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80% white collar open the final collapse of the shop to shop more tired than stocks

80% white-collar shop open shop owner complained

click on the mouse to buy things in the era of white-collar open shop subsidies home is more and more popular. But the final result is white collar open shop is not as easy as it seems, a recent survey of 4000 workers participated in the open shop, white-collar workers, only about 20% survive, the rest are for money, care and other reasons fail no mind.

30% people who worked in the shop

friends opened a purchasing shop, you need to buy cosmetics, please contact, price concessions." Sports brand store just opened 30 percent off, we support a lot." In recent years, MSN in common workers, bursts will emerge this signature, wide and told his friend or the newly opened shop. There are a lot of office workers will be depressed for a friend to vent: it is better to quit the shop to go home.

online shop is relatively simple, and occasionally go online to see the workplace people will inevitably heartbeat. Zhaopin survey, 30% of people in the workplace have bold dreams opened shop. In addition, up to 57% of people in the workplace have always wanted to shop ideas.

reason to open the shop, make money is undoubtedly the main purpose of most people in the workplace to open the shop, this part of the proportion reached more than 56%, especially since the financial crisis, the economic pressure on the workplace more and more. Nearly 20% of people in the workplace is to find fun and free shop. In addition, there are about 10% shops reason is to deal with second-hand goods and a sense of achievement.

workplace online family tired stocks

work in a human resources agency and colleagues have been squeezed into a small shop in the tide, some of them operating second-hand items, some sell clothing and furniture items. We all began to head high, looking for the purchase, delivery, delivery, every busy awfully. But after about half a year, many people have to give up, even if not closed half-dead hung for several days, did not have a.

open shop will have to stare all day, spend four hours a day staring at the stock market is also difficult." Xiao Zhu told reporters that the shop looks simple, the actual trouble, the shop tired of the stock market. Shop to design, or will not attract traffic; to the home page to spend money to advertise; always have to stare at someone online consulting; also have time to market into the supply, and some have to season replacement goods. If you go to work and shop, long-term energy really can not keep up, can not lose his job. Take a look around, run the shop owner is basically after the resignation of professional shop.

data in the survey also confirmed that the vast majority of white-collar shop shop has not run, and only less than 20% of the workplace people are still operating in the shop. 35% people in the workplace because the shop purchase channels give up halfway interrupt or feel without what good sell; 27% of the workplace is because work is really no time and energy to do; 18% people express their real.

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