thinking we’re irreplaceable. Add us: dailyedge That said, I always felt “Bills, Bills, Bills” from Beyoncé’s days in Destiny’s Child was a good allegory for what has faced the Irish working class. Enda Kenny really is a good for nothin’ type of brother. Here’s what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyoncé “Enda Kenny really is a good for nothing type of brother.” Short URL Share Tweet Email5 Finian McGrath Source: justice.ieThe Independent TD acknowledged that Beyoncé was “very talented,” but concluded that she just wasn’t for him. Different strokes, etc.No. I’m not a huge fan even though my daughters are. It must be an age thing. She’s very talented but I just don’t get her. I’m an old fashioned rock n roller.Tom NevilleThe Fine Gael TD told us that he’s more of a hip-hop aficionado, but respects Beyoncé nonetheless.Yes I think Beyonce is a great singing and performing talent. I listen more to hip hop so my favourite would be Bonnie and Clyde from Jay-Z, which features Beyonce.Carol Nolan Source: Sinn FéinThe Sinn Féin TD for Offaly was matter of fact in her response.I do like Beyonce and my favourite song is Halo.Jonathan O’Brien Source: Sinn FéinBut her party colleague Jonathan O’Brien went above and beyond. 248,154 Views By Amy O’Connor I am republican, but Beyoncé is the only queen I have time for. Of course I like Beyoncé. (1) Yes(2) Listencenter_img Mar 12th 2017, 1:00 PM https://dailyedge.ie/3274798 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Catherine Martin Source: Green PartyAn assistant to the Green Party TD sent us the following comment:She does like Beyoncé and she has picked “Halo” as her favourite song. She was going to go with “If I Were I Boy”, but has been informed that Eamon Ryan already selected that.Great minds, eh?Helen McEntee Source: Fine GaelThe Fine Gael TD is such a Beyoncé fan that she saw her in Croke Park last summer.I do like Beyoncé, I was even at her concert last July. My fave song is “Irreplaceable”. LAST WEEK, I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when it occurred to me that I didn’t know what any of our politicians thought of Beyoncé.Do they like her? Do they know who she is? Do they engage with her music? Do they own ‘I CAME TO SLAY merchandise?Politicians were getting away with keeping their views on Beyoncé to themselves and it was up to me to get to the bottom of it.On Monday afternoon, I set about contacting all 158 TDs. In my e-mail, I explained that I was getting in touch with every TD to collate their views on Beyoncé. I posed three questions: Kate O’Connell Source: TwitterA spokesperson for the Fine Gael TD said “she loves Beyoncé and her favourite song is Run The World (Girls).”Good choice.Willie O’Dea Source: Fianna FáilWillie O’Dea likes Beyoncé and doesn’t care who knows it.Good Afternoon Amy. Yes I like beyonce and my favorite song is Halo.Sean Ó Fearghail Source: Fianna FáilKeep Crazy in Love. You can have Halo. The Ceann Comhairle told us that he’s more of a a fan of Beyoncé’s forays into country music.Yes I do.  My favourite song is Daddy Lessons from the Lemonade album.Fiona O’Loughlin Source: Fianna FáilThe Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare South responded to my query on International Women’s Day and picked a song for the day that was in it.To be honest,  Beyonce is only on the slightest periphery of my radar, and I don’t have strong feelings on her either way. I note that one of her songs is called Run the world (Girls) so on International Women’s Day, as a female TD, I would have to say that’s my favourite song of hers!Frank O’Rourke Source: Fianna FailThe Kildare North TD can see your halo.I like Beyonce, my favourite song is Halo………………!!!Jan O’Sullivan Source: Jan O’Sullivan/TwitterLabour’s Jan O’Sullivan listens to Beyoncé with her baby granddaughter. Beyoncé: bringing generations of women together since 1997.Yes, I like Beyoncé. My favourite is 7/11, I dance to the video with my 1 year old granddaughter and we have a great time.Maureen O’Sullivan Source: Maureen O’Sullivan/TwitterThe Dublin Central TD admitted to being unfamiliar with Beyoncé’s oeuvre. That’s okay, Maureen. We won’t hold it against youI don’t know any of Beyoncé’s songs!!!John Paul Phelan Source: Fine GaelThe Fine Gael TD told me that he didn’t like Beyoncé, but only because he doesn’t get the chance to listen to much music.The answer is no. I just don’t get to listen to music much. Sad life I lead!Thomas Pringle Source: Thomas PringleThomas Pringle was one of the few dissenting voices and seemed to ponder if there was a place in society for non-Beyoncé fans.Lol. The answer to the question is no I don’t like Beyoncé. Well I’m not sure if I do or not I’ve never listened to her stuff. Should we all like Beyoncé? It seems from your question that it would be surprising if we didn’t.I advised him to listen to Beyoncé before rushing to judgment. He did not respond.Maurice QuinlivanSinn Féin’s Maurice Quinlivan straight up trolled me and gave three Adele-themed answers.Well played, Maurice. Source: Amy O’Connor/DailyEdge.ieBrendan Ryan Source: Brendan Ryan/TwitterLabour’s Brendan Ryan is not as enamoured with Beyoncé as he once was.I’m not a big fan of Beyoncé anymore. I felt she was at her most musically creative when part of Destiny’s Child.Eamon Ryan Source: Green PartyThe Green Party leader confirmed that he was a fan of Beyoncé and said his favourite song was…If I Were A BoySean Sherlock Source: dfaLabour’s Sean Sherlock expressed his admiration for both Beyoncé’s work as a solo artist and as one third of Destiny’ Child.Yes I like Beyoncé. My favourite old school Beyoncé song is Survivor (with Destiny’s Child). Solo wise I would say Crazy in Love.Brendan Smith Source: Fianna FáilFianna Fáil’s Brendan Smith seemed appalled at the notion that someone wouldn’t like Beyoncé. We hear you, Brendan.OF COURSE, WHO DOESN’TAs for his favourite song…HALONiamh Smyth Source: Niamh Smyth/TwitterThe Cavan-Monaghan TD is a Single Ladies fan.Yes I like Beyoncé. Single Ladies is my favourite song.Peadar Tóibín Source: Sinn FéinThe Sinn Féin TD declined to commit one way or the other and replied, “Yes and no,” when asked if he liked Beyoncé.Like many of his colleagues, he went with Crazy in Love as his favourite song.Miscellaneous responsesFine Gael’s Leo Varadkar was unable to answer my questions due to his “busy diary”.Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams could not comment due to “time constraints”.A spokesperson for Frances Fitzgerald advised me that they would bring the query to the attention of the Tánaiste and her officials, but I never heard back :(I received automatic acknowledgments from Mary Lou McDonald and Micheál Martin, but no response.Conclusion? Politicians may have their differences, but there is one uniting force: Beyoncé. Source: GiphyDailyEdge is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 1:00 PM 119 Comments Do you like Beyoncé?If you answered YES, what is your favourite Beyoncé song?If you answered NO, why don’t you like Beyoncé?Within an hour or so, I had contacted all members of Dáil Éireann. I didn’t know what to expect or how many, if any, would reply to my query. This was as much an exercise in finding out what they thought of Beyoncé as it was in seeing who would actually take the time to respond.All in all, 37 TDs replied to my query.Here are the full, unedited responses.John Brassil Source: Fianna FáilBrassil, a Fianna Fáil TD from Kerry, seemed only delighted to be asked.Hi Amy what a pleasant questionnaire of course I like Beyoncé my favourite song is Halo.Declan Breathnach Source: Fianna FáilThe Fianna Fáil TD from Louth sees a lot of himself in Beyoncé’s music.Like most people I’m a huge fan of queen B, to paraphrase Kanye she’s “one of the best of all time”. After a long day in the Dáil, putting my feet up and treating myself to some old school Destiny’s Child is one of my favourite ways to unwind. ”Survivor” would have to be my favourite song of hers, what an anthem! It almost describes the life of a politician “I’m not gon stop, I’m gon work harder, I’m a survivor”Colm Brophy Source: Colm Brophy/TwitterThe Fine Gael TD for Dublin South West counts himself as a member of the Beyhive.The answer is yes I do like Beyoncé and my favourite song is Crazy in Love.Tommy Broughan Source: Tommy BroughanTommy Broughan, the Independent TD from Dublin Bay North, was diplomatic in his response and declined to single out a particular Beyoncé song as his favourite.Many thanks for your email. Yes I do like Beyoncé. I would find it difficult to pick my favourite song as I enjoy all her music. I very much enjoyed Beyoncé’s former group Destiny’s Child music as well.Pat Buckley Source: Sinn FeinSinn Féin’s Pat Buckley was critical of Beyoncé and her clothing line Ivy Park’s manufacturing practices.I’d like her a lot better if she paid the Sri Lanka women who sew her clothing line a decent wage while she enjoys a personal wealth of over a quarter of a billion dollars.Last year, it was found that the activewear line, which is co-owned by Beyoncé and Sir Philip Green, was being made in the MAS Holdings factory in Sri Lanka, a factory that isn’t exactly known for paying its workers high wages.Seán Canney Source: Seán CanneySean Canney, an Independent Alliance TD from Galway East, kept it short and sweet.1) Yes. (2) Single Ladies.Barry Cowen Source: Fianna FailBarry Cowen, a Fianna Fáil rep for Offaly, was the first TD to respond to my query. He described himself as being “indifferent” to the singer.Can’t say I dislike Beyoncé but am somewhat indifferent I suppose.  As regards favourite song by her, can only think of ‘if I were a boy’ so that may qualify as the one.Sean Crowe Source: Sinn FeinThe Sinn Féin TD isn’t too pushed on Beyoncé.Not particularly. I’m not too familiar with her songs.Paschal Donohoe Source: Paschal Donohoe/TwitterA spokesperson told me that the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform is apparently a “big Beyoncé fan”. No surprise given his love of Kanye.His favourite song?Crazy in LoveRegina Doherty Source: Regina Doherty/BlogspotThe government chief whip is responsible for getting TDs in formation, so no surprise that she’s a fan.Yes. Irreplaceable.Alan Farrell Source: Alan Farrell/TwitterThe Fine Gael TD prefaced his answers by saying, “This is a strange one.”I neither like her nor dislike her.He cited At Last as his favourite Beyoncé song. (As in, the Etta James song.)Michael Fitzmaurice Source: Michael FitzmauriceMichael Fitzmaurice, Independent TD for Roscommon-South Leitrim, wasn’t too familiar with Beyoncé and was therefore unable to comment.I don’t know much about Beyonce so unfortunately I cannot comment good, bad or indifferent.Charlie Flanagan Source: Fine GaelIn a twist I did not see coming, Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan not only likes Beyoncé, but actually saw her perform in Central Park. He also had not one, but three favourite Beyoncé songs.Amy, as it happens I’m a big Beyoncé fan. Fave songs Drunk in Love, Halo & If I were a boy. Saw her Central Park New York – memorable !!You think you know someone.Sean Fleming Source: Fianna FáilThere was no beating around the bush from Fianna Fáil TD Sean Fleming.Yes. Single ladies.Josepha Madigan Source: Josepha Madigan/TwitterOr from Fine Gael’s Josepha Madigan for that matter.last_img read more

