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Govt, Opposition urge Guyanese to spread “peace and goodwill”, build a “tolerant society”

first_imgAs Guyana joins the rest of the world in celebrating Christmas, which signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, the Government and the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) are calling on Guyanese to promote peace and goodwill while building a tolerant society.In his Christmas message to the nation, President David Granger posited that the promise of peace and goodwill on earth was central to this festive season and to the ministry of Christ.President David Granger“The gospel of St Luke in the Holy Bible reminds us that on the eve of Jesus’s birth, angels proclaimed: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” The promotion of peace and the fostering of goodwill are the eternal messages of Christmas and the essential conditions for achieving social cohesion in this country and everywhere in the world,” he noted.The Head of State posited that despite the divisions of the past and the difficulties of the present, Guyanese should accept that sometimes differences would exist, but they need not be hostile or hateful because of that.“The lesson of Christmas teaches us the value of peace among peoples and goodwill toward all. We are creating a community of citizens based on mutual respect and aimed at ensuring the common good. Guyanese, Guyana is becoming a gentler, kinder, more compassionate country. Everyone, regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, social status or place of residence could look forward to sharing the goodwill of this festival and to living in peace with one another,” President Granger encouraged.He noted that as Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora were observing this sacred event with joy, we should be reminded that it was a special season that is filled with the spirit of friendship and fellowship.“The festival of Christmas could be celebrated most meaningfully by remembering the biblical proclamation of Jesus’s birth. Let us work together to eradicate the capital vices of anger, greed and hatred and to engender peace and goodwill in our families, in our communities, and throughout our beloved country,” he asserted.Meanwhile, the Opposition is urging Guyanese to reflect so that the pertinent messages and significance of this festive time are not lost.“Christmas marks the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ, whose exemplary life and teachings provide guidance for the upliftment of humanity. Let us all be inspired by what he stood for to build a more tolerant society where hope of a better future becomes the prevailing sentiment and mood,” the Party said in its Christmas message to the nation.According to the PPP/C, while Christmas is the season of merriment and a time for compassion and kindness, it is also a time for prayers and goodwill among people.“Whatever challenges may confront Guyanese, they always find ways and means to share in the spirit of the season,” the PPP/C added, while remaining optimistic about the future.“As the New Year beckons, new challenges may be forthcoming but if we remain steadfastly hopeful, we as Guyanese will overcome them,” the Party asserted.Nevertheless, the PPP/C added that as the nation celebrated the festive season, it should have the needy and the less fortunate and the many others who are faced with challenges of various sorts in their thoughts and have them enjoy the usual generosity that is common during this time.“Our Christmas traditions and values are internationally renowned,” the PPP/C asserted as it extended greetings to all Guyanese, especially the Christian community here and in the Diaspora for a merry Christmas and a successful New Year.last_img

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