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What happens on the nternet in a minute

Chinese has nearly 700 million Internet users, apparently, no one is willing to waste the resources on the Internet, every minute people do not believe in the download, WeChat chat and online shopping,? Let us speak with the data, see in a minute of time, what happens on the Internet will China


in a minute:

drops taxi will attract 1388 taxis, 2777 private cars.

has 395833 people logged on WeChat, the 19444 people in the video or voice chat


625 thousand Youku potatoes video was watched


micro-blog will issue (or forward) 64814 micro-blog, which contains a photo of the 50925 micro-blog, micro-blog contains a video of the 1891, the 498 micro-blog contains music.



has 4166667 search requests, which Baidu takeaway 694 pen takeout orders 27778 people on Baidu answers, the forum for the answer, 120833 App application is downloaded through Baidu mobile assistant application store, 6990 people through the Baidu map location direction.


has 774 people in Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall online shopping platform


people in the amount of consumption on the Alibaba platform reached $1133942, of which $771080 consumption from the mobile terminal. (a holiday spending $9722222)


just after you read this article, all of this happened. (Translation: shark, editor: PICAR)

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