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Online shop full step analysis

everything is hard in the beginning, Taobao opened a store though not very complicated things, but for the novice is a difficult, I would take a few simple steps Taobao shop the way, I hope you can help, more exciting articles can go absolutely 168 business network query.

the first step: to have a master plan.


venture must be planning to open shop, is the same, "Forewarned is forearmed.", so good planning is the premise of success. Planning mainly includes what will you sell your goods, commodities have what characteristics, what is the core competitiveness of your shop, you can shop to promote your customer service service, how to do, how to get your customer information maintenance and consolidation.

second step: choose a good platform.

I feel at home to do the best, the highest visibility, but also the most customers, the most suitable for novice shop platform should be Taobao. I’ll take Taobao as an example.

third step: do a good job before the supply of goods ready.

shop opened once to make transactions ready, once the transaction will be shipped, so to do the preparatory work for the supply of goods, from which to purchase, purchase, I think it should be according to their actual situation, some entrepreneurs have opened the store to purchase, it is very easy, because a better understanding of the purchase there are a lot of channels, the purchase experience.

for the novice, you need to make up classes:

(1) you can go to some of the big commodity wholesale market to go, for example, a friend in Yiwu has a comparative advantage, but also has the similar wholesale market in the other area of the city, as long as you discover, can also find a good supply of goods.

(2) you can contact the manufacturer directly, so you can reduce the intermediate links, and indirectly increase their profits. Of course, this may require a large amount of purchase, but all you see how to talk about, the business is to talk about, which also requires you to have strong communication skills.

(3) you can pay attention to foreign trade products. Foreign trade products because of its quality, style, fabric, price and other advantages, become popular online sales. Many hundreds of dollars in foreign price of brand-name goods, the price of online only hundreds of yuan, people are not tempted to Miss Wang, Taobao shop engaged in foreign trade work, accumulated a lot of souvenirs in the work, at a friend’s recommendation, Miss Wang will own idle items on the net sales success, now there are more than and 500 fixed customers.

(4) buy brand backlog inventory. Some brands of goods inventory backlog a lot, some businesses sell inventory to online shop owner. Brand goods on the Internet has also become a hot topic of concern, if you have enough communication skills, to be able to lower the price of their inventory to eat down, will be able to get unexpected profits.

fourth step >

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