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Robin Li the effect of bidding is the absolute principleMy lazy Taobao guest network push zero exper

"we can not know which one click will make the customer orders, but we know that customers get money in sh419, is not in any other place," Robin Li this is quite confident.

Robin Li does not shy away from the topic of invalid clicks. According to reports, Wall Street on invalid click, there has been a relatively long debate. The earliest time, Wall Street investment experts require search engine companies disclose click through rate, average click price and other information every time. But later on the shlf1314 listing, the above information has not been publicly disclosed. Robin Li pointed out that "not published, in fact, is very reasonable, because the information does not indicate whether a search engine business is good or bad."."

, China’s only national designated software service evaluation agency – China Software Testing Center, once failed to notify sh419, tested sh419’s malicious click system. Test results show that: sh419 PPC system can completely prevent malicious clicks, billing reliable, malicious click on the test process, data processing accuracy, never appear mistakenly remember, remember more.

many sh419 customers also said that after trying sh419 promotion business, to achieve the same effect as sh419, and elsewhere may need to spend two times, three times, or even four times the price to do promotion. Network marketing experts said, the current sh419 PPC business model, including its price system, can help customers achieve more with less investment business growth, from a cost point of view is a very cost-effective way of promotion.

in addition, sh419’s anti click fraud technology is also the industry leader.

well, the shop has, and now the problem is to do what shop, and I think if the money invested, do anything good, as long as money to promote on the line. But we are zero input, it is not so simple, so I summed up three ways: first, radical way: creativity; two, more radical way: positioning; three, conservative way: comprehensive. As follows:

promotion customers is not easy, a promotion is now more popular blog, blog content problem is OK on the side, now the most popular Sina blog, sh419 space will be blocked off the Taobao link, want to promote links will need to apply for a free virtual space this is not detail, use sh419 Search can find a pile of, not to mention the general trouble free space is not stable, and you should always check the Taobao customer promotion link is valid, a lot of trouble. So I chose taobao in the application of new Amoy network no advertising ah, just a springboard to free Wangzhuan only so, ha ha, a fool online generation process, generation shop can link to the blog promotion.

and sh419 shlf1314 Adsense customer alliance, almost, is the site visits to obtain the threshold Wangzhuan income is different, different ways of sales, sh419 alliance, shlf1314 Adsense requires you to have a website of your own, or have good content or is a battle group, the problem is like me this did not do two no money people? So I chose the Taobao customer absolutely no to Taobao off advertising means a Taobao customer just accumulated funds..

two, positioning. When I made the "silly to buy", I think I think it is a good idea but we are not authorized to do? So there will be a "happy Reku" idea. A lot of people do Taobao passengers are the numerous goods on the net, with kill one thousand not to let go of an idea, but I think it is wrong to open 2 stores, comprehensive

Robin Li believes that for a customer, whether he knows more about technology, search engine promotion effect is his most concern. For example, a customer for promotion to spend thirty thousand dollars to get fifty calls at sh419, he was in another site also costs thirty thousand dollars but received five telephone consultation, the effect is good or bad, Tatemi compete".

"for the time being, sh419’s ranking is still the best way for customers to make a return on investment," Robin Li said.

one, creative. For example, my idea is "silly to buy" listen "seems to curse fools buy" actually I was in the publicity of a thought "I silly, I often buy some time in the network. Do not know what to do, online shopping also don’t know what to buy, but do not buy is boring, so I think there will be a lot of people and I have the same idea, since you can’t find what to buy, then I would recommend the site not forcibly, refresh a refresh a batch of goods, are random, and the commodity is to see your fate, once on the eyes, then buy. A good idea may bring unexpected results, who can not think of the web shlf1314 can succeed? Who can think of vegetables, stealing food to fire? Who can think of Twitter red? And better if your idea good enough maybe immediately attracted to partners and funds might. Oh.

"compared with the invalid click, customers are more concerned about the search engine promotion effect," sh419 CEO Robin Li in the recently held 2007 new economic summit forum as if to express.

In fact, Taobao Taobao

, "sh419 can do most of the malicious click filtering," said Wang Zhan, senior director of sh419’s business applications market. According to reports, sh419 attaches great importance to anti click fraud technology, already has a set of perfect prevention system against click fraud; relying on years of accumulated data, and analysis of specialized technical team of sh419 has established a day in and day out, a set of system complexity, to calculate and judge each click is not healthy click behavior.

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