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Newlywed saved from cancer after grandmothers doctor she bumps into on honeymoon

first_imgShe said: “I’m so grateful to that doctor for telling me what she did because she could have saved my life.”She wasn’t even working, she was just doing her shopping. No one else had ever pointed the lump out before and I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.”Without the push to get it checked out, it could have been a completely different story.”Mrs McCulloch and her then fiancé Matt, 27, who runs a groundworks company, decided to get married abroad after booking a family holiday to Cyprus in May 2015.But just days after tying the knot, Mrs McCulloch was out shopping with her grandmother Wendy, who lives on the island, when they bumped into the doctor.”She is my nan’s doctor so she was introducing us,” said Mrs McCulloch. “Almost immediately, she asked what the lump on my neck was and whether I’d had it checked.”I had only recently had my second child and had put around a stone in weight on, so I just put it down to changes in my body.”I didn’t really know how to take what she was saying as it was quite personal and out of the blue but she was quite insistent that when I got back to the UK I needed to go and see someone.” Danielle McCulloch was immediately referred to a specialist for tests after seeing her GP in Peterbrough After arriving home to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Mrs McCulloch went to see her GP. She was immediately referred to a specialist for tests and a biopsy, but nothing showed up.Mrs McCulloch said: “I wasn’t worried at all because I really didn’t think there was anything in it.”When the biopsy came back clear, I thought it was all just a fuss about nothing, but the doctors asked to remove the lump just to be safe.”They carried out a pretty straightforward operation to take the mass off my left thyroid, and it was only later that they revealed it was in fact cancerous.” A newlywed’s life was saved from cancer by her grandmother’s medic she bumped into while shopping on her honeymoon.Danielle McCulloch was holidaying in Cyprus just days after getting married when the medic spotted a lump on her neck after they met by chance in a supermarket.She advised the 26-year-old that it looked suspicious and told her she should get it checked out as soon as she returned to the UK.Mrs McCulloch was later diagnosed with stage three thyroid cancer just weeks later by doctors, who told her that without treatment it could have killed her. Doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge found Mrs McCulloch was suffering from thyroid cancer.After having already removed Mrs McCulloch left thryoid, where the 4cm lump was growing, medics then carried out a second operation to remove the right side.She was then treated with a radioactive iodine to ensure any cancerous cells were destroyed.Mrs McCulloch, a cleaner, has been left with a scar on her neck from the treatment and will have take medication for the rest of her life.last_img

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