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Moroccan Police Seizes 15 Tons of Cannabis Resin in Tangier

Rabat – The prefectural service of the Tangier Judicial Police seized 15 tons and 244 kilograms of cannabis resin Wednesday, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said Thursday.The police found the drugs in a hollowed-out section specially designed for drug trafficking on a Morocco-registered truck in Tangier’s Bukhalef district, according to the DGSN statement.Preliminary evidence leads police to believe that a cross-border criminal network is involved in trafficking the large quantities of drugs. The network allegedly created shell companies as a cover for illicit activities and maintained links with criminal networks in Morocco or Europe.Read Also: Morocco’s DGSN Tightens Its Grip on Criminal Networks in 2018The confiscation was part of the police department’s ongoing investigation which led to the discovery last Saturday of the first cargo of 13 tons and 750 kilograms at the Tangiers-Med Port.Tangier’s Prefectural Police Department arrested two French nationals of Tunisian and Moroccan origins on Friday suspected of storing and trafficking cannabis and psychotropic drugs. Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) seized 3.7 tons of cannabis resin when it foiled a drug trafficking operation in Guelta Zemmour west of the Sahara berm.

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