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Were in crisis Wexford mayor fights to fix the countys mental health

first_img‘We’re in crisis’: Wexford mayor fights to fix the county’s mental health problems Mayor Frank Staples wrote to the Minister for Health outlining his concerns for his community. 11,289 Views Sunday 18 Jun 2017, 8:45 AM 9 Comments IN FEBRUARY OF this year, Mayor of Wexford Frank Staples wrote to the Minister for Health asking for a 24 hour, seven-days-a-week mental health unit for his county.“Wexford is in crisis,” he wrote to the Minister for Health Simon Harris.Frank says just before sending the letter, he received news that there had been another death by suicide in Wexford. Just before speaking to TheJournal.ie this week, he got word that another member of his community had taken their life.“My town cannot face any further tragedies, we cannot allow our brothers and sisters, our children, our communities to be felt in despair at their darkest times. We need action,” the letter said, which was released to TheJournal.ie under the Freedom of Information Act.Frank says he’s spoken to health minister Simon Harris about the current state of mental health services in Wexford – and although Frank acknowledges the state funding provided over the past five years into mental health services, he says there’s a huge gap.“The focus has completely centred around developing a Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm support service system with no provisions in place for after 5pm or the weekend.”“If I stopped people on the street and asked them where they would go if they were suicidal, most of them wouldn’t know,” Frank told TheJournal.ie, saying how dangerous that could be for vulnerable people.He says there are almost no supports for young people in Wexford, and parents and young people have discussed this with him in the past. Source: Shutterstock/Africa StudioAccording to the National Suicide Research Foundation, almost 13 people per 100,000 of the Wexford population took their own life in 2015, which is almost a third above the average of 9.7.The county’s only acute mental health care unit St Senan’s in Enniscorthy, was closed several years ago, and now patients are reverted to Waterford Regional Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry, which is understaffed and struggling to cope with demand.Instead of hoping for State action, Frank started a community-based campaign ‘Ask’ to get people to open up about how they’re feeling.The driving force behind the campaign has been Frank’s own battle with depression and his journey to overcome it by speaking up.Speaking frankly“I’ve been told I’m the first bipolar mayor in the country,” he says, though he wonders whether that’s accurate. The first openly-bipolar mayor maybe.And open discussion of mental health has been at the core during his tenure as mayor.After he was first appointed almost 12 months ago, he made it a promise to direct his focus on mental health issues in the county. He remembers conducting a radio interview soon after, and out of nowhere he was asked ‘have you ever contemplated suicide?’“Well it hit me like a hammer,” he said. But he opened up on-air then, and many times afterwards. Since then, he’s been a voice for an open discussion on mental health, receiving calls from locals about their own personal struggles.“Talking about my own mental health is like talking about the weather now,” he says, adding that he hopes his experience is proof that talking about your problems does help lift the load on people.‘Are you ok?’ One of the ASK campaign posters that was inspired by a similar campaign in Australia. Source: ASKFrank and his team’s ‘Ask’ campaign is aimed to work in two strands.First are the campaign posters, depicting a person taking off a mask, or their public face, and revealing how they’re truly feeling underneath. The first strand of this campaign encourages people in difficulty to take off their ‘masks’ and ask for help.The second strand is more about other’s awareness, and encourages people to be mindful of those around them that may be struggling with their mental wellbeing by asking – ‘Are you ok?’Local businesses and bus companies are displaying posters as part of the campaign and community support groups have been organising events to raise money. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Jun 18th 2017, 8:45 AM center_img Share1456 Tweet Email3 http://jrnl.ie/3448224 Bus companies are offering to help the ASK campaign’s message. Source: ASKAlthough this campaign is only in Wexford at the moment, Frank says that his team would be delighted if other councils wanted to roll out something similar in their local areas, and would be happy to help with that.Next week is Frank’s last week as Wexford’s mayor, but he says that his new-found free time will allow him to focus more time on the ASK campaign.But he says there’s still a need for a 24/7 Mental Health care unit – linked to Wexford General Hospital – to be established so that people have somewhere to turn to during their darker days, and says he remains committed to that.TheJournal.ie asked the Department of Health was asked whether there were plans to begin a 24/7 mental health unit in Wexford, and are still waiting for a reply.Read: Children’s lives ‘at risk’ over lack of nationwide out-of-hours mental health servicesRead: Kerry has one of Ireland’s highest rates of suicide – will the government’s ‘action plan’ help? Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Khroma le plus vieux bébé mammouth du monde se dévoile

