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Everyone is a social platform to enhance the user side participation



a lot of social networking platform developers like to enhance the user participation through a similar game mechanism, such as integration, ranking, ranking, etc.. These features can really attract users to join, but can not maintain long-term user participation. This is because the use of integral, grade, list of these methods is to all users on a same platform to allow them to compete; on the contrary, the success of social networking platform users will be divided into different types of groups, distinction.

the most critical grouping criteria are: high level users (expert) and low level users (novice). Master users are generally more loyal, enthusiastic, skilled, is the soul of the community. Novice represents the continuous development of the community. A healthy and growing community must be able to actively participate in the two users.

in an ideal community, novices and masters are needed. They will form an environment similar to what economists call a "two-sided market". It is obvious that the novice is looking forward to becoming a master, so the need for experienced users to guide them, and guide them to get started quickly. While the masters who have reached the peak, but also the urgent need for novice. By helping novices, they are able to demonstrate their skills and experience. Psychologists call it "the joy of giving."". Recent neuroscience has also shown that the act of altruism can promote the secretion of dopamine (pleasure hormone). Therefore, to help novice can let the experts who are more active in the interactive platform.

in social networking platform to successfully allow users to participate, let the master who selflessly help novice, and form an effective interaction between "novice master mechanism for mutual assistance" – low level users are taken care of, and the high level of user satisfaction.

let’s look at an example of the game:

mirror city (Shadow Cities) is a game on the iPhone, similar to the combination of World of Warcraft and Foursquare. Players belong to one of the two camps, they want to cooperate to make their own camp occupied a geographical location, such as downtown Manhattan. Like World of Warcraft and other massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), master who shoulder 2 heavy in the mirror in the city: 1) guiding the novice play a game: Master who will enthusiastically give beginners a lot of help, they hope to attract more followers; 2) when the new hand trouble to protect them: when the novice issued a distress signal, if there is no one to help, he may because of frustration and referrals. This game is the use of "guide and follower" mechanism, as well as "SOS", creating a "Master – Novice mutual" culture. This is also the most attractive place for the game.

look at the following 2 examples of non gaming applications:


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