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Analysis of how to make your QQ space have good rankings


QQ space to get good rankings? After I managed to contact on the QQ master of space for the fifth, the QQ space ranking experience, here to share with you.


4, our QQ space is set up, you can do some of the chain in some weight high site, leading Shanghai spiders crawl over the contents of love.

teacher read to Xu Guoxiang a "QQ spatial analysis can make love Shanghai keyword ranking? "The feeling is quite deep. Has been for QQ spatial impression is aware of its shielding search engine spiders. I did not expect the QQ space can be ranked first in the search results. This sparked my interest. According to the article of the case in Shanghai in search of love: "chopping machine" this key, indeed, the words on the front page of the row is the first QQ space, and we can also see from the top even more than the love of Shanghai. As shown below:

5, the next step is.

(1) the little space under the title QQ title, (which is equivalent to description). How to write this as Shanghai dragon Er should be very clear, concise and closely linked to the keywords, but do not stack keywords, general title 1-2 words, under the headings (part description) appeared 2 times, a maximum of not more than 5 words or more, about 2-3 for the best. As shown below.

2, love Shanghai does not capture QQ space log and photo albums, only love Shanghai we will crawl space in the home page, if we want to do this to our ranking keywords placed in the home space. The home page to attract visitors, naturally can bring visitors to see in our log space.


1, if you want to love Shanghai included in your QQ space, the premise is that you must be completely open space have no access restrictions, we often say is that anyone can have access to space, the reason is absence. If these are private information, QQ will protect your privacy is not indexed by search engines the. If we want to do QQ space ranked first to put the space you opened the door, let the spider "trample".

The last time the

3, QQ of home page two notes

(2) QQ homepage layout structure. I have already mentioned above love Shanghai grab QQ space can grab the home page, so this page space layout is very important. How to set up the layout of the space, we can see that the spatial layout of the above – mentioned. Some key points when we are in the layout space is best to use a custom module, and text module and image module must have.

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