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Mithali Raj’s response to social media trolls: Not worth my time

first_imgMithali Raj has proved it all on the cricket field. She is the first woman cricketer to score 6000 runs in ODIs, she has guided India to two World Cup finals but no matter her records on the cricket field, the 34-year-old has often been targeted by trolls on social media.Now, the Indian captain has the perfect response to those trolls saying it’s not worth her time to get bothered.Speaking exclusively to India Today Mithali says, “Sometimes I feel people have way too much time in their lives that they do this (toll) and they only try to figure out the negativity in the people and post it. For all those strong people who have come out in support of me I would like to thank them and also tell women should not be discouraged by these trolls as it is definitely not worth our time.”While Mithali says she understands people have a right to free expression, she has urged all on social media to show restraint.”Social media is a medium in which people can reach out to anybody. Everybody has the rights to express their feelings but people also need to understand that when they have their rights then even we also have the rights to put up whatever we want and if you don’t like it then do not follow it as simple as that,” adds the Indian captain.Despite leading India to the World Cup final and scoring seven back-to-back half centuries, Mithali was trolled mercilessly for her choice of attire on more than one occasions on Twitter, be it for wearing a western dress or sweating after working out.advertisement”People need to understand that sportspeople do have other lives and it is just not limited to sports. If I am a sportsperson then I do not need to be in a sports attire. People do have lives other than sports and everybody wants to live a normal life and people should accept that,” added Mithali.We also asked her if she thought people were abusing their privilege of being able to connect with celebrities on social media.”I think so because when you are on a public platform then you need to think that whatever they post should not affect the family members of the people you are attacking. For me it does not matter because I have seen lot bigger challenges than just being trolled for something so frivolous and I just laughed it out.”Probably it will not be same for my parents who come from a humble background, it was something different and a shock to them.”People need to consider that but you cannot stop anybody from expressing themselves as it is an open medium but yea if people can be educated enough to understand that they cannot be hurtful to somebody,” concluded Mithali.last_img

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