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Rock Out: Introducing The Weill Collection

first_img An Introduction to the Fine Sport of Bouldering Editors’ Recommendations 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee Live Out Your Westworld Dreams at Casteel Creek Retreat Is It a Home of the Future or a Nod to the Past? On the Rocks is Both An Honest Review of Smartwool’s New Intraknit Base Layer Remember when you were a kid and you’d zone out digging for magic minerals, rocks and stones Well, we do. Today the appreciation for fossils, crystals, geodes and even space rocks has been reaching fever pitch (possibly to balance our all-things-tech lifestyle?) and we found two guys melding these natural treasures with high design.Mineral expert Marc Weill and interior designer Richard Baquero will work together to create a unique and very cool interior design project titled “The Weill Collection”.The Weill Collection will make nature’s beautiful and rare minerals available to homeowners and corporate clients through furniture, accessories and fixtures. Each project will be a customized experience, allowing clients to express their individual style – which in turn will allow Baquero and Weill to create a resilient and unique design that will last for generations and even better – make your friends, family, and coworkers completely awe-struck.The juxtaposition of a mineral specialist with and an interior design expert creates a fascinating world of possibilities. By playing with space and color, and light, their creations will bring out the true potential in any office or home.Some of the exotic minerals turned into functional pieces expected are tables crafted from petrified wood with malachite trim, lighting fixtures carved from lustrous minerals, and even abstract fossils transformed into centerpieces for a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ meets World of Interiors aesthetic.Baquero has spent over 20 years in the design industry and his philosophy involves the use of refined materials and a sophisticated color palate. Weill, one of the world’s top mineral collectors has become the go-to expert. He has obtained fossils, meteorites and petrified woods from all over the world. Sounds like a match made in the Museum of Natural History.For more information or to inquire about how you can rock out, call (212) 843-9280.last_img

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