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XWebHosting host launched a strong Chinese station to enter the domestic market

recently launched http://s.cn.ixwebhosting.com IXWebHosting host Chinese station, once again taken into Chinese around April this year, the pace of the market, it is the first to support Alipay payment, walk in front of other hosts the United States, just a few months later, they had so quickly launched Chinese station, the step is so large, it can be seen that IXWebHosting how much is the top China market.

used the IXWebHosting host friends should know that it is the biggest characteristic with multiple independent IP free (specific parameter scheme to its Chinese station to see, is not introduced), imagine IP resource shortage today, a number of free independent IP

means what?

buy American host, English is necessary, but English should be our weakness! For our webmaster, is no exception, the language problem has become the biggest obstacle we buy American host, the language barrier, before buying a bunch of questions, buy the time of payment is a problem lot, make people feel very helpless, very troublesome, may be based on this point, IXWebHosting China in order to enter the market, Alipay has launched a payment, Chinese website, presumably in order to solve the language problem, the launch of the Chinese station is only part of the Chinese website, the ordering process and a host control panel or English, but there is no Chinese customer service, it should be said that the language has been part of the problem is resolved, hope they can as soon as possible. Chinese host control panel and Chinese customer service.

due to restrictions on domestic exports to the host in the domestic, foreign access speed is generally very slow, slow site access, which is very deadly, especially for the foreign trade station, access speed is slow, then the loss is very large, buy American space through domestic service business, the price will be very high, generally is several times the price of domestic space, go directly to the foreign official purchases will encounter language problem, now out of Chinese station, we can easily in the IXwebHosting Chinese ordering station host.

to host the domestic market of personal really flattered, but there are tens of thousands of host, but the host quality, price and customer service service, but a shame ah, in contrast, the host operator quality, price, customer service has a strong advantage, the IXwebHosting launched Chinese station to enter the domestic market, I do not know whether on the domestic market of the host caused much of an impact, that I will not go to speculate, but it certainly is, IXWebHosting launched Chinese station, this is very good news for our grassroots webmaster


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