Who was the face Follow the WeChat product manager to make a right product decision

, who was "the face"

1985, Coca-Cola in the Pepsi marketing battle force, announced changes to its marketing beverage in New York for 99 years, vigorously carry out the "new coke" plan, did not expect was the opposition, under the panic Coca-Cola decided to resume the traditional formula production.

2012, Microsoft with a new style of the new generation operating system Windows 8 Metro across the globe, "start" interface to replace the traditional "my desktop", the compatible design of touch screen devices and PC devices have been a large number of users Tucao, 2015 win10 in non tablet restore default traditional my desktop". read more

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The exertion and use of network marketing

today I am going to discuss the problem of marketing, strategy and tactics of network marketing has many kinds, do early stationmaster, shortcomings are likely to go buy some marketing books or Internet enumeration data to enrich their own website promotion and marketing. Ti is also often a problem is: if there are many methods, basically each method is used, but the flow of sales is not large, then there are people suspected of network marketing is to give those people with high. We can’t do it, it’s a serious problem. read more

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Three months to build a P of 150 thousand interpretation of the success of Le search tips

        there are a lot of people do the movie station search, also have a lot of personal station according to the IP contribution ranking web site, but only found Lele (leleso.com), the two sites this seemingly unrelated to do a perfect combination, and created 07 years standing fast the development speed of the miracle — three months traffic soared to 150 thousand IP, ALEXA ranking to ten thousand.

        according to my observation, the success of happy happy search is mainly due to the following two points:

        first, focus on the film search, highlight the professionalism. In Baidu or YAHOO search a movie, often need to turn over a few pages, points ten web site to find an online address. Accidentally, may also make the computer full of viruses. Although their advantage is the vast amount of information, but the information often makes the search at. It is the search giant who this birth defect, to search segments them a chance of survival in the crevice. Le Le search to seize this point, focusing on the film search, only included no virus and can watch online movie website. With this, they have retained a large number of film enthusiasts.

        second, according to the contribution of PR, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the owners to contribute to traffic. Google according to the quality of the external connection to determine the importance of a web page of the site (PR), the more important the page, you can row in front of the page will naturally be more users click. The Google PR search Lele determine the way to do what work, to be included in the site of IP contribution, namely: they included the movie station from the station from a happy search code on your site, from their own point to search Lele where people more is more, so the page search results in the rankings are more forward. There is no doubt that there will be more traffic from the Lele search. It is the introduction of such incentives, greatly mobilized the site was included for the enthusiasm of the flow.

      Lele search success, at least to the subsequent owners have shown two points: monopoly is not terrible, the market is still a way out; traffic is not difficult to engage in mutually beneficial win-win is the key.
read more

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Network push the bride Network Marketing Taboo concept hype was commercialized

these two days to see a speculation on the concept of rice wine industry, wine bank, which is a wine museum in Shandong, Qingdao launched a new investment concept, a launch on the concern. Push forward with the same as liquid assets investment". This is not a lot of speculation to the popularization and application of network marketing in the end, most of the concepts we now search and speculation are money, in any case this coating has not faded.

even network comments: "two years ago, Pu’er Tea speculation is more expensive than gold, the end result? There is a flower, but is a kind of plant, sought after by investors into gold in gold, and now Yellow Wine, these are actually is only a medium for investors. Independent and practical value of these goods itself, Pu’er Tea finally to drink, but also Yellow Wine, a round of investment boom receded, all bare in truth." read more

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Forum of propaganda website

NetEase http://s.www.163.com

17173 Games Forum http://s.bbs.17173.com

CILU http://s.www.xilu.com

Pioneer Network http://s.bbs.aspsky.net

21CN forum http://s.free.21cn.com/forum

china.com http://s.bbs.china.com

forum Daquan
read more

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Website promotion network operation of the three nodes

Lv Benfu past remarks:

1 wave of the rise of the Internet giant experience: the flow of the first no flow of the company can not talk about the rise, there will be problems. The second rule is simple. For example, Baidu is search. If it is sold to Li Si after Zhang San, Wang sold five to Wang, Wang from the money there to make money, then there is a problem of the five, and so on, the king of the world, there is a problem. Sina has also done a lot, do online games, and later found that can be expanded in terms of content, it is not in other ways to expand. Many people are doing the search, it is not unsuccessful, it may not be your strengths, this is what we say, to be simple. The third is luck. Luck is a law. Get well, at that time, at that point in time, the risk of investment is actually a you. You said Robin Li, he is very sure to do this thing Baidu? There are 30% to 50% luck, and not a little luck. read more