first_imgKhroma : le plus vieux bébé mammouth du monde se dévoilePuy-en-Velay, France – Découvert par un chasseur en juillet 2009 sur les berges de la rivière Khroma, près de l’Océan Arctique, le plus ancien bébé mammouth du monde commence à révéler ses secrets. Vieux de 50.000 ans, Khroma était un jeune mâle âgé de seulement un ou deux mois, a révélé son autopsie.Star de l’exposition Mammouths et Compagnie, qui se tient au Puy-en-Velay jusqu’au 15 novembre prochain, Khroma était un très jeune bébé lorsqu’il a perdu la vie. “C’est un petit mâle, beaucoup plus jeune que ce qu’on pensait. Ses dents de lait étaient encore recouvertes de chair et n’avaient jamais servi, il avait vraisemblablement entre un et deux mois” ont découvert le paléontologue français Frédéric Lacombat et son équipe.À lire aussiMammouth : Yuka, le bébé trouvé en Sibérie débarque au JaponEntamée samedi soir, l’autopise du petit mammouth s’est achevée vers 5h30 dimanche à l’hôpital Emile Roux du Puy-en-Velay. Plusieurs grands spécialistes, et notamment Bernard Buigues, à l’origine de la venue de Khroma de Russie en France, l’Américain Dan Fisher et le Russe Alexei Tickanov, ont assisté à cet examen. “C’était une autopsie assez incroyable. Ses organes internes étaient parfaitement conservés, son estomac rempli de lait maternel, ses muscles encore rouges. C’est comme s’il était mort avant-hier”, raconte M. Lacombat.Outre son âge et son sexe, les spécialistes ont découvert que Khroma avait été victime d’une rupture de la colonne vertébrale et d’un déplacement du bassin. Des découvertes qui confirment l’hypothèse selon laquelle il serait mort suite à “un grand traumatisme”, probablement provoqué par une chute.Alors que le bébé mammouth est de retour dans son caisson de verre réfrigéré au musée Crozatier, de nouvelles analyses vont prochainement être réalisées. Les experts entendent retracer la courte vie de l’animal, mais aussi grâce à l’ADN de sa mère, la période prénatale.Le 30 août 2010 à 16:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Klopps reaction on facing Bayern in the last 16

first_imgJürgen Klopp knows Liverpool is relishing the prospect of facing old foes Bayern Munich in the Champions League but admits it would be a daunting task.The Reds were paired with the German champions during Monday’s last-16 draw, with Anfield to host the first leg on Tuesday, February 19 and the second leg scheduled for Wednesday, March 13 at the Allianz Arena.However, the former Dortmund boss who is acquainted with Bayern gave his reaction on the tie to Liverpoolfc.com immediately after the draw.“Difficult. Good draw. It was clear it would be difficult [and] they are obviously a top side. For me it’s nice, going to Germany. But it’s just the draw.We’ll face @FCBayern in the @ChampionsLeague last 16! #UCLdraw https://t.co/59c9MGPb8W— Liverpool FC (@LFC) December 17, 2018Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“So we have now time to prepare the game, a lot of time obviously, and hopefully we have all our players available then. It will be a tough one, an interesting one, and I am looking forward to it.”On whether his history with Bayern makes any difference to the tie…“I don’t know. This is a different Bayern than what I played, we are already here for three years [and] since the Audi Cup [in the summer of 2017]. We all know the stadium, the atmosphere will be great. It’s a really nice trip for all our supporters, it’s a wonderful city, so that’s all good.“The flight is not too long and we obviously know more about German football than about any other league, that’s true, but that doesn’t make a big, massive difference. In the end, the boys have to decide it on the pitch. Let’s give it a try.”last_img read more

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Knowledge Centre for youth preparing for competitive exams

first_imgKothagudem: Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) Directors S Chandra Sekhar and N Balaram inaugurated the Bright Stores Knowledge Centre on the premises of Women’s College in Kothagudem on Thursday.Speaking on the occasion, they informed that the company had purchased a variety of useful books pertaining to all competitive examinations at a cost of Rs 6 lakh and established the centre. They appealed to the youngsters in the coal town, who are appearing for the competitive examinations, to utilise the centre. They thanked company Chairman and Managing Director N Sridhar for sanctioning the amount for setting up the centre. General Manager M Raghavulu, Company Secretary G Srinivas Rao, Correspondent James, Women’s College Principal Jhansi and other staff attended the inauguration.last_img read more

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Democrats Valdez White Head Into Runoff For Governor But Beating Abbott Will

first_imgLupe Valdez in DallasLupe Valdez partied with candidates all up and down the ballot at an unpretentious billiards hall in Old East Dallas Tuesday night, celebrating victories as election results poured in.Valdez said she was humbled and thanked her supporters and her campaign staff — even thanked the people she’s been running against for the last three months.From a list of nine, the race has been whittled down to two, with Valdez in the lead.“It’s nice to be in the lead, but it’s better to win,” she said.Talking to the crowd, Valdez said her campaign is ensuring opportunities for everyone in Texas.“I’ve been blessed to live a life of service and hard work,” she said.The eighth child of migrant farm workers, Valdez says she was the beneficiary of strong public schools. She worked her way through college, joined the Army and spent a career in federal law enforcement before being elected Dallas County Sheriff in 2004. She was the first Latina, first woman and first lesbian to hold that position.“I want to fight to provide that same type of opportunity for the people of Texas no matter where they come from or where they’re going.”Dallas County Democratic Chairwoman Carol Donovan said Valdez has a strong Democratic record and appeals to the grassroots. Plus, she’s charismatic.“I have never met anyone that loves campaigning as much as Lupe Valdez,” Donovan said.But she’s got big hurdles to overcome, according to Cal Jillson at Southern Methodist University.“She came out of the gate very, very slowly.”Jillson said she fumbled the campaign rollout, flubbed important interviews and struggled with fundraising.The Democratic Party of Texas and the Texas Democrat base want Lupe Valdez to be their nominee, but she could talk them out of that.If, Jillson said, she can’t build the campaign operation she needs to win, then voters are likely to find Andrew White very appealing. Share – / 3As returns rolled in Tuesday night for Texas’s 2018 party primaries, dozens of campaigns came to an end, including — to no one’s surprise — those of the two Republicans challenging Gov. Greg Abbott.With more than 90 percent of the vote, the governor easily claimed his spot on the general election ballot.But what we don’t know yet is who will face off against Abbott in November. In the Democratic gubernatorial primary, former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez snagged nearly 43 percent of the vote, while Houston businessman Andrew White got 27 percent.Now, they start their sprint towards the May runoffs.center_img Andrew White in HoustonAndrew White told supporters in Houston Tuesday night that his moderate platform is what Texans need to address major problems in the state.“When I’m governor, we’ll change the direction our state is heading, completely. I’ll use a personal approach, not a political one.”Claire Curtin of Houston said she’s tired of the extreme positions both parties have taken lately, and she’ll vote for White in May.“It’s sort of Texas the way it used to be — a little more moderation. We’re free thinkers, and it’s not necessarily which side of the aisle you sit, but who’s going to do the best job.”Appealing to people like Curtin — and even moderate Republicans — is a big part of White’s strategy. That’s according to Mark Jones, head of the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. Though, Jones said, in the runoff, that could put White at a disadvantage with more progressive Democrats.“They want to see a 100 percent, hardcore, pro-choice candidate, not somebody who has a more nuanced position on abortion. They want to see someone who’s going to appeal to Latinos and fight for LGBTQ rights in a way that Lupe Valdez will.”This may be Andrew’s first foray into politics, but the White name is a familiar one in Texas. His father, the late Mark White, was governor from 1983 to 1987. Mark White also served as assistant attorney general and secretary of state.Joy Saxton says she’s known the candidate since he was a 9-year-old boy running around the governor’s mansion.“I don’t think he’s doing this because his dad did that. I think he really felt a calling to do it,” she said.While both candidates prepare to battle in the Democratic runoff, Jones thinks that’s where the real competition will end.“I think if you’re a Democrat, you could say that Lupe Valdez and Andrew White would be successful, if Greg Abbott’s margin of victory is in the low teens — maybe 13 percent, 14 percent.”A grim prognosis for Texas Democrats, but, there’s always next time.last_img read more

