Amazon officially launched delivery service is currently limited to the United States in Seattle are

Original title: Amazon

officially launched

delivery service

Amazon Amazon Local quietly on the line to sell the distribution service, the service is currently limited to Seattle. Users fill in the address information, select restaurants, browse menu, choose clear about what you want to wait for the delivery of the taste.

Amazon Local is the first to start from the group buying business, and then gradually cut into the fresh field that is Amazon Fresh, and then takeaway service. But it is more than this, outside there are rumors that Amazon will also provide docking local businesses, all kinds of technicians and other services, will crush one by one at the city level. In this case, Grubhub, Seamless, Angie ‘s List, TaskRabbit and Craigslist may be Amazon’s competitors. read more

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Double eleven gave me the biggest shock WeChat electric sword

double eleven, I believe that Ali has been a lot of people in shock at the same time, also felt for the sake of the 35 billion, including me. However, more let me shock, or WeChat mobile provider in the first "ferocious".

as early as August this year, the China Internet Conference, I have to pay 1 yuan because of the experience of friends of WeChat and WeChat on the binding of their bank cards. At that time, I think the whole process is very smooth and smooth payment, the experience is very good. Later, through the WeChat to the phone charge over the value, give me the feeling is fast and convenient. read more

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56 yuan fried domain name earn back 32 thousand

Investment domain name can be hundreds of times the return. Chang Shenggang taken this edition by Liu Yan in the

a few ordinary letters can be combined to sell a high price of 10000 yuan, which is the investment charm of the network domain name. The domain name registration and online auction, had been netizens as a way of entertainment, but now it has become some people’s occupation, and they have from here Amoy first pot of gold.

        the progress of science and technology, the emergence of new things, will always bring new business opportunities, who can capture these opportunities, who may become tomorrow’s richest man. read more

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