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BC Hydro in court defending Smart Meters

first_imgHowever, none of the aforementioned allegations has been proven in court.BC Hydro started upgrading its metering system with smart metres back in the summer of 2011 and argues it will help to ensure the utility can meet BC electricity needs.Meantime the government is on record siting smart meters as the global standard for a modern power grid and predicting about one billion of them will be installed worldwide by 2020. BC Hydro was back in court this week, defending its controversial Smart Meter program, being challenged by a group trying to certify a class action suit against the Crown Corporation.Sharon Noble is with the group Citizens for Safe Technology, which wants the option of opting out of the program without the extra $32/month fee.- Advertisement -However, in this case, she has clarified the class action is being brought by plaintiffs — who don’t want smart metres — seeking the same right, as those who do choose to have cell phones and home Wi-Fi.The group is citing health concerns from the wireless technology that sends the readings back to BC Hydro. But according to Health Canada, there’s no convincing scientific evidence that exposure to low level radio frequency from wireless and Wi-Fi technology is harmful to human health.That noted, Carl Katz — an opposition group consultant — says when he moved into his new house, he had someone come to check the output signal from his Smart Meter.Mr. Katz has concerns about Smart Meters, as well as the Wi-Fi signals coming from his daughter’s school, saying the technology has affected her ability to learn.Advertisementlast_img

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