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Five net loan companies P2P platform crazy enclosure run faster die faster

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. One is the "gold rush" to catch the P2P platform, while P2P business closures hit again, already in the P2P industry at the crossroads, where is the future? "Securities Daily" financial market version invited five P2P enterprise CEO, interpretation of the awkward situation of regulatory thinking, the industry faces a wind control means, development model. Their unique point of view, different perspectives, for us to re-examine the future development path of the industry to expand their horizons.



DeliangSpecial guest:

CEO Liu Yannan


everyone loan CEO Li Xinhe

pat loan CEO Zhang Jun

good loan network CEO Li Mingshun


loan founder Wu Haisheng

those who claim that 100% of the principal protection but rely on the Internet to verify the demand for loans, earn a few percent of the platform fee of the site will inevitably fall into the collapse of the vicious circle.

regulatory authorities have the ability to determine at what point in time to start regulation, or in what way to regulate, which is the most favorable to the industry.

investors have different preferences for earnings. Behind the high yield is high risk, this is the everlasting truth.

P2P loans this year is expected to reach 20 billion yuan last year, the size of the scale of ten times, reaching the size of $200 billion.

P2P crisis, if given a fundamental reason, it is clearly not a good risk management.

P2P industry big reshuffle


Securities Daily: Internet financial hot, while the P2P industry has been criticized and criticized. October there are 15 P2P companies closed down, 20 into cashing crisis. The main reason for the P2P once again into a crisis where? The industry has repeatedly exposed the problem, I’m afraid I can’t just blame the


Liu Yannan: as early as April, on-line only one month, when the public lending network collapse, I predict there will be more P2P sites in trouble, P2P industry reshuffle is bound to come.

P2P, especially the online P2P whether reliable? My judgment is very simple, those who claim 100% principal protection but all rely on the audit of loan demand on the Internet, to earn a few percent of the platform fee sites will ultimately inevitably fall into the vicious circle of collapse. Why, because only 3%-5% of the platform fee, but to guarantee 100% of the principal risk, logically unreasonable. 3%-5%’s ability to buffer against risk is too poor. At present, the effect of reducing the risk of default by means of Internet technology is more general.

P2P balance of the left and right sides are not easy to do, do anything, both ends may be high

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