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Kane, a forbidden dream

first_imgHarry Kane sounded the alarms by flirting, in an interview on Sky Sports, with his possible departure from Tottenham. The striker acknowledged loving his club, but demanded a winning project to continue as team leader. A warning, however, that makes him hit a wall: he is the center striker with the highest market value in the world and, to top it all, he has a contract until June 2024. If you want to go out, you must plant. Premier League20113624 Real Madrid rules it outNeither was nor is nor will be on the list. As AS has learned, Harry Kane has never liked it on the noble floor of the Santiago Bernabéu. The club is working on a future signing of Kylian Mbappé and handles great reports of HaalandTherefore, a possible operation by the Tottenham striker is ruled out. Also, Zidane considers that English does not improve the level of Karim Benzema. As if that were not enough, Levy would cross again on the Florentine road, after operations such as Modric or Bale and the English tab is quite high. So you will not wear white.Harry Kane’s numbers Europa League31101 CompetitionMatchesGoalsAssists Who loves Kane?Having seen, anyone who wants to get the services of Kane must scratch his pocket. But what great teams in Europe need to get a striker in the coming months? He Barcelonais undoubtedly one of them, although Lautaro seems to be the chosen one and Neymar is always in the bedroom. He too NaplesAlthough his project does not seem to meet the demands of the English striker. Chelsea, United or City also lose bellows to be of the Premier League and for the love of ‘9’ to its colors.Two of the most possible alternatives today are the Bayern and the PSG. The first wants to continue to command in Germany and make a qualitative leap in Europe. Lewandowski, on scoring streak, already old. PSG, meanwhile, would tie an elite striker before the possible exit in the medium term of Kylian Mbappé and would meanwhile replace Cavani and Mauro Icardi. Furthermore, they both seem to have enough money to carry out a dizzying operation.DYLAN MARTINEZ & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Kane, one of the leaders of the English team.DYLAN MARTINEZ (REUTERS) Sterling25Manchester City160 Salah27Liverpool150 FA Cuptwenty123 The ten most valued players in the world Jadon SanchotwentyBorussia Dortmund130 A debt already settledIn the words of Harry Kane demanding a winning project hides a reproach to the club for not having invested enough in signings years ago. That message was already transmitted by Mauricio Pochettino after losing the Champions League final and it is clear: savings to finance investment in the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has ended up billing the team. From the 2019 winter market to July 2019 more than 500 days elapsed without making a single incorporation. In fact, the ‘spurs’ were the only club in the five major leagues that did not sign a footballer.Anyway, Daniel Levy has already assumed the debt of about 850 million euros and it is not for her that he is willing to transfer his footballers at a price. He already proved it with Eriksen and, what’s more, he will tie his players to the end so that the new stadium sees Tottenham on great nights. For this you need Kane and also level arrivals. Although his sale would leave a lot of money in the coffers of the club, there is no intention to let him out.Mike Hewitt & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Tottenham was more than a year without signing for the investment in the new stadium.Mike Hewitt (Getty Images) * Transfermarkt data Champions24twenty3center_img Antoine Griezmann29Barcelona120 Kane26Tottenham150 PlayerAgeTeamMarket value in € M * Leo Messi32Barcelona140 According to the estimates of the Transfermarkt portal, Harry Kane is the fourth player with the highest market value on the planet, only behind Neymar (€ 160M), Sterling (€ 160M) and Mbappé (€ 200M). So that, It is the most expensive ‘9’ with a wide difference to their pursuers: Firmino (90), Lukaku (85), Lautaro (80), Werner (80) or Haaland (80). For this reason, those who are interested in obtaining their services must pay an exorbitant amount, something unlikely due to the world crisis unleashed by the coronavirus.Also, Kane would bump into a road with a ruthless negotiator: Daniel Levy. There are thousands of stories starring the president of Tottenham, all with a common denominator: either a club puts a significant amount on the table or it will not let its players out. The last example is that of Christian Eriksen, who stayed last summer because the required figure was higher than logic for a player who only has one year left on his contract.Finally, the Danish midfielder managed to get out in winter, rumbo to Inter Milan for an amount close to 20 million euros. Although Levy was aware that he would not renew, he demanded a significant payment from the Italian team. Kane will not be lucky with that possible downgrade. In summer 2018, he got engaged for another six seasons with the club that saw him grow. Ending contract in 2024, he will not have the plus of being able to leave for free and will force the entity that wants him to break the bank.ANDREAS SOLARO & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Kane and Eriksen, in a match with Tottenham.ANDREAS SOLARO (AFP) Sadio Mané27Liverpool150 EFL Cup1253 Real Madrid has also suffered in his own flesh the intransigence of the president. Modric, in 2012, and Bale, in 2013, they declared in absentia to leave the club, but Levy only yielded when the white directive reached the required number. It also responds to a peculiar idiosyncrasy: it only lets its footballers go in the final stretch of the market. Thus, it takes the interested team out to the last euro for the last minute need. In his day, himself Mauricio Pochettino notice what they were up against: “Watch out, Daniel Levy bites“AGUILERA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Gareth Bale arrived at Real Madrid at the last minute.AGUILERA (DAILY AS) Neymar28PSG160 Mbappétwenty-onePSG200 Kevin De Bruyne28Manchester City150 Levy’s heavy handThe one previously exposed with the figure of Christian Eriksen in between is just one of the hundred operations that have brought the negotiator upside down. Zdravko Mamic, sports director of Dinamo Zagreb when Modric arrived in London, explained a curious anecdote that perfectly defines how demanding Levy is: “We already had everything agreed. I asked him for five Tottenham jerseys. He said he would give them to me, but then Tottenham would pay less. for the transfer, since the € 21M they paid had to be subtracted from the value of the shirts. “last_img

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