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Ministry of culture to clean up illegal music website see 13 has been unable to visit

listen to music network to close

sina science and technology news on December 29th morning news, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice on December 14th, will further clean up remediation illegal network music website. Up to now, 237 violations of the list of music sites have been unable to visit the 1/3. Ministry of culture, the Department of cultural market, said the person responsible for cleaning up illegal regulation of the network has been deployed to the music website notice to the provinces, is currently advancing smoothly.

December 14th, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice to further regulate the order of the online music market, the Ministry of culture decided to further clean up the regulation of illegal online music website. In this notice, a list of 237 music website, the Ministry of culture requirements listed illegal sites to immediately stop Internet cultural activities, including deletion of state laws and regulations prohibit the content or fails to obtain the network music copyright authorized. Rectification qualified, you can go to the provincial cultural administrative departments to apply for permission or registration.

it is worth noting that, before the provisions of the Ministry of culture in January 10th has been part of the rectification deadline, website of the self adjustment, the domestic music website. Net (haoting.com) the website announcement said, "thank you for a long time to listen to the unwavering support, let more people enjoy the love of music in here, our entire team expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone. The new year is approaching, some were sad, so this represents a new beginning, bless our dear friend, bless our good team, goodbye! "

listen to the sound of music off the news has been forwarded on Sina micro-blog nearly a thousand, suddenly shut down so that users feel a bit unprepared, micro-blog yuyunlove users, said: haoting.com closed, no warning. Previously complained about its slow response speed, memory optimization unreasonable. When it is found to be no longer not to go, this with me 3 years of online music network has already occupied a part of my working life. Leisure time, tired, tired to open it, even if it did not really slow to hear the song also feel good, goodbye."

good reason for shutting down the network did not explain, analysts say, good network is probably because consciousness can not meet the notice provisions of the Ministry of culture, the choice to shut down, there are users guess is because of capital operation and copyright issues. From Sina micro-blog users broke the news at the same time, qq163, the music network and cocoa western music nets have also been unable to access. Sina Technology followed in accordance with the list of inquiries, found that nearly 1/3 of them have access to the site. Sina Technology to connect the Ministry of culture market department of the relevant responsible person said, clearing notice remediation of illegal network music websites have been deployed to the provinces, is currently advancing smoothly, there are many websites voluntarily submitted the license application or registration, a few do not meet the requirements of the site has been shut down automatically, the rectification will be early next year to social bulletin.

analysts believe that with our

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