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Raw Talent, Meet The Filmmaker Behind Some Of LIB’s Hottest Music Videos

first_imgThere’s a lot of exciting gazes at some of the most loved and watched Liberian music videos being played around the world. Little does anyone know is that the producer behind the shots and editing has been putting in a lot of hard work for five years.Motion picture producer DJ Khalil, also known as Khalil Fofana, has made quite a stir in the recent year with dazzling music videos and documentary production.This young and focused producer has been constructing images such as music videos, commercials, documentaries, comedy movies and reveals that he’s planning to do a big motion picture.“Joe Baby (aka Joseph Weah) and I are working on something, but can’t say what that is right now,” he says.In case his name doesn’t ring a bell instantly, Khalil is known for producing awarded and nominated video’s like “So Monrovia”, “Pot Boiling” and quite recently Joel ft Cast Money video “Slow Wind” which was released earlier this week.“Slow Wind video will make people to believe in entertainment. I also recently  produced Famous Boo’s “Me And My Baby” video and right now the video is taking over Liberia, plenty comments, and people are asking if it was really done in Liberia. And when they’re told, they get surprised and say Liberia is really coming up,” he furthered.For Khalil, producing means shooting the actual film, being able to edit and package it for immediate release.“I’m a DOP (I operate on camera) and also an editor; I shoot and edit. The way I learned it was funny to me, I learned from my oldest brother who I was with for long, Ush”Khalil once worked alongside Mad Media’s Alexander “Ush” Wiaplah, and according to Khalil, he feels he was taught everything he knows professionally by watching “Ush” work.“I learned a lot from him. He taught me a lot while I watched him work, and that’s how I started to learn how to operate on camera, edit and started doing small until I reached the place where I am right now. I didn’t go to film school; people don’t believe that I never went to school. Most people ask me how I learned this job, ask me for documents but I’m planning to go to school because  I know if I go to school, I’ll be able to do more than what I’m doing now.” Khalil has worked with big names such as Kanvee Gaines Adams for whom he shot four videos; J Freeze, “Balling Night”; and Ragga E-man, “Bad Man Ting”.“I won’t be able to name all of the videos names I did for Kanvee, but I did 4. Her video was able to be played outside Liberia.  People liked it but didn’t know who did the video, and they only heard my name. As for J Freeze’s video, after doing it, in one day’s time more than 50 watched it and liked it.Meanwhile, Khalil has started producing videos for T-Bund records and claims to have shot and edited over 8 videos in less than three weeks.“Filmmaking is skill, you have to have skill to be able to operate on camera and create something and make it look good. Your eye should be able to tell you if it’s good or not. Right now I’ve got artists coming for me to do their videos, and I hope in the next six months I’ll have done more.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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