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Portals are becoming navigational stations talking about the revisions of sina and 360



even for many large domestic websites, traffic is also the most scarce strategic resources. Because their business model is to obtain and distribute traffic on the article. How to maximize the use of traffic value, for the portal site is particularly important.

, for example, the day before yesterday (April 1st) and yesterday (April 2nd) have revised the two major traffic portal page: Sina home page and 360 site navigation. According to Sina’s official statement, the revision is "a major change since 1998, 15 years since the founding of the people’s Republic of China", and opened the news portal and micro-blog’s information platform. 360, the site navigation is highlighted in the 7 plates, news, film and television, novels, tourism, games, shopping, App and other information content, in accordance with the form of non URL list re polymerization.

news portal and web site navigation product form are different, but are doing the same thing: one is the traffic assigned to their own information page or advertising links; one is to distribute traffic to advertisers or their content products. The revision is only do "or chop and change in the four Twilight three" adjustment in the pattern of it, is actually not "revolution" and "subversion" such grand themes.

The revision of the

Sina, the most concern is the page design is not popular to join, but micro-blog has a more in-depth combination in the portal, such as adding micro-blog search, micro-blog generated content, micro-blog ads. In other words, this old information portal after the revision increased the volume of micro-blog traffic injection and support ratio.

The revision of

360 has made some changes in navigation, highlighting several sub columns of news, film and television, novels, tourism products, games, shopping and mobile phone applications, and opening up with each other. It is worth noting that these are 360, before the introduction of aggregated content products beyond the search. Obviously, the revision is also outside the search, for these non simple URL information navigation products into the flow, training and strengthening user habits.

is actually a portal is an outdated concept, Chinese Internet products and increasingly rich content, to the center of the trend will be more and more obvious in the short term, although it would still be the main information channel and flow distribution is one of the channels, but is being weakened, its decline the originator of YAHOO this trend has been illustrated.

so, including NetEase and Sina, recently, a news portal home page revision, in addition to the user experience to consider, more is also considering how to deal with this trend, will be gradually transferred to more flow distribution or their products (such as search, Youdao, micro-blog search) and social products (micro-blog) and so on.

, and for another form of entry — site navigation station, news is also a good thing to increase user stickiness and cultivate user habits. Whether it’s hao1>

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