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Registered trademark of the admissibility of the window was set up near Hefei people do not need to

people in the creation of their own brands, will be concerned about how the product will win recognition. First, have their own trademarks, Hefei and Wuhu, Anqing city trademark reception window officially opened in the local municipal government service center to accept business. This marks the future of the applicant can choose to apply for the registration of the trademark business, but do not have to go to the State Administration of industry and Commerce in Beijing to do.

in the establishment of a trademark registration application window, is an important measure to promote the facilitation of trademark registration reform. In 2016, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to vigorously promote the trademark registration facilitation reform, decided to entrust qualified places to carry out the trademark business, in January this year, formally approved the city of Hefei Province, Wuhu City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Anqing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau shall establish a trademark acceptance window, commissioned by the development of the trademark application business.

According to

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant source, the establishment of trademark registration application acceptance window in place at the same time, enterprises in order to meet the demand for personalized service, can still be handled by the trademark agency entrusted by the State Administration of trademark Industrial and Commercial Bureau record.

trademark registration window set up to bring more convenience to people, eliminating the need to go back and forth. According to the unified deployment of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, this year, the trademark online application will also be open to all applicants, enterprises apply for trademark registration will be more and more ways, but also more convenient.

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