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Jingdong to the countryside during the year will open 500 County Service Center

[Abstract] Jingdong County Service Center will assume the distribution, customer experience, promotion training, publicity and physical display and other functions.


group in Yilong County of Sichuan Province Service Center opened (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) January 14th news, Jingdong today announced that the group’s Jingdong, the County Service Center officially opened in Jiangsu city of Suqian Province, Hunan Province, Changsha County, Sichuan province Yilong County, Shandong Province Pingdu City and other national counties.


County Service Center will be responsible for distribution, customer experience, training, publicity and promotion of rural products exhibition and other business functions. It is considered an important starting point for the Jingdong to promote rural electricity supplier, channel sink strategy.

Jingdong, Jingdong in 2015, the County Service Center will be rolled out in the national district, is expected during the opening of the number will be more than 500, the County Service Center, Jingdong will recruit tens of thousands of rural farmers to provide promotion, customer service, financial service.

According to reports, Jingdong

County Service Center is generally located in the downtown area of the county, the area of about 150 square meters, by the Jingdong to operate independently. This is the Jingdong for the 4~6 market, to build a set of marketing, logistics and distribution, customer experience and product display four in one Jingdong service flagship store, can provide customers with orders, distribution, display and other services.

County Service Center to visit villagers into the Jingdong (Tencent technology plan)

a county service center will be the management of all towns in the region of cooperation, through the recruitment of rural promoters, expansion of logistics channels, such as Jingdong, Jingdong self distribution coverage to a wider rural areas.

Jingdong County Service Center Management, including distribution and village director. By the village director of the local rural promoters training, management, rural promoters are both sales, after-sales service, but also the credit officer of Jingdong.

County supervisor will also coordinate the county service center and Jingdong to help service store function matching, so that the two collaboration with each other to solve the problem of rural consumers to buy online shopping last mile distribution problem.

Jingdong County Service Center model, following the release of the country’s first e-commerce pilot counties in rural areas, thousands of Jingdong to help service store strategy, another important strategy for Jingdong channel sink.

Jingdong group vice president Wang Zhijun introduced, the service center is not only logistics terminals extending through rural promotion, the Jingdong will also provide marketing services, customer service service for rural consumers, and microfinance, rural financial services.

Wang Zhijun said, the Jingdong will dig more rural characteristic products, back to the farm to the city’s table, by reducing intermediate links, so that farmers can earn some of the residents of the city can be cheaper to buy fresh products.

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