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Morocco’s Latifa Ben Ziaten Wins Jacques Chirac Foundation ‘Conflict Prevention’ Award

Rabat – Latifa Ben Ziaten, mother of Imad Ben Ziaten, the victim of the terrorist attack perpetrated by Mohammed Merah in France in 2012, was awarded the Conflict Prevention Prize by the Jacques Chirac Foundation for her efforts to initiate dialogue between religions.Latifa is the founder of the Imad Ben Ziaten Association, which aims to promote tolerance between religions. She was inspired to create the association after her son was killed in a terrorist attack.The Association brings together adults, youth, and adolescents, making them aware of religious extremism and its negative effects on society through organizing meetings and many activities inside and outside France. Latifa Ben Ziaten is an enthusiastic activist, given that she travels around the world to spread a culture of peace and religious tolerance. Moreover, the Association organizes many meetings that share information with different religious activists to overcome differences and pseudo-religious violent ideas.The Chirac Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created in 2008 by former president of France Jacque Chirac, after finishing his term as a president in 2007.According to its official website, the Foundation’s objectives are to spotlight and relay effective programs that are being carried out and which could become solutions on a larger scale. The organization protects biodiversity, dialogue between cultures, and the environment.

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