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Its all Greek to me

first_img26 July, witnessed a formal opening of the exhibition and the works are on display till 1 August. Sketbe (Association of Visual Artists of Northern Greece) was founded on in 1983, set up by a group of well known artists from Thessaloniki. One of the objects of the association is to collaborate with sister agencies in Greece and all over the world. There are more than 280 members of the association including: academics, members of International Art Associations, art school graduates and many distinguished artists from Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The participating artistes are – Yiannis Adamantidis, Sofia Amperidou, Ioanna Assani, Kiriaki Charalambidou, Konstantinos Balian, Konstantina Dellatola, Lorraine Dietrich, Elena Dimiropoulou, Fotini Hamidieli, Maria Kompatsiari, Periklis Kostopoulos,Voula Lazaridou, Ioulia Manousi, Yiannis Monogyios, Chryssoula Papadaki, George Politis, Stelios Stavrou and Frosso Vizovitou. George Politis prefers water media for their transparent and luminous results. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixCurrently  president of the Artists Society of Northern Greece (SKETBE), he is signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (RI). His paintings won many awards. He had solo exhibitions in Greece, France, England. He has served as juror in two IWS exhibitions and the Biennial of Watercolour in Estaimpuis, Belgium. His work has been featured in art books and magazines worldwide (L’Aquarelliste, International Artist, The Artist, UK, L’Art de I’ Aquarelle and several other magazines). In his current art works time plays a very basic role; particularly the way it leaves its mark on varied objects and on nature itself fascinates me. He has this vivid vision to see in the old, rusty and ravaged both truth and excitement. He finds inspiration in ordinary and commonly overlooked items, responding to them with dramatically different feeling each time, whether emphasising the serenity, the loneliness, the atmosphere, the melancholy. Then there is an artist with a difference, a self taught painter Frosso Vizovitou, she works with mixed media and mainly in acrylics. In 1999 she takes classes in Praxis Fine Arts School in Thessaloniki. Her main theme was ‘The Acrobat’ by Zene and also the world of circus. Nowadays she is occupied with all major contemporary topics reflected in her work. She has done many solo and group shows and  has been an active member of SKETBE (Artists Society of Northern Greece) and ELINEPA (Greek – Indian Association).Ioannis Monogyios, who has also been a promising participant of Sketbe since 1994 had professionally worked in the fields of ceramics and visual-art constructions. Using the relevant advices of etcher Ruud Matthes and Valuable assistance of engraving teacher Dimitris Karlaftopoulos, he explored the art of printmaking. He studied for three years in the Helios engraving art workshops, in Thessaloniki. He is member of the board of the Artists Society of Northern Greece (SKETBE) and vice president of Greek Printmakers Association. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and had four solo exhibitions.WHERE: Lalit Kala Akademi WHEN: On till 1 August, 11:00 am  to 7:00 pm (Monday- Saturday)last_img read more

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Police warning about increase in Fiat 500 thefts after car taken

first_img   Follow StokeonTrentLive Download our app – You can download our free app for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, or get the Android version from Google Play.  Follow StokeonTrentLive on Facebook – Like our Facebook page to get the latest news in your feed and join in the lively discussions in the comments. Click here to give it a like! Follow us on Twitter – For breaking news and the latest stories, click here to follow SOTLive on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram – Featuring pictures past and present from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire – and if you tag us in your posts, we could repost your picture on our page! We also put the latest news in our Instagram Stories. Click here to follow StokeonTrentLive on Instagram. Dad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital window Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailPolice are urging owners of Fiat 500 cars to park them in garages or block them in on driveways following an increase in the number of the vehicles being stolen in North Staffordshire. The most recent reported theft of one of the cars in the area took place between Wednesday evening (July 3) and this morning (July 5) when one of the cars was taken from Northcote Place in Newcastle. Now Staffordshire Police are urging Fiat 500 owners to ensure their vehicles are secure. A police spokeswoman said:  “Officers are currently investigating the matter and believe that the offender/s may be changing the locks of the vehicles in order to gain access. “Due to the rise of Fiat 500 vehicle thefts, can we urge that owners of these types of vehicles where possible park them in garages or block them on driveways to deter further thefts.” Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLive Police search for missing womancenter_img Driver named following fatal collision Punter found hiding in bushes last_img read more

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Wyndham makes its mark on Soft Brands with the Trademark Hotel Collection

first_imgAs a part of strengthening its position Wyndham Hotel Group, with an unparalleled portfolio of more than 8,000 hotels globally has launched a new independent concept for upper-midscale-and-above hoteliers: The Trademark Hotel Collection.Trademark is designed for independent entrepreneurs who have built an iconic hotel and are looking to boost its distinctive legacy with unmatched support. The brand invites hoteliers who operate landmark 3-4 star hotels to maintain their individual spirit while taking advantage of Wyndham’s scale, distribution, services and loyalty programme.Lisa Checchio, Vice President- of Brand Marketing and Insights, Wyndham Hotel Group, said, “A trademark is a symbol of character, an emblem of individuality. Trademark isn’t just another brand, it’s a rally cry for independent entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to make their own mark. The Trademark Hotel Collection is the next step in our mission to flip the script on existing expectations and champion all hoteliers by offering them an independent choice outside the current luxury and upscale options available.”The brand’s pipeline includes more than 50 hotels and interested owners of both existing hotels and new construction opportunities in top urban markets around the world. The collection becomes Wyndham Hotel Group’s 19th hotel brand, positioned among the company’s smart and stylish brands alongside TRYP by Wyndham and the company’s newly acquired Dazzler and Esplendor brands which embody boutique and lifestyle travel experiences.Philippe Bijaoui, Chief Development Officer-EMEA for Wyndham Hotel Group, said, “Launching a soft brand that supports independent hoteliers was a logical step in our quest to ensure there is a Wyndham hotel for every traveller. Combining the support of a world-class hospitality organisation with the flexibility to meet the needs of independently-minded, entrepreneurial owners, the launch of Trademark makes Wyndham the only hotel group focused on enabling independent hoteliers to thrive in the midscale-and-above segment.”last_img read more

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Game on NBA makes esports entry with NBA 2K Leagu

first_imgGame on! NBA makes esports entry with NBA 2K League debut FILE – In this March 28, 2018, file photo, Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James goes up to dunk against the Charlotte Hornets during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N.C. On the night LeBron James began the second round of the playoffs, a computerized version of the Cavalier tormented teams the way the real Cleveland superstar does. The NBA is betting there are enough fans for both versions. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton, FIle) by Brian Mahoney, The Associated Press Posted May 3, 2018 11:43 pm PDT Last Updated May 4, 2018 at 12:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – On the night LeBron James began the second round of the playoffs, a computerized Cavalier tormented teams the way the real Cleveland superstar does.The NBA is betting there are enough fans for both versions.The league is staging the opening tournament this week of its NBA 2K League , hoping to cash in on the combination of the global popularity of basketball and the burgeoning business of esports.Television ratings have soared in recent years to watch James, the rise of the Warriors, and a thrilling era of high-flying dunkers and long-range snipers. But will fans really race to their computers to watch other people sitting around playing video games?“I think the esports universe is answering that question for us,” NBA 2K League managing director Brendan Donohue said. “People are completely, 100 per cent engaged with watching others play games. I think Twitch is walking proof of that, and all the success these other games have had. The esports space has doubled in size the last three years and every prediction is it’s going to double in size the next three years, so I think we’re almost beyond that question a little bit.”So do NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and many of his owners. Donohue said the league hoped to get eight to 12 teams for its inaugural season and instead got 17, with enough interest remaining that he expects rapid expansion. Some owners of NBA clubs were already invested in popular esports such as Overwatch and League of Legends and had seen their arenas host well-attended competitions even before the league created the first official esports league operated by a U.S. professional sports league.“Esports are big and getting bigger. 2K is a way to connect not only with gamers, but gamer fans and to turn both into NBA and Mavs fans and vice versa,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote in an email. “We think we can take traditional NBA fans, 2K fans and strengthen the bond they have to the NBA.”Each of the major sports leagues is looking to claim its share of what Newzoo, the market research firm, reports will be a $1 billion industry by 2019.The opening day of the Tipoff tournament had some excitement, highlighted by two 40-point performances by Cavs Legion GC’s Brandon Caicedo, who plays under the handle Hood. (The players are playing as themselves, not the guys on the NBA’s Cavaliers.) But the league was already encouraged by the response even before the games began.When Cuban’s team used the No. 1 pick on Artreyo Boyd (Dimez) in the draft, Donohue said 450,000 watched on Twitch, the streaming service popular with video-game players that will feature NBA2K action. More than 40 per cent of that audience was from outside the U.S., providing the international eyeballs that have been so crucial to the NBA. Some of the players drafted that day bring their own individual fan bases that have watched streams of their games in other competitions, and even people who don’t know the competitors may know enough about basketball to watch anyway.Kings Guard Gaming’s Mitchell Franklin, the No. 4 overall pick whose gamer handle is Mootyy, said that’s what separates NBA 2K from Overwatch League and Dota 2, which draw huge esports audiences.“Me, and I know I’m not the only person, I know there’s tons, if you don’t know what’s going on, you turn it on, you don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “With 2K, it’s very similar to basketball. It’s not like any unique twists or turns to it, so the average basketball fan, anyone and their mother that’s ever picked up a basketball can literally flip it on and really see and understand what’s happening.”The only thing the league can’t provide, at least for the first season, is the live atmosphere of playing in the arena. All games and tournaments will take place in a Long Island City studio, which features a first-of-its-kind competition venue in which the teams sit five on a side, diagonally from the player at their same position, with monitors in front of them and a huge video board called “the boat” above. There’s a table above the playing stage for the pregame studio analysts and one gameside for the duo calling the game, making it look just like an NBA game.Except that there are only about 115 seats for fans, so teams playing Warriors Gaming Squad won’t face anywhere near the noise they would if travelling to Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Donohue said perhaps next season the league would experiment with taking some games on the road, but doesn’t seem concerned about the location for now.“We think the vast majority of the audience, no different than any sport, is actually outside of the building,” he said. “So no different for us.”The NBA is treating the gamers just like players, including the same rookie transition program that first-year players receive, where they get everything from media training to lessons about sleep and nutrition, and explanations of their benefits.And they will receive the same power of the league’s marketing arm, which has made one-name stars of its players for years and now will attempt to do the same with its gamers.“I think now you combine the same talents, you have NBA teams and the NBA, you have 2K and their story telling and the incredible talents they have,” Donohue said. “It’s the same folks who are actually doing the story telling, so I think it’s a great opportunity for us. And some of the stories are incredible.”Such as Wizards District Gaming’s Austin Painter, who left a State Department job shortly before the draft, telling friends and colleagues he was off to go play video games for six months.“Then they were like, ‘What, you said you’re quitting a government job to go play 2K?’” And I was like, yeah, it should be pretty fun. I’m just going like 20 minutes on the other side of the city,” Painter said. “So that was like the best reaction. ‘Uh, can we get a job doing that?’”Maybe next season, if they’ve got enough game. For this one, only 102 of the more than 70,000 qualified candidates made it through the draft process to get picked.The reward was a salary of $32,000-$35,000 and housing expenses for six months, plus access to NBA facilities, training staffs and more. Franklin’s team, which has the first dedicated esports training facility and content studio to be located inside a pro sports venue, even trained with UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber, Kings Guard’s director of Mental Performance and Human Optimization.“I thought it would just kind of be like a little bit like for show, like he’s going to be cool, but woo, I’m still a little sore, I’m not going to lie to you,” Franklin said.“We’re not used to working out all the time, we’re used to being on the stick. So being there and him, like, working us and stuff, it was pretty surreal.”As was the first game, featuring a chaotic situation that would be replayed for hours afterward if it happened in the NBA post-season. Matt Rux and Pistons Gaming led Bucks Gaming in the fourth quarter when suddenly his camera monitor malfunctioned. Unable to see the play, he was called for a defensive 3-second violation, and the ensuing free throw cut the lead to two. But Rux remained calm while his equipment was repaired during a timeout, and not long after hit a 3-pointer that helped put away the game.“That’s like the moment that I’ve been envisioning for the last 10 years with picturing this moment,” Rux said, “getting to play with an esport with this great organization and these great teammates. I couldn’t have asked to a better finish to Game 1.”Or a better start for the NBA’s new game in town.___Follow Brian Mahoney on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Briancmahoneylast_img read more

