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BBK BitTorrent box brings P2P to your HDTV

first_imgA little company called BOL has unleashed the first ever BitTorrent-certified set top box. At its core, the BBK BitTorrent Box is an Android networked media player — and similar to the hundreds of ARM-powered devices that have taken over sites like Dealextreme and Pandawill.The box is DLNA compatible and can handle loads of different video and music formats, including VOB and MKV. Like other Android set-top boxes, it’s got USB ports and an SD card slot so that you can play media stored on flash cards, thumb drives, and external hard drives.What can the BBK Box do that other devices can’t? Nothing, really, but it’s all about the packaging. The Bittorrent Box is designed to make the process of torrenting as simple as possible. All the required apps come pre-installed, and the system is ready to process torrents from external media or from URLs clicked in the system’s web browser.And like all good desktop torrent apps, the BBK Box provides a web-based interface that lets you add torrents and control transfers remotely. Just fire up the browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and point it to the correct URL!It wouldn’t be all that hard to set another Android device up to function like this — all you’d really need to add is a good torrent app. Still, for those who want something that requires little more than plugging in, the BBK Box might be tough to beat. As a bonus, the Box also offers built-in support for several privacy-protecting VPN services. A free trial is included and the added protection will no doubt be welcomed by many would-be downloaders.The BBK BitTorrent Box will set you back €70 ($91.50), and you’ll need a European shipping address. Those of you in the rest of the world will have to take the DIY route for now or get the box shipped to someone who can forward it on.More at BBKlast_img

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