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RK Metalurg celebrate 6th Macedonian title

RK Metalurg Skopje had big celebration last night. Birthday party of Pavel Atman was linked with the celebration of 6th Macedonian title! Guys of Lino Cervar secured the new trophy in the winning room in “Autokomanda” hall by victory over RK Pelister 25:20 in Bitola. This is fourth Championship for Lino Červar in his fifth year on the bench of Skopje’s team.The only one they lost last year, when RK Vardar took the chance to play directly in the group phase of the VELUX EHF Champions League.Now, RK Metalurg have that opportunity made by fantastic results in the last two seasons – both placement at VELUX EHF CL TOP 8, which also achieved Vardar this season… ← Previous Story ROMANIA: HCM Constanta celebrate 9th national title! Next Story → ASOBAL: BM Valladolid relegate after 36 years!

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