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Culture shock the twin girls in the blog is degenerate or trendy

"to call themselves" mean girls: bags and Azi "90 girls blog in less than 70 hours was viewed more than 5 million times, today (29 days) the number is close to 10 million, and still be fast refresh…" This is a news. I am curious about opening the blog of the hero, is a pair of 90 twin girls opened the blog, click on the high rate only because they are so far has written 7 blog, each blog let everyone controversial. The language of the dark as well as the subversion of the normal moral concept attracted the attention of many users. The extent of popular people panic.


the first article "bag and a letter: a letter to my father," it is this blog post to make 90 after the twin sisters and the red string. The article is fierce, the topic refers to parents, teachers and even men. "I don’t call your dad because it’s too hypocritical. Not appropriate. I don’t call you dad. Because I can’t get over the language barrier. I can only call you". In the following figure captions in the picture: "I can do well in the world of men, men are stupid, dirty, belongs to desire, don’t put her ear with a sweet, if you love her, please give her a lot of rmb." And so these excesses of language behavior occurred in the 90 girls in the article is rare.


second other articles can be seen, bags and 18 year old A Zi blog admit to be nurturing, we can not help but ask the fallen or trendy? Below is an excerpt of the original blog: "this is a sleepless night, I sat on the bed peel cigarette uneasy pumping on the start, take it as a tranquilizer like puffed, and then light the exhaled smoke, watched a plume of white smoke spread in the air is not scattered, leaving only a cigarette burn black not to slip the ball butts, I put it in the ashtray I love red heart-shaped, littered with corpses lying there it is full of dead brothers. Maybe my youth burn, not alone and this is bad with a cigarette end. Please forgive me to have to be so pessimistic, for now I rely on this man, this result is not necessary to think. I just let the common people revile parasites, attached on his huge property for the survival of man in vivo. But I’m not in others mouth kept woman, or I am not sure that I have. Maybe three milk, four milk, five milk, maybe more…"


learned from all the blogs that the twins were all material pursuits. Some netizens commented: vanity is not wrong, for the sake of their own vanity to get more satisfaction than rely on others, you have to write out the courage, why not have the courage to change it, the beginning of the tragedy is doomed to have a tragic ending, the society pays attention to you in the past, only pay attention to now, so give up. "

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