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Secret today’s 4 big profits inspired a lot of industry


is now a very economic society, every young people want to through their own efforts, to achieve a business and get rich, at the same time, now the society also have some money faster in the industry and legal items, then Xiaobian take you to take a look at.

1, glasses industry

20 of the glasses, 200 yuan sell you speak out, 300 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, 400 yuan sold to you about the market.

from all kinds of products and the gross profit accounted for total sales in the proportion of the average gross profit projections, glasses shop about 5 times.


glasses actual processing time than that of the time is short, only some 10 minutes. The reason why customers wait for a few days is: unified delivery, processing, in general can save production time, machine loss costs.

2, health products

The factors are lucrative:

(2) about 2 billion of the population is overweight and obesity status, global lifestyle problems to promote the development of health care industry.

3, online games

and the net rate is 25% to 50%.