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Network marketing should focus on the conversion rate

I just went to bed, lying in bed for more than an hour without sleep, has been thinking about a problem, how to improve our network conversion rate.

I was thinking, the conversion rate is low because we grab the potential customers of the target fish ponds have a problem, if the target fish ponds are big fish, we are sure to catch a big fish. For example, we go to college students in the community to release the bait, if the community in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region of the community will be limited to the area, if not hungry fish it is difficult for him to do a few hours drive to Shanghai to participate in the study, if the number of level two or behind the city’s large student community, not only will limit the distance of the consumption capacity constraints, there are people’s mode of thinking. If compared with the English speaking community of college students, the accuracy is far worse. Because English community people are learning English, college students in the community may learn English up to thirty percent. So there is no English community community college students precise.. I’m thinking, no matter what a fish ponds, which called has two kinds, one is fixed visitors, a new visitor. No matter what a community their new visitors entrance in addition to advertising and navigation, most of the latest search positive antecedents.

first demand, and then through the search for solutions. So, all the fish in my target fish ponds are mostly from the search engine. If you will certainly save in the ponds than we catch fish in the pond entrance.

search engine in addition to bidding is seo. We spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on search engines. This effect is really high.. There’s another way to be seo. In fact, in many ways to promote the SEO I was looking down, I have said that as long as the conversion rate is not a problem, the flow is never a problem, SEO is just a way to attract traffic.

why do you say that?.

because: Profit = revenue – cost

revenue = volume X X purchase price

volume = conversion X flow

so I said as long as the conversion rate is not a problem, the flow is never a problem.

I can’t see another reason for SEO is that he is slow, the optimization of a station may be a month two months, and so you get traffic, the money already into the pockets of competitors go.

if you use the auction or advertising in just a few hours to get traffic, a day to calculate the conversion rate.

that was the idea. And other products to run a certain track, we want to find a variety of marketing channels.

Parthenon theory, we want to establish a variety of sources of income, we want to use a variety of marketing tools.

I have only focused on these two sentences, as long as the means to make money I have to use.. In fact, the theory of the Parthenon temple, I only mastered half, behind there is a very

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