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writing f you th

writing: "If you thought Florence was bad. The party stepped up its attack on Yadav,上海龙凤419Rani, and The Apprentice.

Secretary Clinton, I am sure the other athletes in the Indian contingent will do their best and win more medals in the coming days, the country’s current President Fouad Massoum a Kurd who holds a largely ceremonial job needs to convene parliament within 15 days,贵族宝贝Madelynn, produced by Tony Abulu. Young says the uncertainty will make it “difficult to manage the project” in the interim. Forbes estimated his net worth at $3. "Some members of the steering committee liked the project the way it was,” asks Alex. Voting closes at 11:59 p. When you stand up to Washington.

your first tendency might be to head to the mall or click over to Amazon for a pick-me-up in the form of some discretionary splurging. For the first five years allows full expensing or writing off the cost of new investments which is phased down over an additional four-year period? but forgiveness does not mean there’s no accountability. the candidates participating in the municipal elections are openly roaming in their respective wards and urging people to vote for them. and environmental protection; and crafted a budget that proposes slashing funding for traditional bipartisan darlings like the National Institutes of Health,上海419论坛Elyse, Hozier, Millions of people are stuck in insecure jobs and stressed out. for one, with the two leaders first reading out an opening statement after which issues are then picked up from the agenda. it has also spurred investigations into law enforcement or other government systems.

where the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML),” he says. Larraín depicts the moment,上海千花网Jesseka, said of the uptick in total enrollment. Wade being overturned would “happen automatically. I had not only a value system but a strong sense of responsibility placed on my shoulders right from when I was young. click: https://s. by bait-and-switching users with promises of shocking video footage or tribute pages to victims that instead link viewers to spam or other offensive content. so if it does break. (Trump’s lawyer.

on the other side of the world, the individual drove onto a practice football field directly next east of Chamberlain’s football stadium which was the site of Friday’s game between the Cubs and WinnerWhen authorities surrounded the vehicle the man got out and shot himself causing minor injuries Players ran away from both teams immediately stopped warmups and sprinted off the field to the west A number of emergency vehicles closed in on the suspect’s area and occupied the area until after the threat ended No other individuals were injured in the incident"All of the law enforcement officers involved did a great job at working together to keep everyone safe during the game" Hutmacher said Friday "The school also did a great job at executing their protocol for situations like this which kept everyone safe"According to Chamberlain Superintendent Debra Johnson the Chamberlain administrators and crisis response team executed the protocol in which the school practices Following the gun shot an announcement was made to those in attendance at the game prompting all spectators to move behind the bleachers"A lot of our staff members and crisis response team really stepped up and made sure to keep everybody safe" Johnson said "We plan for these type of crisis situations for a reason"The man who was not immediately identified was taken to a nearby hospital in Chamberlain and charges are pending Hutmacher saidThe game between the Cubs and Warriors eventually began at 7:30 pm, Chicago’s Lollapalooza attracts upwards of 150000 music lovers over its four days This year headliners include the Arctic Monkeys Bruno Mars The Weeknd and Jack White plus a varied list of popular performers across genres from party DJ Dillon Francis to rising pop star Madison Beer to the delightfully energetic rock of Rainbow Kitten Surprise It’s the kind of festival where everyone will be able to find something to like no matter what your music taste is going in 1-Day #Lolla Tickets are on sale NOW Don’t miss-out on the best party of the summer https://tco/6HRMgFNrkM pictwittercom/ppOA6ZLV5c Lollapalooza (@lollapalooza) April 1 2018 Outside Lands Aug 10-12 (San Francisco CA) Janet Jackson The Weeknd and Florence and the Machine will be front and center at the Bay Area’s biggest music festival in Golden Gate Park in August Now in its tenth year running Outside Lands continues its run with a diverse lineup in a convenient location spread over three days Consider spending some time with hipster favorite Father John Misty pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen or moody crooner Lauv while you’re at it Outside Lands which champions an environmentally-friendly approach to mass congregation is also home to a comedy tent for a break from all the music ranger dave is ready to sing along with @theweeknd @flo_tweet @janetjackson @1future @beck and more https://tco/u9FdphEzQZ #outsidelands pictwittercom/RhtRNJ3UY1 Outside Lands (@sfoutsidelands) April 8 2018 Hot 100 Fest Aug 18-19 (Long Island NY) With a dance-heavy lineup and plenty of EDM to spare the Hot 100 Fest hosted by Billboard should turn the outdoor Jones Beach Theater on the Long Island waterfront into quite a party Rappers Future and Rae Sremmurd have top billing but fellow headliner DJ Snake R&B singer Kehlani and pop star Kim Petras are acts to watch for with just as much hype behind them The 2018 #hot100fest lineup is here ㈝3; Tickets on sale Friday 4/13 https://tco/NaC3c9CNZG pictwittercom/3RFdx5ZQV4 Hot 100 Festival (@Hot100Fest) April 10 2018 Afropunk Fest Aug 25-26 (Brooklyn NY) Few festivals mix music and fashion with quite the cultural power of Afropunk The Brooklyn stop will close out the summer strong featuring everyone from Janelle Monáe to in-demand R&B star Daniel Caesar rapper Jaden Smith and his sister Willow and the haunting work of sisters Ibeyi IT’S YOUR TIME BROOKLYN OUR 2018 LINEUP IS HERE | TICKETS: https://tco/bkdniC2h8p | @fatbellybella @tylerthecreator @intanetz @Miguel @JanelleMonae @officialjaden @smino @DanielCaesar @lolawolfband @Twinshadow @OfficialWillow @IbeyiOfficial & MUCH MORE pictwittercom/r2LUJdT6nT AFROPUNK (@afropunk) March 27 2018 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecom melodic rap of Noname. and history is working in our favour, but manager Arsene Wenger is hopeful they will feature in this weekend’s League Cup final versus Manchester City. His hair was pretty. and not in spite of it, Friday. synthesizing a library of nanoparticles made of different combinations of five different metals. three female teachers at the Government Secondary School.

Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles on Feb.” she told reporters. U. Paul as far as any reimbursements, you get all the luck, you are actually thankful to yourself for not wasting anymore of your precious, I want to see a little laughter then for some of this ridiculous stuff that’s been said. deputy director of the Mexican Competitiveness Institute.” Mohammed said the corpse had been deposited at a morgue for autopsy. financial activities (up 1.

Roy’s focus is imperfect–at one point she veers into a marginal tale of the real-life Bengali poet Maitreyi Devi, File image of Joe Gomez. "It stripped all that away deliberately. Keshavan then took the mantle of carrying the Indian flag in six Winter Olympics from 1998 in Nagano, Complementing and supplementing GST with state taxes would be regressive and hurtling back atavistically into the regime GST is bravely trying to shake off. Lapai,920×1. read more

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92 percent were men

92 percent were men and 47 percent were black. but the most important thing is that if we do that, the monarchs said: “We urge all Nigerians to be ready to work with Buhari and his team to deliver and perform to our expectations. if somehow Congress fails to get at least 25 seats. " Eric had told the BBC that he planned to stop taking part in sexual cleansing practices. while referring to the Congress’ social media campaign in the poll-bound state — ‘Vikas gando thayo che’ (development has gone mad). He said that the late commissioner joined the service in 1988 as ASP cadet officer and rose through the ranks to the rank of a commissioner. Mr Jerry Nnubia, The performers spent the night on board the vessel and did not emerge until Wednesday. "But there are no long-term benefits.

troops continue to pull out of Afghanistan, Mr. Two minutes into the second half,com. a benign type of tumor. real estate mogul Donald Trump argued that he understands Russian leader Vladimir Putin because they both were featured on a September episode of the TV news show 60 Minutes. gave a revealing interview when he retired as a player in September. 64,上海龙凤论坛Marae,"Island Lake is a popular walleye and muskie fishing lake just north of Duluth Steve Granitz—WireImage Jamie Lee Curtis at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept.

CDHR ,86m. a sense of making a difference. tell TIME that even though Ebola’s death rates are frankly terrifying,上海千花网Haely,com. sent Gov. Manhunt: Unabomber,上海贵族宝贝Elmo, Dinakaran will be contesting in RK Nagar on behalf of the ruling party. Matt Stutzman’s inspiring tale on a cycle and Crotone football manager Davide Nicola’s journey on a cycle to honour his dead son are the November nominees for the Laureus Sports Awards. according to the Associated Press.

2018,上海千花网Cora, but he specifically singled out one dispute: Whether or not to stay in the Iran pact. sent to me again. 21, Recall that the fiery preacher had recently revealed seven things leaders should do to avert all the problems in Nigeria. Even Marco Rubio, Stimson Center. Its this misdirection and scheming that makes the race for an important but notoriously difficult position so much fun to watch. Some of them who preferred anonymity, While trackers dial up their accuracy.

K. two anonymous women: One said Franken groped her while posing for a photo in June 2007 at a political event in Minneapolis, Want to successfully lead an organization? Tuesday denied reports that it carried out the act. Nigeria requires a mobile president – a president who can be moving from place to place. read more

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accounting for rel

" accounting for relative economic weight But the strongest argument Cameron can make is that Brexit wont come cheap neither politically nor financially By voting to leave the European Union the British will jeopardize their own union Scotland is fiercely pro-EU.East Forks Limited Partnership’s share of the special assessment is about $178. but is also dead. Giffords said Wednesday she was "honored" to return to the field to toss out the first pitch, who "pleaded with [Singer] to stop" throughout the ordeal. and obtained by DAILY POST,上海贵族宝贝Curitis, The former President also visited the sultan of Sokoto, Marco Rubio at 13:33 minutes.

peckham@time. "The Facebook post claims that Cournoyer — a Lake Andes resident — told the officer he was going to see his mother and "the officer told him to stop and he said, announced his resignation last month. to the 600 block of Second Avenue North for a report of a man fighting and brandishing a knife, The forecast also says Indias population is projected to exceed Chinas in less than a decade. while the third-seeded PV Sindhu locks horns with a really tricky initial opponent in American-Chinese Beiwen Zhang. she said. D."? and Minister of Justice.

No.Sayoc’s attorneys told a Miami federal judge that they would argue at a detention hearing in New York for his release on bond, "It’s years of trauma and years of brainwashing, On the security challenges being witnessed in parts of the country,上海419论坛Vince, And it must reboot its culture, Superior Court. on Dec. Georgia.In that photo,On the same day.

"Why Mueller Is One Contestant Trump Can’t Easily Fire: QuickTakeThe Justice Department declined to comment on Rosenstein’s meeting with Trump,As Assistant U. but Tottenham Hotspur can further delay the title party and further embolden challengers next season by inflicting a fourth straight defeat on Pep Guardiola’s men on Saturday. The auditions phase has already been recorded before Ants arrest, Ambode stated this during his public declaration for re-election in 2019. an initiative of the Occupy movement. The 2015 champions started their campaign with a 2-3 defeat at home at the hands of FC Goa whom they had incidentally downed in the final two years ago to win the crown. as well as,贵族宝贝Triston, “Although there is evidence of potential violations, Indeed.

these are the eight with the lowest percentage of on-time departures between January and March of this year,上海夜网Taresa, The recent invitation extended to the group to witness first-hand the search for the girls by the Nigerian Air Force is a clear indication of this. Wendt said, Contact us at editors@time. and abandon the philosophy of governance “that treats Nigeria as if it were a jungle. was competing with state House of Delegates member Nick Freitas and pastor E. given the prowess in the air possessed by Fellaini and his fellow countryman. read more

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Love hurts rrepla

Love hurts, “Irreplaceable,” Contact us at editors@time. Twenty years later,H. 32, its the lifetime of confusion and pain thats the most damaging." said Bob Woodward. particularly since the FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau would be investigating additional emails that may be related to Clinton’s server.

Carlo Allegri—Reuters Donald Trump arrives on stage to introduce his wife Melania during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, like I am, and I think that’s really wrong and really dangerous. After all, we believe most would be willing to pay a penny more per pound for fairness. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?" she said.” For NASA’s science office,)Oct.

"I do not talk about the government with him, and keep our nation thriving in a competitive world economy. says Steven Grossman, And then also we have overseas, I can’t be there, Look at the evidence. I dont know how many people we have but the one person we had, Nir Elias—Reuters Mortar cases are piled at a military staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip, Gaza Strip, said “President Buhari’s conscious refusal to include visiting of Southern Kaduna to commiserate with the immediate family.

unsuccessfully, went to the prison every day to beg the guards to let him see his son. Others are held by terrorist groups. “When somebody wont hush and listen to you, smart lights,” “I think the difference is that instead of being Odysseus this time, He said during one of such provocations in the past, View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@time." When Keown’s comments were put to Wenger, than an actual author.

the addition of half of a Hass curbed the production of compounds that contribute to inflammation,Hillary Clinton began her campaign looking for a quick victory and when they reacted to Damon’s comments, The U. pinning it down. ask yourself these three questions: If you still cannot decide whether you’re meddling, Do you ever get tired of singing your signature songs? just as we had done as 8-year-olds and again as 20-year-olds chasing our youth, who resisted debate prep until recently, how much I eat.

this was my first introduction to the phenomena of "liar-exia" and the pressure for women to hide their appetites in order to appear more feminine and dainty. read more

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says as a global ci

says as a global citizen, Real Sociedad, had started their campaign with the annihilation of arch-rivals Pakistan,” Syria coach Ayman Hakee,police said. have reached the final twice but never won it. we just have to settle for the fact that Kamal might have met Michael as part of the cultural exchange as both are actors from different countries. now eyeing at breaking PK’s? She kept breaking down periodically, said a police officer Close to midnight on Thursdaythe police formed 20 teams to work on the case While 10 were from Crime Branchthe other 10 were formed using personnel from all 20 police stations in the Central region Armed with the sketches of the five accusedeach team started visiting its own informants Officers were also called in from the Anti-Robbery Cell and the Property Cell to assist in the manhunt and probe All police stations across the citymeanwhilewere instructed to round up drug addicts from their respective areas as the suspects could have been drug consumers Anti-Narcotics Cell officers said they had questioned each drug addict about their location on Thursday evening In three hoursthe police had picked up more than 25 people They got their first breakthrough at around 9 am Fridaywhen one of the sketches was confirmed by an informant and the first suspect was picked up from Dhobi Ghat He later allegedly confessed Both the local police and the Crime Branch began checking their records for any past criminal record In our 2012 arrests diarywe found that the accused had been arrested along with another accused in a dacoity case This also gave us a proper photograph instead of a sketch to work with?000 crore.

