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Vancouver Mall arcade brings virtual reality to the masses

first_imgIf you’ve visited a major shopping mall in the past couple years, you might’ve noticed a new type of store that’s been popping up: virtual reality arcades, with rows of headsets to let players try out the latest and greatest virtual reality games.I’ve seen a few of them here and there, but I’d never been to one, so when the VR Junkies arcade company reached out and asked if we wanted to tour its Vancouver Mall location, I volunteered to check it out.I should disclose up front that I’m one of those weird early adopters who owns a VR headset at home, so I can’t really offer an outsider’s assessment of the technology, but I was curious to see how the arcade would stack up.And from a reporter’s standpoint, I also wanted to learn more about the emerging VR arcade business, so I stopped by Dec. 20 to chat with store owner Mike Rowe and some of the staff about the arcade and the VR industry — and to try out some of the available games.A new twist on arcadesThe Vancouver Mall arcade is nestled in a small storefront at the east end. Its relatively sparse interior emphasizes that visitors are really here for the headsets.last_img

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