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Why not escape the curse electric brush single store credit system reform

double eleven has been around the electricity supplier platform single brush problem has been re mentioned, electricity supplier deep brush single curse, and this brush is a vicious cycle, shop owner order sales. When peers or competitors began to brush single, many shopkeepers also chose a single brush, Taobao, Tmall platform, the higher the sales, the higher the credibility of the higher the ranking of the store. Such orders will increase, and those in the top three pages of the baby, almost no sales. So the store began to compete with each other, comparisons, the fight is the sales and reputation, especially the number of baby praise. These will directly affect whether the buyer to buy.


brush behind the black interest chain

is now a professional brush single team size has reached millions of people, mainly students and housewives, these people have the time to earn extra money. The shop owner through the website or other platform to find on behalf of the brush team, then let the navy to pay sales, shop brush reputation, praise her. This is a chain of interests, now Taobao, Tmall is still very much on a single brush shop, although the authorities have been battling against scalping, but with little success, it is difficult from the technical means to eradicate scalping shop. The punishment for a single brush shop is not enough, otherwise there will be so many shops rush into danger.

shop reputation system needs to re-establish

according to the shop’s reputation, sales, the number of good to sort, apparently not fair and reasonable, the credibility of the electronic business platform needs to innovate. Can not be in accordance with sales, good to sort, should set up a new platform for buyers complaints, but the number of shops on Taobao, Tmall platform too much to deal with consumer complaints is very low efficiency. In fact, the shop should be the same as the physical store, the store has a business license, shop should also have, once a shop violation, then you can revoke its business license. Of course, the relevant departments must participate in, and actively cooperate with the electronic business platform, the establishment of a new reputation system, and to timely supervision and management.

electronic business platform how to eliminate the phenomenon of single brush

there is no demand there is no market, so the electronic business platform to put an end to all kinds of brush, the most important thing is to manage its stores. Brush the process is very simple, but must deal with the courier company, if the buyer to buy goods, did not receive the goods to give praise, this account must be a single brush. For single account brush, Taobao officials should increase penalties, completely sealed those brush account. However, many Taobao users are amateur brush, just accidentally brush, so it is difficult to detect. Ali does not have its own logistics organizations, there is no way of management in the pass, SF express company.

single brush is a cancer of the largest electricity provider platform, had to have surgery to cure, after all is the main business platform responsibility. Taobao search ranking rules do not change within the site, brush phenomenon will not disappear.

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