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Novice webmaster voice do stand need pain and insist on

I was in April this year into the webmaster circle, and just started, I’m almost illiterate, do not know what is called domain name, what is corn, not to mention SEO. Soak in the A5 forum every day to study, hoping to find the answer. But in the beginning, it was not so simple as to imagine, and many problems were solved by no one. Look at the webmaster Wangzhuan, talk about how to utilize the network platform to realize their dreams on the website, see my heart itch. I have very early contact with the Internet, but it is purely enjoyment and entertainment. The real knowledge of the network is still poor. With the help of several friends, I finally applied for a corn of my own in May 13th, and I made up my mind to get my own web site. But what’s the next step? What kind of website is it? What kind of website can make money?


on this issue, there are many answers online. Tell us what kind of website can make money, what type of website can make profit! Look at those old hands busy, I really heart. The first step, I met a lot of difficulties, but these problems are too simple, I am embarrassed to ask other people, suppressed in their hearts, wasted a lot of time, but the problem is still not resolved. Later, I went to A5 and find ways to read a lot, still do not understand, confused…… Slowly discovered, do not really think the station is so simple.

collected data, I decided to do a hip-hop website, because there is love this, how are some resources, so step by step station road! (this process between let me tortured, not speak) when the site is basically completed, there are still many problems waiting to be solved, forum the management, operation, promotion…… I told myself not to worry, to study slowly and to master some knowledge. Every day very tired, every day to spend a lot of energy to sort out, they have to go to work, and sometimes almost thought of giving up. Every day grit one’s teeth and stick to one person for 10,

, here are some of your own experiences:

first, novice do not easily imitate other people’s Web site, follow others, rely on others to provide information, always lag behind the people.

second, the novice do the station first clear direction for themselves, suitable for their own, there is development, promising.

third, the novice do stop, first do not eager for instant success, the early build is the quality of the site, brand, traffic, mentality is the most important, the ultimate goal is profit!


fourth, learn to ask, face will not let their progress.

fifth, find their own way of promotion, and strive to do.

sixth, do standing is doing long-term things, need to adhere to,


said so much, after all, I’m still a novice, you need to study and study, I believe there are many novice friends and me, there are many problems that can not be solved, do not worry, step by step

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