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How to get through the main channel of enterprise network marketing

speaking of network marketing, and perhaps many bosses will be very tangled it, mainly do not know this piece of do not know where to start. Because the network marketing needs involves many aspects, need more professional technology, many people feel very difficult to start, in fact, it is not so difficult, but people have complicated the problem, as long as it can catch the other core, all difficulties will be smoothly done or easily solved.

maybe someone will ask, what is the core of enterprise network marketing? Some people have the image of the core compared to the eight main veins, so to get through the main vein is mainly from the following aspects: 2865261557, generally speaking the find what kind of market? How to find where to find the market? read more

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Experience sharing QQ space marketing brought about by the high conversion rate

these days, a friend asked me to write something for you. I was going to write two days ago. But in the home of the cable to today’s friends come over to me. Speaking of QQ space marketing, it is estimated that many people will not be unfamiliar, many people should have been used. But your marketing has played a role, whether to bring you income?

every day have a lot of friends in the forum posts, to show off their IP through how many million, through the QQ space marketing, one day bring you how much IP, then I ask you, how much revenue these IP for you? In a word, we do, in addition to love this industry. To make money. No money, no time to do that? How many webmaster breakthrough million IP, to reflect on why a month can only earn thousands of read more

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Discussion on content marketing of Enterprise Station Promotion

Hello, I am old boy SEO Liang Lei studio, enterprise promotion and operation has been so many business owners have a headache, now SEO is already known to every family, but the drawbacks of SEO is completely unmasked, how to operate a business stand alone is not enough SEO, our ultimate aim or order and volume. Here again the concept mentioned a commonplace talk of an old scholar: user experience (UE). Why is it that most of the company’s UE is low? I think the biggest problem is that the site is not attractive, more precisely, there is no good content. Of course, in addition to the content, we have a lot of other details need to be improved, but we are very clear that the content is the soul of the site, the site does not have the same content as a human without a soul. read more

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Xin Zhi Cheng blog marketing or blog marketing

in people shouting "make money" put up a pageantry blog, blog marketing slogan, personal or business blog itself is also changing. In terms of the actual performance of the current commercial blog, blog soft text and blog advertising occupy the blog, away from the integration of the blog economics should be spread mode. In fact, the so-called blog marketing blog marketing can only be called more in name than in reality.

remembers a few years ago, blogging was a popular day. All the blogs you read at that time were expressing personal opinions, some were showing personal life, and others were making comments about a recent new gadget. They do not sell, just express their views, in the process, some people will try to mention some of their products. read more

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One week news review Papi sauce was SARFT banned WeChat line

1 SF Wang Wei responded to the courier was not held in the end to be president of

April 18th news, yesterday afternoon, a SF courier was a driver of abuse and repeatedly slapped video circulating on the network in Beijing. Yesterday evening 9 o’clock, SF President Wang Wei in his personal friend WeChat said, "if I do not pursue in the end, I no longer do with SF President


according to the video content that the driver when reversing, SF courier will not be because the car scraped, the driver got off to courier lianfan abuse, despite the mediation, but the driver was at least a fan of the courier 6 slap in the face, and the courier from beginning to end is not to utter a single word. read more

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Talk about the blind business owners more novice advice

      1 I don’t have any money now, unemployed one. Want to rely on the network to find a way out for themselves! Only a little understanding of the Internet HTML, the Internet is in the Internet cafes, I would like to ask you what I should be able to refuse to make money quickly, I just want to earn 2000 yuan is enough.