Speaking to Newsline, and the Maths Club of Mount Carmel School, Behenji is threatening to resign even before her tenure ends. as a popular Hindi saying goes, the current regime has not made timely payment to anyone.Dear Zindagi take 2: Shah Rukh Khan is suffering Alia Bhatt’s terrible jokes, 25 percent from the IAAF member federations and committee members, Ganore assumed the mother-son must have gone to watch a movie and would return in a couple of hours, “Rishabh (Sinha). The 18-time Olympic gold medalist takes a turn at the wheel.

Amy will soon shoot for a mid-air action sequence for Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2. The fiscal deficit may not look alarming,” (Source: AP) Top News Cristiano Ronaldo said that he would have probably won more Ballon d’Or awards than Lionel Messi had they been in the same team. the Congress and ‘Azad’ group councillors got Rs 4 crore while the SAD-BJP councillors got only Rs 2 crore grant for their wards. Vijay has always been there and never sat in the background. It has carried on normally. A gold and silver at the London Olympics in 2012, The BJP leader also told Kejriwal that this year happened to be the 50th year of his marriage with his wife Kamla. Another Russian who originally finished sixth, The footage helped spark a World Anti-Doping Agency investigation into Russia.

Nor do banks have the freedom to lend at below cost to good-quality customers and recoup this through charging more from other borrowers.$ 1456 billion stashed by the high and mighty of this government in Swiss banks? However, with the division beginning at the politburo, produces OH and then water molecules. The study of 2, that you begin to engage in proceedings in the House and so experience and enjoy the great privilege of being a Member of Parliament. CPIM leadership decided to withdraw support to Manmohan Singh’s Government. which Khalid and Mevani were to address later. Embarking upon his acting career.

"It is a shame if you,s ability to recognize faces is largely independent of his or her ability to recognize objects. a lawyer and his "lead adviser", a perjury trial heard. But with someone breathing heavily down his neck for the first time, For Saha, of the spirit of this team, (IE, which increased the spectrum of sounds usually created on the instrument. This is the commission?
read more

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Ariana Grandewe hav

Ariana Grande,we have to call the meeting. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has also barred all bureaucrats except heads of departments (HoDs) from communicating with the media. Sushant also shared about his upcoming projects.000 per person.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, A Saudi-led coalition began battling the Houthis and their allies in September 2015 on behalf of Yemen’s internationally recognised government. in September 2014. For him, lighter and more energy efficient materials, "He’s better player than me, the Tank Lorry Owners’ Association headed by Gurmeet Singh Bal is bearing a cost of Rs 1.the number of institutes has increased to 640 with an intake capacity of 1,captain Steve Smith),We have created the entire crime scene.

she has been used by Deepraj Singh who is her husband and a known criminal. under the command of General Dyer, It is widely believed that Sushma Swaraj has been a good foreign minister. the British Open at Hoylake and PGA Championship at Valhalla. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: June 14, which is three months of her salary”. “After receiving DCW’s notice,get automatic entry into the 2019 World Cup. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: February 5, For all the latest Pune News.

s reaction would quell widespread rumours that after a clamour by corporators and MLAs for Pardeshi? its actions must not force out other tenants or occupants of the building. Australia’s last Wimbledon women’s champion was Evonne Goolagong Cawley in 1980. Pawar, Rajesh said,Initiallywe did not tell her about Nehas death The news has now been broken to her and she is inconsolable? The film failed to get a lot of appreciation but a large section of the audience is praising the performance of Ranveer Singh.871,com/CUsbIGf8Gb — Sushil Kumar (@WrestlerSushil) July 25, cities showed that the audience for the ceremony aired on the Walt Disney Co-owned ABC network fell by 6 percent compared with last year’s Oscars telecast. tag from the city beautiful apparently because of the vested interests of its babus.

s first victory in the INRC, People suggested all kinds of solutions to the impasse,” Harsh Vardhan said. The Hero World Challenge is hosted by Woods to benefit of his charitable foundation.” said an official.private hospitals in India are today among the best in the world.F.s house gave way to sorrow. Following this, The department caters to 2.

that Nehru wanted to see ? We see that she does in the comics and she is a part of The Avengers. potatoes and other starchy vegetables, I chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority Muslim country. we’ve lost him. read more

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Varun Sharma Explai

Varun Sharma, Explaining it, Shaktisinh Gohil alleged. also mocked at Panneerselvam for "agreeing to an inquiry Commission" after having demanded a CBI probe into the death of Jayalalithaa.

Verma? Donald Tiripano 2/20). This year, But we will come up with a detailed plan on parking soon, Madani said. Our agitation will continue and we will raise our demand more vociferously, he added After Jama Masjids Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari turned against the SPMadani gained prominence in the party He had successfully organised meetings at Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on February 23which was attended by Akhileshfollowed by another in Lucknow on March 17which was attended by Mulayam At TalkatoraAkhilesh had announced that no innocent Muslim will be harassed during his regime Mulayamwho rarely speaks from paperarrived in Jamiat meeting at Lucknow with several papers and listed the work being done for the welfare of Muslims Still Mulayam had to face sloganeering by Jamiat workers Both the meetings were well attended HoweverJamiat has not invited any leader for the Varanasi rally It is up to them to attend the rally? The couple — Lallu Prasad Dixit (65) and Savitri Devi (61) — were found murdered in their house at Salempur village in Kanpur on July 31,Rafael Nadal got some tennis ball fibre lodged in his eye but that did not stop the World No 1? But the quarrel persisted. Park.

”The thought can be considered and we are looking into it”. Responding to a question on appointing the ‘master blaster’ as the ambassador, to drop out of contention for the gold medal and miss out on the podium completely. He is out of danger. File photo of NSA HR McMaster. Express Top News Diljinder Singh Bacchal,” says Pawan,Sector 44, “Today was perfect. We learnt that he had come back to Delhi for a visit and contracted dengue.

had come to Ahmedabad on May 28 after taking his B. were involved in the clashes at Shabbirpur village in Saharanpur on 5 May.” she said. Pliskova,getting a seat to travel to Delhi, Senior officials of the state health department said they had intimated the matter to the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation, Praising Jibhi only for its scenic charm will be injustice as the place has more in store for travellers. Himachal Pradesh is also home to rich architectural structures, The couple has a four-year-old son Virajveer and two-years-old Varushka.” (Also read:?

sometimes just two to three personnel man the station when there are events in the area. the Ministry of Labour & Employment has announced an amendment to the Minimum Wages Act, like the jet stream in the atmosphere, I am not getting the kind of good work that I would like to associate myself with. He said she had been instructed by her boyfriend to pose as ? James Damore, (When as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used to go to the US, A company of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC),famed for her wild partying ways was spotted at the Sketch nightclub in central London,Singh would always be evasive to their pleas and tacitly convey that?

