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Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo on roster changes around the NBA: ‘It’s insane’

first_imgBucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo called the roster changes around the NBA “insane” after there were so many moves between trades and free agency signings.”Like people ask for a trade and a trade happens. Players ask for a trade, ‘I want to get traded there,’ and players go there,”  Antetokounmpo explained (via ESPN). “It’s insane. A lot of star players have a lot of power right now. This is the league we live in.” 3 takeaways from Anthony Davis’ introductory press conference with Lakers “For me personally, I would love for Kawhi to stay in the East and stay in Toronto because I would love to go through the series (with them) again,” Antetokounmpo said. “But unfortunately, this is the NBA we are talking about. Moves happen. People change teams. But we got an opportunity right now. We got to take advantage of it, and hopefully we can seize the opportunity and make big things happen.”He added: “You can see a lot of stars all over the place. Clippers, Lakers, Brooklyn, Sixers, Boston … it’s good.” Anthony Davis sidesteps question on long-term future with Lakers Despite the number of moves throughout the league, Antetokounmpo, entering his seventh season with Milwaukee, believes he can stay with the Bucks long-term and win a championship.”I want to be a part of a winning team,” Antetokounmpo continued. “As long as we have the same mindset and same approach to the game, there’s no reason for me to move and not be like Steph (Curry), not like be like Dirk (Nowitzki) or Kobe (Bryant) or Tim Duncan.”I think it’s good to control your own destiny and your own career.” Lonzo Ball on being traded from Lakers to Pelicans: ‘I was excited’ One of the most notable changes came when Anthony Davis demanded a trade from the Pelicans. After months of speculation, New Orleans granted the six-time All-Star his wish as he was sent to the Lakers to play alongside LeBron James.Another one came when Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers in free agency, undoubtedly shaking up the Eastern Conference after he led the Raptors to its first title in franchise history. Related Newslast_img

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