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Video shows how the Raspberry Pi is manufactured

first_imgHow do you make a million Raspberry Pi boards? With a little help from the hardworking folks at the Foundation’s Sony factory in southern Wales.Now, thanks to the BBC, you can take a little tour inside that facility and watch how the Raspberry Pi goes from a pile of components to the hottest developer board around. It’s a much more humble setup than, say, the Foxconn factories that you’ve seen in those infamous Apple labor scandal videos.The machine that handles the precise placement of the Pi’s core components sets around 400,000 parts every day. As the Beeb’s Rory Cellan-Jones notes, it’s a fairly complex process but that’s sort of the nature of the beast when you’ve got to churn out more than a million Raspberry Pis that will sell for around $35 each.Once the Sony machine has done its job, each sheet of six rolls on to an employee who pops in the remaining large components (like the GPIO pins) by hand. After the soldering process is completed, another worker breaks the individual boards free along their perforations and then it’s on to the testing bench.All that’s left after it leaves the factory is for a DIY enthusiast to place an order. More than 1.75 million have been sold already, and it doesn’t appear as though demand is going to tail off any time soon. With a million of those boards already under their belt, the crew in Wales is up to the task… So you’ll likely never have to worry about facing the protracted wait times like early Raspberry Pi purchasers did.last_img

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