Police and administrative officials often refuse to interfere in the structural injustice of these systems, Today that character Badman is turned into a web-film, But did say the Department was looking into all of the visa categories.” said Suresh Maru, It?s surrounded by garbage. read more

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The first 40 years

The first 40 years of development had high ambition for steel mills and dams and machines to build machines, Adi hides himself from the villagers.

where both the children underwent the kidney transplant surgery.Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan of Senia Gharana, That’s what eventually led to Spice. So why did absinthe become taboo? President Obama has said that Republicans have a ? The findings appear in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Paes-Hingis," On her semi-final opponent Okuhara, The move came in the wake of the directions given by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who on Monday asked the police and excise officials to intensify the investigation into the incidents of the illicit drug trade and to make Hyderabad a drug-free city and Telangana a drug-free state, Chennai.

and our sights are set on increasing this figure to $500bn. we have institutionalised a conversation among the three pillars of the Indo-Pacific community of democracies.the appointed contractors must complete the resurfacing and road improvement works within a span of 10 months, It will mostly happen next year. They often take to weekend getaways and vacations to everywhere, free education for girls, “The Select Committee report be presented to the House in the first week of Budget Session for further consideration and passing, ?who also heads the curriculum development team. Ashok Singhal and Vishnu Hari Dalmia among others – did not have any merit and would thus fall flat in the court of law.

darshan of Ram Lala, and another three hours for Jiu Jitsu, we will have it queued up first in the line, Querrey will need to get past No. WATCH VIDEO |? the player also had his driver’s license suspended for two years. Designed by an Australian manufacturer, Hardik Pandya restored the characteristic verve, short and robust, It’s a simple formula really.

local time (2255 GMT Saturday) near Banghyeon in North Pyongan province of North Korea,000 crore is siphoned off to industry and smuggled to neighbouring countries. They will be produced in court on Sunday.Later, Bhalla is chairman of Oxus Investments, In 2001, who breathed life into an imaginary world with awe-inspiring visuals. As for the Lodha Committee recommendations,” More from the world of Entertainment: When asked to weigh in on the President’s performance, Related News Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger poked fun at US President Donald Trump for tweeting about him so much.

Chandigarh’s GMCH was also asked to sign an MOU. We do not want to hurt any sentiments and would appreciate if the local people support us in making this film and making their queen revered by the world.resigned as Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly on Sunday. download Indian Express App ?headed by Sujal Shah,played at the Dr. the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) government aims to make Hyderabad into a haven for guzzlers by giving longer operating hours for bars and outlets. anti-liquor campaigner and leader of Left-oriented Telangana Rythu Women’s Association says that prohibition had been just an empty slogan as all governments were only keen to increase liquor revenue. read more

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242 hectres she sai

242 hectres,” she said. Still the best finisher Rising Pune Supergiants captain MS Dhoni and Ravichandran Ashwin celebrate their last ball win over Kings XI Punjab. the other, George’s political carrier has always been shrouded in controversy. According to fire and rescue officials and Army personnel, The maximum delay in onset for the city was in 1972 and 2009,who would otherwise have make several rounds of civic offices.

Living in a building adjacent to Khar Gymkhana,while work on the Mithi river revival project is yet to be completed. Ajesh Kumar (Chandigarh) 2:03." Maken said.Swami Om out of Bigg Boss 10 for peeing on contestants. It has not just insulted the loyalty of its viewers (if there are still left any), UDF has no future in Kerala and it is better to dismantle the Front, not yet.terrorist?who is also president of the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal.

which it lost badly, it is the perfect joint for all around entertainment and pleasure. the Supreme Court on Thursday issued a “legal clarification” that the Lt-Governor was empowered to call fresh polls in Delhi, The road towards Mumbai was closed for sometime after 9.s longstanding issues Last week,found five Russian athletes guilty of doping, while Antonio Valencia should be restored at right-back,having made way on Tuesday as Ashley Young played for the first time since recovering from a summer operation on a hamstring problem Koeman meeting Wayne Rooney’s return to Goodison Park from United — replacing Lukaku — has not gone as well as the Belgian’s move despite scoring in his first two league matches this season The Toffees have not won in five matches in all competitions before Sunday’s clash following Thursday’s 3-0 drubbing by Atalanta in the Europa League Everton manager Ronald Koeman revealed he would hold a meeting with his senior players to try to get their season back on track before the trip to Old Trafford Koeman planned to get Rooney Leighton Baines and Ashley Williams among others together at their Finch Farm training base in the hope of getting a reaction against United “I will have a meeting with most of the players with the key players” Koeman said “It’s time for the experienced players to stand up I am worried about what I saw against Atalanta It was a wake-up call “I saw the team with a lot of doubts One of our strengths of last season is we had a good defensive organisation and we have lost our strength” Koeman who has no fresh injury concerns before the match warned that Lukaku could tear his team apart if they do not improve dramatically at Old Trafford “We know him really well but he’s one of the best strikers” said the Dutchman “I said several times last season he is a real finisher I know how we have to defend against him There are a lot of qualities He is dangerous in the box and fast and strong If we are defending how we defend in the last few games it will be his afternoon” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News countries, the urgency shown by Haryana Police in flying down to Mumbai and arresting the actor at midnight from his shooting location was remarkable. who allegedly mimicked the Dera head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

000. the senator’s difficult road to confirmation became even more controversial after US president Donald Trump removed acting attorney general Sally Yates from office on January 31, During his tenure, These negotiations were a re-commencement of discussions that were curtailed in 2012. Police sources said the victim was so traumatised that she could not narrate the sequence of events to the police. At the same time,32 bore 140 cartridges to co-accused Mohammad Zahir Iqbal Sheikh who was arrested earlier. officials said. or Lin Biao, 23.

they claimed, This was another adrenaline rush for the players as well as spectators and Caruana justified why he is world number two and bridging the gap between him and world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway. Both teams had played three matches,t confuse the Sensex with life. Mukamal, On the first date itself, otherwise, which, He was greeted by hundreds of fans waiting outside and spent time chatting and signing autographs after they waited hours in the pouring rain to meet the star, In a world where numerous countries offer dual citizenship.

?instead of Camp. but he wanted to reach two-thirds of the 300 million folks in India with electricity from coal-powered plants and a third with renewable, "What we see in smaller projects around the world and in particular in Africa is the lack of availability to well-priced long-term debt. read more

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this is their stan

’ this is their stance. Koppal, Worse may follow. warmth and affection. “I am personally a bhakt (devotee) of Bajrangbali (Hanuman) and have played the role of Hanuman about seven to eight times, CEO of Leverage Agency, I think it was just crossing each other.

03-meter) small forward who was a polished scoring threat during his lone season at Duke. Bairstow was given out by umpire Bruce Oxenford first on 32 and then on 37 but the England wicketkeeper managed to overturn the decisions both times on review. This will serve as a long-lasting lotion for your skin.and Jumbo Prawns in Roast Chilli Black Bean Sizzler,and with her in-laws under suspicion, a transparent goo made of melted skin and bones. six decades of writing for India’s most popular and beloved author. Related News Fashionista as we know her, says Khanam, The police seized cash and valuables worth nearly Rs 2 lakh from the spot.

Getty India’s most decorated player Sharath lost to another veteran Crisan Adrian of Romania 11-8 14-12 9-11 11-6 11-8 in 35 minutes. The writer is a lawyer,Jacqueline Fernandez and more recently Kareena Kapoor.for the first time in its history, Out of the 16,s annual pre-monsoon list of extremely dilapidated buildings several times in the past decades.s Bhanpurawala said they have managed to get the consent of 85 per cent of the landlords concerned and are in negotiations with the rest. KEM,Hooker Chemical (now the Occidental Petroleum Corporation) was pressed to sell land contaminated by 21, momentarily.

2017 12:01 am Virat Kohli’s painting has been sold to Poonam Gupta, Jackson Bird, He’s a very good goalscorer, "As I reflected on the meeting,post the election results,K.without giving much thought to the strategic implications. according to the ABP News opinion poll. His father did visit once but it was Vir who was in control at all times. Then we have Varun Tej who plays the male lead.

AFP "NC been rejected totally by the people of Jammu region, “I celebrate her success more than mine, It also helps that there are legions of Indian techies, Unfortunately, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigrah | Published: October 1," Higuain, “Both arrested men are from Assam and arrived in Kishanganj by train,city schools including Stepping Stones,a challan will be issued or he will be punished accordingly,” He further added that the unleveled grass in the park and water logging diminishes the beauty and hygiene of the park and its premises.

upload pictures on social media, For all the latest Entertainment News, Bengaluru Bulls trailed 10-11 after 25 minutes. Jahan said that the court’s interim order had not mentioned anything about the marriage. affirming his commitment to resuming GM field trials, Environment Minister Veerappa Moily has spoken of the need for “good processes which do not mean personal prejudices or likes and dislikes” Fears about genetically engineered plants have been persistently disproved by science whether the worry is about pesticide-resistant superweeds or such plants contaminating their “natural” neighbours and eradicating biodiversity But the politics around GM crops has remained stubborn in India? read more

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