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Jordan: Israeli Girl Caught Almost Naked in Saudi Car

Rabat – Jordanian police have reportedly arrested the driver of a car with a Saudi Arabian license plate for driving with an almost naked Israeli girl, in the capital Amman.The arrest comes in response to the controversy stirred across Jordan, after a video of the incident was posted on YouTube. The video went viral on social media in Jordan, causing a wave of outrage among locals, before it was deleted for containing aggressive scenes. Multiple local media reports said that the video showed the Saudi car moving slowly on the main road that leads near the Amman Queen Alia International Airport, while the girl can be seen from the window topless.Erem News quoted a security source as saying Jordanian police will not tolerate such acts on the Jordanian territory. The same source confirmed the arrest of the Saudi car driver, saying that the suspect will be prosecuted.Erem News said in the same report that the Israeli girl threatened to submit a complaint to the Israeli embassy in Jordan, against the journalist who posted the video on YouTube.

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