      2 is a foreign company employee, the monthly income of 2000 yuan, but the overall feeling is hard to listen to friends that the website can make money, and also don’t like us tired. How do I get started? read more

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Ha loan closed aftermath network lending platform facing mode choice

network loan industry has become the focus of attention, along with one of the well-known website haha announced the closure of the loan, quickly aroused the concern of all parties.


has announced it will soon closed down the site, but the loan ha founder jazon field still do not change their enthusiasm for the industry, "I am still very optimistic about the industry," he said firmly, "if money permitting, I will still insist on doing it."

a rigorous website closed read more

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One week news review Baidu 20 billion blood glutinous rice WeChat public platform to ban the issuanc

1 China P2P status: total over 2600, get only

of the B round of more than and 10

day before, in the Internet financial platform financial fan Financing Conference, financial fan founding partner Shen Lei said, at present, the number of China’s Internet financial net loan platform has accumulated more than 2600, but won only more than and 10 B round of financing.

it is reported that in 2015 the rapid development of the Internet and the financial sector to increase the reshuffle of the year, and the strength of the capital will be a great variable. Shen Lei said, according to the third party statistics, as of now, the number of Internet banking platform in China has accumulated more than 2600 loans, but received only B round of financing of the home. On the scale of RMB financing, financial fan of the 210 million yuan of financing can be ranked this year, the amount of financing the same platform before the top five. read more

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Nearly 50 sites spread rumors were closed fence and other domain names are hold

renamed China (eName.cn) July 24th news, it is reported that this month there are Beijing youth network, network, network, octopus Republic military net 31 sites, due to malicious fabricated and spread bad rumors nature was seized. Recently, the state Internet information office and other relevant departments to increase efforts to rectify, the three batch of shutting down due to poor management, leaving rumor sites, including the fence nets (liba.com), Huilongguan community network (hlgnet.com) nearly 50. read more

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The next ten years the development trend on the nternet all powerful

the arrival of the Internet may not be electricity, unlike the fire that people suddenly feel light, but its influence is "silent", many people use the Internet only equivalent to surf the Internet, if you ask him, he would do without the Internet, he may pat chest said. I’m not landlords, not just QQ, not to go to Taobao, do not go to the forum…… And so on, and in fact, the application of the Internet will not only stop here, if one day you can not transfer from the bank, you can not book tickets, can not solve the problem can not be solved anytime, anywhere Google…… You will feel very uncomfortable? So we know that the Internet has become a part of life, more and more people can not be missing so we have to be a prophet, look at the Internet development trend which come in the future will see. read more

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Marriage recruitment websites user password 85% can see the original password streaking

recently jointly issued the Beijing Key Laboratory of China software testing center and the Peking University Internet security technology "web site user password handling security external evaluation report" shows that in 100 sites from the site, most of the user password processing safety awareness is not enough, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures, the the user’s password in a naked state.

85% website can see the original password


report from the portal, e-mail, e-commerce, recruitment and other 9 categories of 100 websites for evaluation, evaluation found that only 8 sites to take adequate security measures for treatment on the user password, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures. In addition, there are 85 sites in the site directly to get the password of the user’s original text, in which the recruitment of the class, love and marriage, e-commerce website user password security status of the worst. read more

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China’s legitimate film website alliance sounded the anti piracy video network

January 8th, Chinese copyright protection center, Chinese film copyright protection association, the movie network, and quark unitv people.com.cn, qianlong.com, Chinese, Baidu, ifeng.com and a number of joint website announced the launch of "Chinese genuine movie website alliance cooperation program in Beijing, union website will be strictly self-discipline, mutual supervision, public commitment adhere to the" genuine fight against piracy".

recently, Chinese blockbuster "the Warlords" assembly "is still in the national cinema during the hit, it was pirated video has been in a number of video sharing sites even appear on the portal site, directly to the film cinema box office extension and fulfillment of the commercial value of the serious impact. "Sejie" "apple" films such as Internet piracy situation is more shocking. read more

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A5 topic member of the dissemination of pornography caught M M Apartman Hotel porn sites were destro

users to spread pornographic content over ten thousand, the police involved in the law. Recently, the police cracked the country’s largest pornographic website case, with the M+M Apartman Hotel, the world’s registered users of millions of Chinese pornographic websites to destroy, 2148 suspects have been controlled by the police.

it is understood that the "M+M Apartman Hotel" site is located in the United States in 2009, established in January, consists of 11 total blocks, 78 sub sector, more than 40 theme for, post number more than 800, 90% post involving pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Site management and access permissions set tight, from top to bottom is divided into three levels, respectively, the site administrator level, general manager level, registered member level, the number of registered members up to more than one million, great influence. During the arrest, a total of 2148 people were arrested, detained 530 people, 910 people of public security punishment, education admonished 656 people, 52 people be exempted from punishment. read more

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